Stock Images, Audio & Video Bonuses

#1 - SVG Galaxy Graphics (Volume - 1)

SVG Galaxy is another version of a proven graphics masterpiece that takes pride on making it easy peasy for you to get in front of your audience and dazzle them to buy.

If you don’t know how to captivate your audience then you will struggle in convincing them to buy your top niche product. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it isn’t with this download. Here you receive 800+ whiteboard graphics for you to showcase on your site or product however you wish.

Graphics are a powerful thing in all mediums and you need to make it a part of what you’re selling to compel people to look at you and you alone, ahead of your competitors.

It’s a competitive world which is why you need to push your marketing efforts to the next level to ensure you make the money you desire to. Everything you need is here in order for you to create and master your own specialized video and use it to build your online trust factor essential to massive sales. You CAN do it but you need to start first with this graphics solution.

SVG Galaxy is your smartest step in the right direction of continuous and amazing sales online.

#2 - Royalty Free Images (Vol. 1)

Royalty Free Images 1 is one of the most valuable download if you are looking to drive up your online presence using exceptional stock images and never look back.

You need to step up to the plate here if you are seriously trying to move forward in your business venture. No doubt no matter what field you are in there is cut throat competition and the only direct route for you to bust through that is to take this download and impress the eyes.

When you have diversity in your images you have the ability to keep your audience interested and that’s the key to building a fantabulous rock solid presence that will never leave you broke and frustrated.

More importantly with stock images, you are keeping yourself protected from breaking any copyrights so you don’t ever have to worry about anyone ever trying to spoil your party when you’re making it big in your business. But you’ve got to grab this little gem to make sure you stay on the straight and narrow and keep your nose clean.

#3 - New Year Mascot Maker Graphics Pack (Vol. 1)

New Year Mascot Maker is a massive pack of ready-to-go mascots which are perfect to liven up your presentations, sales-pages, website or marketing campaigns.

As a matter of fact, animations and powerful imagery has proven to increase sales conversions considerably. People love visuals and with this pack, you get a lot of great animated visuals that people will instantly take notice of.

You can save the cost of hiring a design agency or Photoshop wiz because this pack is easy as pie to utilize to the fullest however you wish. You can use the mascots for your brand or logo much like many other massive companies out there.

It makes your business even more memorable and gives it that bit of added spunk. This pack is the male version of the popular Mascot Maker collection.

#4 - New Year Mascot Maker Graphics (Vol. 2)

If you want to really add some spark to your videos then New Year Mascot Maker II is the way to go. If you’re in the business of selling and marketing or are trying to get your business off the ground, you need to be attentive to the power of video marketing.

It’s been proven that over 50% of people are consuming video content through mobile as we speak and much of that involves the purchasing of products. With this pack of animations, you can develop your own whiteboard videos or video presentations while overlapping the videos with your sales pitch.

You can also use these graphics for your website or blog or sales-pages. Visuals are very powerful and they command attention. You can also use these mascots to develop or revamp your brand or logo.

Don’t feel threatened if you’re not a graphics wiz because these graphics can be manipulated through various software including PowerPoint, Photoshop and Gimp.

#5 - Critter Toonz Graphics Pack

If you’re heavily vested in video marketing or are looking to add videos to your marketing campaigns, then you don’t want to skip over this amazing collection of animations.

Crittertoonz is an amazing pack consisting of several animal characters in over a hundred different animations.

If you’re running a business involving animals such as your own pet grooming, veterinary, dog walking, or pet sitting business or running an ecommerce business selling animal related products, then these animal video animations will be an amazing addition to your business in a variety of ways.

You can use them for your social media campaigns, marketing videos and presentations on YouTube, or use them on your blog or website.

People love videos and it’s proven as people are digesting video content more than any other type of content not to mention that video content is shared across the world within seconds.

These animations come in SWF, MOV and GIF and can be used anyway you wish.

#6 - Music Loops Pack (Volume1)

This music loops package contains 25 royalty-free music loops.

You can use it in yours or your clients projects. You get complete freedom to use the tracks anywhere you wish!

#7 - Music Loops Pack (Volume2)

Music Loops Pack 2 is the second installment in the popular music loops series. Here you get another 25 high quality background tracks which are sufficient to give your video content or audio content some real spark.

No matter what type of visual or audio content you’re creating, whether it’s for presentation purposes or for a funny prank you’re filming in order to build your YouTube legacy, having underlying audio is essential.

The real problem though is that many video creators rip tracks from other sources, many of them being copyrighted.

In this case, you get a pack of music tracks which give you full rights to use them as you wish with no fear of breaking any copyrights. You can get the full series of Music Loops right here.

They can be used for any number of projects including podcasts, Powerpoint presentations, YouTube content, audio versions of your ebook and more.

#8- Royalty Free Audio (Volume1)

Royalty Free Audio Volume 1 is everything you need in the now to get full backstage and front stage access to some of the best beats online without losing your shirt over it.

Just think for a minute…If you were looking to buy each one of these tracks separately you would literally be spending a fortune. Why do that when you can have it all for a fraction of the cost? With 100 plus magical beats you have the power to just enjoy it or mix and match to create your own unique musical paradise. Everything you need is right before your eyes and when you decide to make the download you will see step by step how this was the right magical choice for you.

Royalty Free Audio Volume 1 which comes with splendid resell rights is your perfect move in the now regardless of where you are at in life. Music makes the world go round which means you can only gain from this audio download.

#9 - Human Stock Images

108 images of people are inside this pack and all yours for your personal projects, blog, client projects or marketing campaigns.

These are HD quality stock photos which are professionally clicked and royalty free. No reason to go to a stock site to purchase images when you have tons in this incredible pack.

You get subjects in all sorts of positions and professions and it fits nicely into your niche if you are working in business, marketing or basically anything that involves people.

Make it easier on yourself by downloading these pictures instead of using images out on the web which could get you into a spot of bother with the image owners.

It’s always best to keep your nose clean out in these parts and do things ethically rather than stealing or borrowing intellectual property without permission.

#10 - People Stock Images (Resell Rights)

If you’re looking for high quality stock images of people then this is the pack for you. Here we have numerous HD quality images of all types of people in all types of professions or indulging in various pastimes across the world.

These images come with resell rights so you have the right to use them personally or use them for your client’s sites or presentations.

Always remember that when it comes to the internet, everything is someone’s property.

Most people owning that intellectual property won’t mind a whole lot if their images are shared or used by others but sometimes mistakes are made where you may think that an image is ok to use off Google but that image might belong to a stock photo agency.

That can come with repercussions if you end up using the image without their consent or without purchasing the license to use the image.

#11 - Royalty Free Stock Video Footage (Commercial License)

Royalty Free Stock Video Footage is the video you need that will make your visual presence soar online because seeing is believing in our wild and whacky world today.

You need to have every advantage you can get if you are going to find your buyers and bring them to your doorstep. With a beautiful array of quality stock photos at your fingertips to choose from you really can’t go wrong.

It’s the easy peasy route to reach out and touch your target audience and make them like it. When they like something, they buy – period.

It couldn’t get any easier than this and that makes it of premium importance for you to take advantage of what’s in front of you and make the grab. Or you can continue to struggle online your way.

Royalty Free Stock Video Footage is an excellent route to strengthen your online marketing campaign, increase conversions and rank, and of course make more money than you ever thought possible.

#12 - Mobile Graphics Toolkit (Resell Rights)

Need quality graphics for your mobile projects? Grab Dozens of Mobile Related Design Files That Will Save You $100’s In Design Fees!

The mobile market is HUGE right now, and it’s growing even bigger every day. More and more people are now using their mobile devices as their main way of viewing online content. If you’re not tapping into the mobile market or are at least thinking of getting into it, you’re missing out big time.

If you have a mobile related project already or not, you should be thinking and planning on how you’ll get your content ‘mobile ready’. And one of the major things you’ll need are mobile graphics.

Getting custom work done for mobile projects can cost thousands of dollars, and there aren’t that many quality resources for DIY mobile graphics…

All of these graphics will come with layered PSD source files, so you will be able to customize and edit everything. And most of the graphics (90%) will also come as web ready PNG files for those people without Photoshop. So everyone can use this package.

Also, these graphics templates can be used with ANY of your projects, not just ‘mobile’. There’s a ton of useful design files in this package, and you can use them for both mobile related projects or any other projects you have.

#13 - Mega Music Tracks (Volume - 1)

193 audio tracks for you to use as background music for your marketing videos!

If you are a multimedia marketer, chances are various types of marketing media is obviously should be used.

There is podcasting or video presentation, these media requires beautiful sound or music background that will mix the relevancy of the tempo of the desired presentation to of your chosen market.

Use the tracks anyhwere and anyhow you wish!

#14 - Mega Music Tracks (Volume - 2)

Wow! Another 200 audio tracks for you to use as background music for your marketing videos!

If you are a blogger or an online business owner, utilizing the second search engine – YouTube is a clever idea. You see, people love to watch videos and according to the statistics, people used to stay longer on webpages with videos.

Because of these opportunity, internet marketers are now creating their videos or invest money to someone who will create the video for them. 

But having the video alone without thinking the importance of the quality of the video presentation should concern. Videos should be interactive and entertaining.

And one of that key elements of a good video demo is having a high quality background music. The good news, inside this product bundle is you are looking for.

#15 - 100 Video Transition Backgrounds

Nice PRO Looking Transition Backgrounds For Your Videos

Are you looking for video that could be a transition backgrounds that are easy to use? Transition background that you could could use for your video edition? Then, download this one!

This tool provides 100 videos that are created thoroughly!

This product assures you that the videos are easily to use as well as it has high definition so that your output will look like a professionally-made project.

#16 - Urban Stock Images

Urban Stock Images contains 43 high quality HD photos covering a wide range of subjects in the urban niche. These are expertly developed photos made available by professional photographers.

Depending on your needs, whether you’re running a blog or website or looking for images to compliment your social media or marketing campaigns, you will definitely find a great use for these professionally clicked photos.

The power of visuals can take your campaigns and business to a new level when you realize just how much people are enamored by images, video and animation.

On top, it’s not easy to find exceptional images for your projects because of the fact that most everything online is owned by someone else.

It’s true that many website owners do tend to use images without permission but when you’re looking to do things legally including minimizing risk of breaking copyright laws, then you want to use royalty free images for your content.

Third party stock image sites are exactly for that purpose but at the same time you’re paying a pretty penny for using those images.

Here you have a full pack of professional images which you can use and also resell without having to pay a ton of money.

#17 - InformaTech Print Design Template

InformaTech is all about high quality abstract design combined with class and professionalism. If you define your own business with these traits then this is the package for you.

You want to showcase your company as being both reputable and professional. That’s what gets people interested and it’s how you get your prospects to become paid customers.

Even if you’re working as a freelancer or running a design department in a company, you need to be able to get things done and dusted quickly. That’s why it’s essential to have your own line of templates and designs ready to go when the situation demands it.

InformaTech is a brilliant package that you’ll love for those reasons not to mention that it absolutely does not lack in any way whatsoever when it comes to powerful and eye catching work.

Inside this collection you’ll find stationery like fonts, brochures, 3D covers, envelopes, letterheads, logos, and much more. 

#18 - Business People Graphics Pack (Commercial Usage Rights)

Your business could be good but with these 50 amazing animated graphics, it could be even better.

Whether you’re selling from your ecommerce store, running a business site, or sharing content through social media, you need to have a balance of text and visuals if you want to widen your customer reach.

Reason being that people are hooked to nice looking things and with these images, they can’t help but to take notice and keep their eyes on your content.

Images play a vital role on the world wide web and social media. Massive sites like Facebook and Instagram see images liked and shared by the billions.

When you see how much more attention content gets when combined with visual elements, you will be wondering why you didn’t make the effort sooner to turn your content into a visual wonderland.

Let it start here with these graphics, developed by some really fine graphic artists.

#19 - Professional Music Track Package (Commercial Usage Rights)

This bonus is a exclusive collection of 100 music tracks that covers the following:

Every human emotion.

Use only live instruments.

No loops.

No computer-made music.

No drum machines

And the likes…

#20 - Professional Music Tracks

More Professional Quality Sound Tracks For Your Marketing Needs! Professional Quality Music Tracks For Your Marketing Needs! These music tracks vary in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes!

Using a professional music track will separate your plain, ordinary video from a professional videos that used professional music or audio tracks.

No matter if you’re an audio engineer or a video creator, these tracks are very helpful in dubbing your text slides, creating an effects or insert it in your logo animation.

#21 - 70 Audio Tracks & Loops (Commercial Usage Rights)

70 Audio music tracks & loops with Commercial usage rights to use all the tracks in any of your personal or commercial videos, presentations, sales pages etc…

Become Aware

Bonus Dop In FX


Deep Mellow

Drum Grooves

Easy Listening Tracks

Trance Fizzle And much more!

#22 - Local Whiteboard Videos (Commercial Usage Rights)

Capture the attention of local business owners when they call you asking for your video services!

If you have local business, and would like to capture leads around your area, having a good whiteboard presentation is the best strategy to convince your leads into customers.

The thing is that, what if you don’t have the skills to create a video presentation? There are two options, you can hire someone or see what’s inside this local whiteboard video package.

Video Marketing Video.

Computer Repair Video.

Local Leads Ad Video.

Mobile Mechanic Video.

Plumber Video.

Tax Information Video.

#23 - Offline Niche Onslaught

Start Generating Leads From High Paying Local Business Clients With These High Converting Videos and Infographics!

Cartoon and Whiteboard Video that really Stand Out From The Crowd. You soon have Local Businesses after they watch these videos PLR Rights  on the backend. The infographics are completely off the charts!

You can’t help but see where the story ends on the Infographics… If you want to promote your videos and get better conversions The videos are top-quality, This is over delivery.

What you can do with these:

You can generate leads yourself with these and sell these leads to local marketers

You can put them on your blog and get more traffic to your business

Use Them With Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro, Sparkol Videoscribe And Most Whiteboard Video Software

#24 - Weight Loss Whiteboard (Commercial Usage Rights)

Series of 25 Weight Loss Videos that are Specifically Targeting Women with Expert Tips and Advice to Help Them Lose Weight and Get in Shape!

Weight loss is one of the most profitable niche market nowadays. And if you to make a lot of money on the internet, diving into this niche market is a good decision you take.

You might thinking about the competition but don’t focus on thinking about that as inside this product package, you are about to receive a series of whiteboard videos that you can use for your campaign.

Videos is very useful in terms of branding yourself so that you can stand from the crowd of your competition and also earned the trust and authority in your niche. And this video package that is ready for you help get into action.

#25 - Whiteboard Video Set

Whiteboard Video Set is a video that’s going to help you capture the undivided attention of the online world when you need it most!

Video is everything. An integral part of any successful online marketing campaign, the running of your business and functionality, along with promotional avenues to build authority fast and alive unconditionally!

To succeed you MUST have ALL the tools and this straight to the point directional and informative video takes you step by step through the whiteboard process so you know the exact purpose and how to apply EVERY time.

Whiteboard Video Set is truly an asset to your business building venture dream.

#1 - SVG Galaxy Graphics (Extended Edition)

SVG Galaxy Extended is your proven download that’s going to give you access to thousands more excellent and attractive whiteboard SVG graphics that can help drive quality traffic to your door and that means oodles of money incoming for you.

Care to share? This package deal is a step in the right direction of taking command of your online niche business and making sure you leave no stone unturned when you are looking to drive buying people to your website.

You’ve got to be seen and this is the direct easy peasy take-action tool to do it for you. It really doesn’t get any better than that. No need for a design company or freelancer when you’ve got everything right here.

The time has come for you to step out of the darkness and into the bright sunshine. Use this download to do it right.

#2 - Various Stock Photos (Latest Edition)

Stock Images For You To Use In Your Projects And Your Clients Projects. Plus You Can Resell Them!

Graphics are one of the most useful media in doing both offline and online marketing. This is because human brain can easily store information through image.

Because of this human attribute, marketers alike took the advantage of utilizing this behaviour into their side of attracting more leads and customers.

That’s why if you are a serious online marketer, investing to professional graphics is necessary if you want to make more profit to your business.

But if you just got started, investing huge amount of money might not be a practical option. The good news is that inside this product is a package of various stock photos that you can use to your own project or to your clients.

#3 - Big Bundle Of Background Graphics

Huge selection of background images for you to use on your web site or in your web presentations!

If you own a website, images is very important especially those images that you use for backgrounds. This can be use in online presentations, website background, quote backgrounds and the likes.

But if you are not a photographer or a graphics artist, chances are you will have to gather those free stock photos online so you can use it legally.

The good news is that, inside this product package you are to get those backgrounds right away and use it today.

#4 - Instant Graphics Collection (Resell Rights)

The personal development niche has been a top seller worldwide for a long time, even before the arrival of Internet marketing. And there is no indication that the growth in this market will be slowing any time soon.

However, of all the challenges facing Internet marketers in the personal development niche, getting quality graphics at affordable prices has to be #1 on the list.

Sure, if you’re making a lot of money online, you have the funds to hire the best graphic designers. But if you’re not made of money, you’re left with few options: rehashed graphics that everyone else is using, or no graphics at all.

The “Instant Graphics Collection” can change all of that for you.

This massive stockpile of top-notch, high-quality graphics will give you the visual edge you need to profit online.

Everything is done for you: all you have to do is copy and paste these images into your website. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is and how professional the images will look.

Stop wasting your time trying to learn complicated software. Stop wasting your money hiring expensive graphic designers. Get your hands today on all the images you’ll need!

#5 - WP Image Plus (Resell Rights)

Easily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images Straight From The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog!

Images are very important when it comes to marketing any businesses. Whether you are doing offline or your marketing on the internet, visual graphics is one of the main media that grabs people’s attention.

The challenging thing is that, you just can’t grab images over the internet and use it for your own project or else someone will sue you for copyright issues.

And the fact is that premium stock images, digital graphics or photos are very expensive. But the good news is that inside this amazing product, this plugin will give you the solution  so that you’ll never have to worry about paying for images again.

#6 - Web Security Graphics

Many people process information better when it is presented in a visual manner. Use these web security graphics to add appeal to your blog posts, marketing, sales page content and so much more.

According to many Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioners, human minds works visually in which our imagination, calculations and memories takes place.

The good thing to this is that, you can utilize this human attributes to your marketing efforts by simply providing people a good graphics presentation of your products or services.

Fortunately, inside this product is a bundle of high quality graphics in the web security niche market which you can use today and to your blog and other marketing media you have in hand.

#7 - Big Bundle Of Mascot Cartoon Characters

Over 20 sets & 200 different niche mascot characters – all designed & created by professionals!

Images are one of the best media to represent something to your audience. Whether if it is for your blog readers or video presentations, relevant images is necessary as this is a huge factor that your information will stock into your audience’s mind.

One of the typs of images that are often engaging to use is called the mascot images. This is vectorize image in form of cartonize human, animals and other things.

If you are not a graphic artist, you end up asking or hiring someone to do this for you, but inside graphic package, you are about to experience the high quality mascot character images.

#8 - Amazing Images

This Quality Report Is PERFECT For Your Email List Building.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re in, chances are, you use images. Whether you’re sharing images on social media, using images to create promotional material like banners or flyers, or posting images on your blog to go along with your articles, you’re probably using images.

But are you using those images legally? A lot of people seem to think it’s okay to grab images of Google Images or other sources. After all, they’re available publicly, so it must be okay, right?


Legally, you can only use images you have permission to use, and you can only use images you have permission to use in certain ways, depending on the license granted by the copyright holder. Confused, yet?

And to top it off, buying images to use legally can be extremely expensive. Some stock photo agencies charge several dollars for a single image, and may even charge hundreds of dollars if you want to use the image for something like a t-shirt or print. Outrageous!

Fortunately, there are ways to save money on your images, getting them much, much cheaper, or even free. Best of all, you can do this legally, so you won’t be sued!

#9 - Animation 4K UHD Stock Videos

Animation 4K Stock Videos is the video teaching tool that shows you how to take advantage of the power of the eyes. That said there’s no doubt about the fact that videos are the way to go when you are looking to build your online business presence.

When you give your target audience what they want you are establishing the trust factor essential to making money and solidifying a constant effective online income stream.

Stock videos are the easy route to reaching out to touch your target audience and drive up your online visibility in the process. If you are sitting in the dark the search engine crawlers are never going to find you.

These excellent animation stock videos deliver the diversity and proven marketing tactics to reach out and touch your target audience successfully. With that comes an increase in your online rank and that’s going to coax the search engines to drive more traffic to your blog and pages.

From there you will become more trustworthy and conversions will improve to make you more money when all is said and done.

Animation 4K Stock Videos is the solution to building your presence so you can tap into the money you need, want and ultimately deserve.

#10 - Evergreen Infographics Pack

One of the most important types of visuals for a business owners in the online arena are infographics.

Infographics are used to showcase statistics, to sell products, to advertise, promote, attract and connect better with your audience.

It is the visual representation that you showcase to your potential customers and that sends a clear message to them!

This is a collection of high quality, evergreen, powerful infographics that you can use for your ebooks, marketing materials, blog posts, product line, social media sites, and more.

#11 - Money Graphics Pack

This graphics pack has 150 money related images. The images will be delivered in PNG and Vector PDF format!

If you are an online entrepreneur selling digital products, a blogger, affiliate marketer, freelance web graphics designer having a pre-made graphics that are relevant to your needs or your client’s needs will give you more time to other things that will make your more productive.

Images are indeed powerful to persuade your reader’s understanding and attention for you to make them turn into a customer to the products that you promote or sell online.

#12 - Sales Presentation Graphics Pack

This graphics pack includes 50 images of men and women giving sales presentations. 

You can use it to add appeal to blog posts, marketing, PLR content and so much more.

Images are in PNG and Vector PDF formats. PNG files are a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels in size.

#13 - Graphics Black Box (Volume - 1)

More Than 15 Modules With Brand New and Originals Graphics For Your Website!

Humans love to see beatiful things including images. That’s why beautiful pictures play an important role in various aspects.

In the area of internet marketing, high quality and beautiful images stands from the crowd and drives more attention than ordinary pictures.

That’s why most successful internet marketers used images for call to action messages. If you’ve hiring someone to create your graphics, good news because you are about to lose tons of money.

But that’s not the case anymore as inside this package is a volume of high quality and stunning graphics.

#14 - Graphics Black Box (Volume - 2)

Grab Your Graphics Design Solution And Shortcut! Twenty New Modules – 367 New Graphics!

People love to see beautiful things and based from that love, internet users also does the same.

In the internet business industry, readers, visitors and normal internet surfers gave more value to those websites that have good looking images.

Now, if you are in the online business world, the case is that, you need to have and use high quality good looking images in your website, salespages, landing pages, squeeze pages etc.

The problem is that, if you are not good at graphics designn, you end up spending too much.

The good news is that, inside this blackbox, you will immediately get instant access to over 367 brand new and original graphics for your website. For a total of 20 modules.

#15 - Sales Video Assets Pack

Monster Marketing Suite Of 300+ Video Assets!

If you are launching a product or you want to give something to build your list, convincing your website visitors to buy the product you offer or give them their email address is sometimes is a hard challenge for online marketers.

That’s why using a video to connect to your visitors became a popular media to convince and entairtain your traffic so they will not get bored on the things that you want to offer to them.

The thing though is that, if you are not good at creating videos, you might ruin the moment of your visitors. To avoid that, outsourcing is your next option.

And yet, outsourcing this media is expensive and if you don’t have that much of a budget for your marketing campaign, this could be a nightmare to your business.

The good news is that, inside this product package is a huge bundle of 300+ videos, eBooks as lead magnets and graphics that you can use for your marketing strategy.

Checkout the media below:

Marketing Colored Videos.

Story Telling Videos.

Call to Action Videos.

Story Infographics.

High Quality Articles/eBooks.

Vector Image Assets.

Whiteboard GIFs.

Video Transitions.

Business Building Tools.

#16 - Video Marketing Graphics Pack (Resell Rights)

Video marketing is so massively powerful these days thanks to YouTube and there are now people becoming celebrities and millionaires primarily off their own video content.

The thing about videos is that they get shared across the world. They can be shared through any social media platform. And it can reach anyone anywhere within a matter of seconds.

If you’re involved in video marketing at all or run your own site, then you will find some great use for this animated collection of 75 video marketing images.

You can use them for anything including in your salesletters, presentations, blog content, newsletters, ebooks, etc. Images make the world go round and people are more engaged when they see nice visuals.

If you want to up your reader engagement and get more likes and shares and ultimately more sales then you need to add graphics to your text. Jazz up your content with these amazing graphics. 

#17 - Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard Videos is your solution to understand and learn how to take full advantage of this tactical approach to visually capturing the undivided attention of your target audience and planting sales in their brains.

Whiteboard videos are the craze that seems to be taking the online business world by storm just because they are so simple, versatile and hugely effective.

When you are looking to hit a large target audience hard with an active, powerful and visually stimulating message, the whiteboard video is the route to go.

You will learn exactly what you need to do in order to apply with this download and that’s golden in the big picture of online success. Are you following?


#18 - Giant Whiteboard Kit (Volume - 2)

Giant – Whiteboard Kit Volume 2 is your marketing solution made simple. I’ll admit, online marketing is freakin scary and it’s tough to know what marketing channels are effective and what ones are a complete waste of your valuable time.

This kit shows you how to use one of the most effective target audience flashers out there and that’s music to your ears. If you don’t have the power and knowledge to grab the attention of your audience you haven’t a hope in heck of mustering up any sort of money stream.

Where there’s a will there’s a way but you do need a master plan that’s proven. This is it. I kid you not! There’s no time like the present to reach out and touch your audience and nail the sales and credibility in the process. When you are ready you know what you need to do.

#19 - Giant Whiteboard Kit (Volume - 2) Platinum

Giant Whiteboard Kit 2 Platinum is your solution to taking your online marketing campaign up a notch or five.

You see people buy with their eyes and this download gives you the power to show your message to your niche target audience and nail your message home.

When you establish that proven joyous emotional connection there is very little chance you aren’t going to translate this massively brilliant move into a steady income stream.

There are so many golden keys to making money online that it’s enough to make your brain explode. One step at a time forward in direction with no looking back.

This tool give you the simple power to reach out and stroke your niche audience kindly and it doesn’t get much better than that.

Giant Whiteboard Kit 2 Platinum is exactly what you need in your brain to make your online master marketing campaign a super duper success. 

#20 - Whiteboard SVG Graphics Bundle

Exclusive SVG Whiteboard graphics. You have a total of 30 categories to choose from!

It is said that traffic is the life-blood of a website but what if that traffic won’t convert? That’s the question that sometime internet marketers forgot to ask themselves before they do some traffic generation tactics.

If you have been doing some product launches or promoting affiliate products, a landing page that uses video converts very well especially if it uses whiteboard animation.

Whiteboard animation cost lots of money and if you just got started into your online business, doing this type of strategy might be a challenge to your budget.

The good news is that, inside this product package, you are about receive a bundle of whiteboard video which you can use to your own webpages.

#21 - Icon Set 412

This Graphics will help you enhance your icon design and creativeness using your all new set off icons.

With this set of New Icons , Your Website factor can enhance in no time.!  

With the newest features icons and designs you haven’t use yet.

This gives you the ability to get creative and rock it in the wow department. Which of course means your target audience is happy, happy, happy.

You are seriously looking for every advantage you can get when it comes to marketing online and building your website big and beautiful.

This special bonus gives you the look that will get you noticed, turn you from invisible to visible, and drive you home to a whole whack of funneling money.

That just means it’s a solid and secure line of money so you don’t ever have to worry about another bill again. Talk about a dream come true.

#22 - Music Loops Pack 3

Music Loops Pack 3 brings to you another 25 blazing cool tracks which you can use for any number of projects. These tracks get better and better, brought to you by a professional studio of music creators.

Underlying music is important when you consider that it produces more of a response from viewers than having no music.

With these copyright-free tracks, you can use them for Powerpoint presentations, Youtube videos, podcasts, intros, outros, ebook audios and more.

Many big time podcasters and bloggers use subtle music in their work and it adds a more positive tone to the overall presentation.

You can also use this audio for any number of client projects if you’re a freelancer or have a business set up on Fiverr.

The possibilities are endless. Download the full series now. That’s 100 tracks across the entire Music Loops series. The best quality stuff you’ll find anywhere.

#23 - Music Loops Pack 4

This 4th installment in the 4 part Music Loops series saves the best for last. Here you get another 25 top quality music tracks which are good to give any of your audio or video presentations some real magic and charisma that your viewers deserve.

If you want to compete on the largest scale with the top marketers and video content creators, you need to take a page out of their book and ensure you’re delivering world class stuff to your audience.

People love music and when there’s underlying music in your presentation, it makes viewers even more engaged. Even better, these tracks are yours to use for anything you like and you don’t need to worry about breaking any copyright license.

When you’re ready to create your next cool video or audio product, these tracks will do the job.

#24 - Graphics Diamond Box Elite

Get Extra Color Variations For Graphics Diamond Box!

If you are really series in building your online business empire, you just can’t use any marketing materials for granted. Meaning you can not just use a product or a tool which is in low quality.

And one of those marketing materials that you should not take for granted to invest in is graphics. According to the statistics, images tend to stick into the person’s mind immediately compared to text-based information.

Now if your challenge is where you can get those high-quality graphics, worry no more as inside this amazing product is a bundle of highly valuable graphics designed by graphics experts that will help your website convert very well.

The types of graphics that you can get are:

YouTube Video Thumbnails

Facebook Covers

HD Video Backgrounds

Facebook Newsfeed Ads

Facebook Post Graphics

Twitter Covers

And so much more inside…

#25 - The Vector Blowout

The ultimate vector graphics collection on the planet!

It is super huge and packed with more than 1400 vector graphics that are distributed  into more than 50 organized categories.

All the vector graphics come with PNG & SVG source files.

You will find a SVG and a high resolution PNG file included for each of the vector graphic. The SVG vector file will come in handy for making sketch effect in software like Explaindio or you can use them in any of your vector type graphics editor.

The PNG file is a universal format where you can apply them in any of your favorite graphic, video or presentation software.

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