WordPress Themes And Layouts

#1 - WP Promo WordPress (Resell Rights)

WP Promo WordPress Theme is one of the more attractive plr themes out there that will drive you straight up over your direct hot niche competition.

And don’t kid yourself, you need every advantage you can get your hands on if you are looking to get visible online and make money. This is the theme you need to make that happen.

You can create an exceptionally high quality online magazine which comes with a lot of cool features. This WordPress promo theme is user friendly and makes it super easy for you to find your audience and serve up the solutions they are looking for.

If you have the answers for them in their hot niche desires you will make money. That’s just how the cookie crumbles and from there it’s up to you to climb as high as you like. The higher the better in my books!

#2 - Local Lead Business WP Theme

Local Lead Theme is an optimum business template which allows you to capture leads right from the homepage. And leads is a great thing as it makes selling a lot easier down the line.

You can never have enough money and you will always have to evolve if you want to be successful online. This is the tool that enables you to conquer and divide and create your winning proven system platform from which to build big and strong.

When one niche starts to dwindle a touch you have the power to push through with another angle and ramp it up a notch or two with very little effort. More is better right here and this is what you get served up on a golden platter.

#3 - Mirage WordPress Theme

Mirage WordPress Theme is one cool as heck template theme that’s going to give you the easy peasy proven route to set your rock solid platform up for huge income potential.

You’ve got to start somewhere and with the insane competition online it’s important you understand that you need every advantage you can get to slip ahead of the competition and make certain your top niche audience only pays attention to you.

That is how you want it right? It takes just a few minutes to install this theme and from there you will learn and see just how simple it is to make it all work beautifully.

You can step into the limelight when you are ready and nail your audience and sales because your theme template is so flipping easy awesome. Easy isn’t good for the ladies but it’s certainly preferred here.

Mirage WordPress Theme is a fantabulous move if you are finally ready to create your success and keep it.

#4 - Gridline WordPress Theme

Gridline is how you transform your silly boring WP blog into the talk of the town.

When you make it visually inspiring, you open the door to quality visitors that stick around and want to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

And when you are smack dab in the middle of a top notch niche you are laughing all the way to the bank. But first you need this proven system to set up your WordPress site magically and easily.

Step by step you will learn what your target audience wants and what it takes to rise to the top of Cash flow Mountain quickly. You do like money right? I know I do. The more the merrier. If you want to slip ahead of your competitors and leave them eating your dust you need to make this download pronto. Time to take action and make it happen.

Gridline is your solution to making yourself visible and lucratively successful FAST.

#5 - Magazine WordPress Theme

Magazine WordPress Theme is the ultra cool template download that’s going to help you create your massive solid online presence and never look back.

If you are looking to move yourself up the ranks fast and create your user-friendly effective website this is the tool you need. You will catch the eye of your target audience and dazzle them. And with this smoking hot niche to start with the sky is the limit.

The truth is… If you want to create online sales success you need to push your way straight to the top fast and ahead of the competition and this means you need to wow visually on paper and so much more. Having an exciting and alive WP theme is critical in the big picture.

Magazine WordPress Theme is your solution that will take you to the next level, fresh anew. Time to make your move don’t you think?

#6 - Wow Presentation Theme Bundle Package

WOW Presentation Theme Bundle Package shows you how to impress the heck out of your target audience and create the presentation of a lifetime, rinsing and repeating whenever you like.

You see if you can’t WOW your niche target audience immediately and succinctly, then you are sunk just because there are oodles of other people trying desperately to do the exact same thing that you are.

And if you don’t take control of your situation and use this tool that will take you to the top, then you’re taking your chances with the long route around.

One that very few people find premium success in. Here is the tool that will show you how to connect and wow with your WP site and from there you can create your rock solid platform connection in your smoking hot niche. The one that will make your bank happy for life.

WOW Presentation Theme Bundle Package is your best move today if you’re ready to make that move.

#7 - BEJJO Multipurpose WordPress Theme

BEJO Multipurpose WordPress Theme is the solution for building a clean flexible website using this brand new proven website system.

It’s the easy peasy route to shine and from there you will have the power to rise straight to the top and them some.

Newsflash – If you are going to capture the undivided attention of your niche target audience you MUST have the power to drive quality traffic to your website and you need to have the tools to flag them down.

After all that if you don’t have the WOW factor in your WP website to make them stay and bask in the glory of awesomeness, then you will never ever in a zillion years make your mark in business.

Long term online marketing success requires planning and a strong and healthy template platform in a top niche from which to build. If you want it you’ve got to come and get it. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

BEJO Multipurpose WordPress Theme is the masterful move you need to make and just don’t ever stop. You can take it straight to the top and them some when you are ready. 

#8 - Maker Pro Genesis FrameWork (Developers Rights)

This PRO WordPress Theme Uses Genesis Framework That Is Also Included In The Download

It is all the basic functions of a bare theme with all the basic content area, widget areas, linking code for wp, etc built in… but it is also ’empty and plain’ looking by itself…

Powerful, but unfinished… Built to add a certain ‘look and feel’ and some added features to the parent theme, genesis… The Child Theme doesn’t do much by itself without the Genesis framework being there, and actually might not even work in some cases if Genesis is not there also…

When you refresh your WP, it will look a lot like the screenshot and have some new features to use too…

#9 - Introduction To WordPress Child Themes

An Introduction To WordPress Child Themes!

For several years now, WordPress is the best choice for most online entreneurs to build their own website because of its easy to use and navigate back-end interface. 

In addition to that, there are lots of free and premium WordPress Themes that you can download. If you don’t have the budget yet, using free templates is the best choice.

But if you want a custom design, you should us a child theme from a parent theme like Genesis, Thesis theme and the default WP Theme itself.

How are you going to this if you are not web developer? Inside this video package is a series of essential information and steps for you to get started.

#10 - SimpleBizz WordPress Theme

SimpleBizz WordPress Theme is the WP theme proven to allow you to manifest professional elegant websites with simplicity. The ones that rank high and just never stop.

Are you ready for success in the spotlight or do you want to just continue sitting in the dark? I will assume you want rock solid cash flow fast. Which means you need the tools to make it happen and that’s where this template download transforms into golden for you.

At your fingertips is the endless ability for you to win the undivided attention of your audience and proven systematic tools to tap into the winning methods online to launch your marketing campaign strong and successful. You do want to be successful right?

SimpleBizz WordPress Theme is your solution when you are ready. Grab hold of this one pronto and start building it today.

#1 - New Wallpaper WordPress Theme Bundle

Attract More Traffic Using Wallpaper WordPress Theme Bundle!

Blog design has been one of the biggest factor to build an authority in your niche market.

And if you not a web designer, chances are you will have to outsource it.

The good news is that inside this product is a bundle of new Wallpaper WordPress that will do the campaign for you.

#2 - Adsense Premium WordPress Theme Package

Premium WordPress theme! Super Premium & Super Profitable! Get Ready To Boost Your Adsense Earnings With This Powerful Theme!

Are you boring since your Adsense or PPC earning never increase? Don’t give up guys!

We’re here to bring you new tool that will help you to boost your Google Adsense or PPC earning. Don’t close your browser or you will lost this profitable tool forever..

Introducing new WordPress theme that will boost your Google Adsense earning. That’s CleanSense WordPress theme. New cool, clean, and high CTR wordpress theme that’s specially designed for PPC site.

Look at these following powerful features and you will know why we recommend you to grab it and use it for your sites.

Clean and Cool Design

Good Ads Placement

Easy to Use

5 Stylesheet Colors

SEO Optimized

Auto Related Post

Cool Featured Slider

Auto read more & Auto thumbnail & much more…

#3 - Elegance Genesis WordPress Theme

Amaze Your Blog Readers Using this Elegant WordPress Theme!

If it happened that you are a blogger and you want to impress your audience your blog design, then using this elegantly-designed WordPress Theme is advantageous to you.

The thing is that, there are many premium WordPress out there but it’s too expensive to be purchased.

The good news in this WP Theme is that you can also use it to your clients if you are a freelance WordPress designer.

#4 - Rapid Review WordPress Theme

Make More Money Online Reviewing Products Using Rapid Review WordPress Theme!

Product review is one of the best way to make money online. Specially if you are doing it right. Of course you should also have used the right tools to make your traffic converts.

In every review site, the design or the looks and the easy to navigate feature of the theme plays a huge role.

And if you are currently using WordPress, Rapid Review Theme is the one you are looking for.

#5 - New CTR WordPress Theme Package

Increase Your Adsense Earnings Using This CTR WordPress Theme Bundle!

There are lots of bloggers and website owners whom one of the main major source of their blog’s income is Google Adsense.

Over the years, bloggers have optimize their blogs to increase their blog’s click-through rate so that they will have more chances that their adsense ads will be clicked by their audience.

Inside this product is a bundle of amazing CTR WordPress Themes that you can use today and to your clients if you offer WordPress Services.

#6 - Corpy Powerful WordPress Theme

Corpy Powerful WordPress Theme is your smart take-action move to create your massively powerful theme to give you the look and draw you need to get noticed online today.

If you don’t have the top notch visual and the action tools to find and drive quality traffic to your site you will never ever in a zillion years make it big. You do want to get successful fast right? This is all about go big or go home!

You’ve got to wow your clients if you want to keep them loyal and snatch up their business. Which means you need this hot niche theme template to make it happen. To secure your audience and drive your rank and sales up to the sky fast.

Corpy Powerful WordPress Theme is your take action move today to build it big and strong for tomorrow.

#7 - Magazine Pro Genesis FrameWork (Resell rights)

This PRO WordPress Theme Uses Genesis Framework That Is Also Included In The Download

Are you a web designer that is wishing for a worry-free environment? Life that is carefree.

Of which, you don’t have to think on what to design or what to put that could possibly blend with your concept.

Well, hey there! With this product, you’ll be able to live like a boss.

You will not worry about how to make a creative design for your business or for your customer. This is all what you’re looking for!

#8 - Magazine WordPress Theme Volume-4

Stun Your Website Audience Using This Premium WordPress Theme!

If you are a blogger, using WordPress as your content management system or CMS is a good choice. This is because it is very easy to use and have lots of freemium themes that you can use.

First impressions last and this is indeed true. So if you want to stick your audience to your blog or you want them to keep on coming back, having a stunning blog design will impress your audience possitively.

The thing is that if you are not good at WordPress Theme Customization, you might find this hard for you to do.

The good news is that inside this product is a premium theme that will make your blog easily get remembered so your traffic will keep on coming back for more.

#9 - Magazine WordPress Theme Package

Stun Your Blog Readers Using this Amazing Magazine WordPress Theme Pack!

Traffic is very important to every blogger but most traffic will go into waste if those audience will not be coming back. 

One of the factor why your audience will come back to read your blog is because they will give you an impression of an authority.

To become an authority, your audience will initially judge based from the looks of your blog and if you are not good at web design, chances are you may want to outsource it.

The good news is that inside this product is a package of Stunning Magazine WordPress Themes that you can use for your own project and to your clients.

#10 - OverPress Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Overpress Multipurpose WordPress Theme is all about delivering proven diversified and alive opportunity. You can make it happen if you have the tried, tested, and true system to do it.

This is all about multiplying and dividing with your top niches. Giving you endless power in cash flow, building online recognition, and taking your rank and sales to the next level. All you need is the strong solid theme template to get you started and that’s exactly what this download provides.

Anything and everything is at your fingertips and it’s high time you jumped in with both feet and took action. You’ve got to love it. An open door opportunity for you to waltz right through and set yourself up for online magical marketing success and oodles of cash to boot.

Overpress Multipurpose WordPress Theme is a wise-owl move for you in the now.

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