SEO And Blogging Bonuses

#1 - What Is Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, known with the acronym SEO, is the process of improving traffic and exposure to a website via search engines to get the website ranked highly in the resulting search results pages.

It helps to build an online presence that is bigger and better than just slapping a static website up on the Internet and hoping that some people drop by the site.

It is a strategy whereby how you create the site, what you do to promote it, and how you analyze the results of those actions that help the website owner to develop bigger and better online exposure.

#2 - New Age SEO Blueprint (Resell Rights)

As technology advances, so do people’s needs and wants. But one thing that doesn’t truly change is demand for information and solutions.

Society has become a little spoiled in recent times because of ease of convenience where we don’t have to wait to get answers thanks to being hooked into the internet at all times with our mobiles.

Google helps us out by providing us the right information more often than not when we pull out our mobiles looking for information on something specific.

But Google needs our help to provide that information to the consumer. They need our content. They need our websites. But they also want websites and blogs that provide real genuine information.

With the mass amount of low quality content out there, the cream rises to the crop. But to reach that point, you need to ensure that your content beats everyone else’s if you want to be the primary source of information. With proper SEO, you can get there as long as you know what Google is looking for.

This guide breaks it all down and gives you the goods on how to optimize your site the right way along with all the other elements that come together to boost websites to the top of the search engine rankings. You’re going to learn it all here.

#3 - WP SEO Track Plugin

with this plugin, you will be able to inspect your SEO stats fully right inside your blog. You don’t need to hop off to some third party SEO analysis tool since you get what you need right here once you install the WP SEO Track plugin.

You’ll realize how better to focus your efforts when it comes to building links, optimizing your content for focus keywords, upping your social media efforts, and much more. Super easy to install and even easier to use.

You’ll see your SEO growth right in front of you with a lovely interface. When you’re ready, grab this plugin and start ramping up your SEO and get your business to the top where you want it.

#4 - New Guide To SEO (Resell Rights)

The New Guide To SEO is the key to learning about constant SEO changes and understanding today’s effective SEO techniques.

The world stops for nobody and this means the routes to making money online are always changing too. That’s part of what makes this ebook so important. Inside you will learn about how Search Engine Optimization is used as a tool to drive or rather attract top niche clients to your website.

On the technical side there are algorithms that are used to create the keywords that are used in SEO. But you don’t have to worry about the technical side. We can leave that to the experts.

After you learn the strategies behind using SEO you will have the power to build your online reputation, strengthen your brand, increase your rank and drive quality clients to your website for purchase.

The key to creating a solid income stream that just doesn’t stop. The New Guide To SEO is your tool for increased traffic flow and online business success.

#5 - On-Page SEO Blueprint (Resell Rights)

On-Page SEO Blueprint – Get More Traffic With A SEO Friendly WordPress Site is the training course you’ve been waiting for.

There’s no point building a website if you don’t have the optimization aspect in place. It goes together like fish and chips. One can’t survive without the other.

You need a website for your business. But you need SEO to bring traffic to that website. Wouldn’t be much use to build a fairground in a deserted wasteland void of civilization no matter how amazing that fairground is.

Much like your website, you need to put as much focus on the SEO as you do in the design. The unfortunate reality is that SEO is lost on many new website owners.

Their thinking is that if you build it, they will come. That might’ve worked back in the late 90s but today, there are billions of websites competing for the same traffic.

If you want to be successful with your website then you need to do it the right way which means optimizing your site like a pro.

You’re going to get the full comprehensive training through a series of 9 expert videos, taking you through each step in detail.

#6 - SEO Split Testing (Resell Rights)

The purpose of SEO is to get the site optimized for the search engines so that it can bring in valuable traffic. And traffic means money. But over time, SEO has been changing.

Google now uses artificial intelligence in analyzing and ranking websites. Their primary goal is to deliver optimal results to searchers as quickly as possible. So if for example someone is asking Google “How do I bake a chocolate cake if I have diabetes?” Google will instantly pull up the most viable sites that can answer this query to the user’s satisfaction.

The AI algorithm is constantly changing and it can be a messy situation for website owners and SEO pros to keep up. That’s why the purpose of split testing is so important today.

You can scope out what works and what doesn’t when creating and optimizing your site. In this guide which complements the SEO Split Testing video series, you’ll be shown the power of split testing for SEO and how to make good on your goals.

You’ll learn how to avoid making mistakes, how to sell products and how to engage with your audience.

It’s imperative that you keep up with the ever changing world of SEO. You need to know what’s working today so as to not waste your time implementing strategies from yesterday that no longer work successfully.

The online world is becoming more data driven and now’s the time to ensure you learn the goods to keep up and get ahead. Grab this guide now. Sales materials and sales page also included in this package.

#7 - SEO Split Testing Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

In this video course which complements the SEO Split Testing ebook, you’ll be shown the importance of split testing and why it’s so important and beneficial for the sake of your website.

You’ll learn how to apply it for great success in your SEO efforts, how to use redirects, various strategies you can apply and much more.

There’s nobody at Google who’s going to give you the right answer as they themselves don’t know the exact steps in ranking a site perfectly.

As AI is now at the forefront of SEO, it’s crucial that you get up to snuff on what people want and how to deliver it to them. That’s where your true success is if you want to kill it online.

So when you’re ready, hit the download button. Sales page and materials included in this package.

#8 - Blogging Ninja

Get Ready to Give Your Business a Huge Upgrade, Because You’re About to Discover the Time Saving, Profit Boosting Magic. Your time is valuable, so I’m just going to give you a quick description of this incredible program.

This is a powerful script that makes it super easy to create and maintain an unlimited number of blogs.

Plus, it allows you the ability to fully customize the look and feel of your blog pages as well as define ads that get displayed at the top and bottom of the page (perfect for making money with AdSense).

#9 - Search Engine Optimization Domination Strategies And Tips

Increase Quality Traffic to Your Website With Search Engine Optimization Tips and Strategies That Will Increase Your Search Engine Ranking. We Enable You to Avoid Costly Trial and Error Mistakes by Learning Directly from SEO Experts Who Tell You How it is Done

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial skill that enables you to maximize search engine traffic through a variety of marketing channels.

It is more than just stuffing keywords into the text but requires real knowledge of exactly how the search engines operate and staying up to date on their latest changes.

The information provided in this eBook is the same knowledge used by SEO professionals who might charge you thousands of dollars to handle this for you.

#10 - Blogging Master Class (Resell Rights)

Blogging Master Class is the state-of-the-art video detailing everything you need to know in order to wow your target audience with SEO maxed blogs as well as find out where all the golden niche traffic is hiding.

If you want to build a strong credible presence online you’ve got to make the time to learn the ropes. And that’s exactly what this traffic building video does.

It’s all about building your strategy online so you can blast out your hot to trot blogs for the paying world to see.

Blogging Master Class is the tool you need to build up your solid reputation online and let your hair down.

#11 - Search Engine Manifesto

Early Search Engines held an index of a few hundred thousand pages and documents and received maybe one or two thousand inquiries each day.

Today, a top Search Engine will index hundreds of millions of pages, and respond to tens of millions of queries per day.

Learn more by download this guide today.

#12 - Backlink Warrior Software

Backlink Warrior uncovers just how important it is to establish quality backlinks for your website because this is how you directly boost rank legally and with momentum.

Which of course gets you to the top of the sales mountain FAST, at least faster than the competition. The only way you are going to get noticed online is to have high rank and the higher the better.

This software is going to help magnify your efforts and establish your online credibility quickly with results. You will see what this software is doing for you before the competition does.

And staying ahead of the competition is everything in the big game of online survival and ultimate success. Backlink Warrior is a little piece of heaven you can’t afford to throw away.

#13 - Blogging Tactics 10 PLR Articles

Blogging is one of the most rewarding and most powerful methods in growing a real online business. Some people blog for fun. Others blog for building their brand and business.

These plr articles provide a full-on education on both aspects of blogging. If you’re a blogger or are hoping to become a blogger down the road, the content in these articles are definitely an eye-opener.

You will learn about affiliate marketing, best platforms for building your blog, blogging as a hobby, blogging as a business, best software to use, promoting a cause, potential careers in blogging, dealing with user comments and much more.

Many people who started blogging some time back did so as a hobby. As their blogs grew, they saw a massive audience reading and following their blogs which ultimately took their blog from a side hobby into a real full-time business.

Depending on what you want, if you’re looking to build a real business with your blog then there’s no better time than now to get on that path. But writing for the sake of it isn’t really the ideal way to ensure growth.

#14 - Blogging For Branding (Resell Rights)

In this guide, you’re going to learn exactly how to build your brand through your blog.

There’s confusion among newbie marketers and website owners that a blog is like having a personal diary on the web with no means of getting anywhere.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

A blog is a journey towards your dreams and when it truly grows and catches fire, it can take you financially to a level you never dreamed of.

This guide spills the beans and shows you how to truly build your empire.

#15 - Backlinks Analyzer Software

Backlinks Analyzer Software uncovers the powerful beginner software you can use to instantly analyze the quality of your backlinks with the simple click of a mouse.

You see it’s so vital that you are only attached to authority web pages because if you happen to hook up to spammy sites you are going to get flagged by the search engine crawlers and that’s going to kill your rank and online business credibility.

The crawlers can actually direct traffic around your quality website just because you are hooked up to bad sites. With this software you have the tool that’s going to systematically ensure you are safe from unauthorized web pages.

You’ll know where your backlinks are coming from and whether the SEO company you’ve hired is as legitimate as they claim to be.

Some agencies bend the rules and provide lackluster work and junk backlinks but you won’t be fooled using this powerhouse little software. Now you will know exactly what you’re getting.

#16 - Authority Blogging

For many successful bloggers with monster blogs, they will all tell you that nothing starts at the top.

You have to build everything from the very bottom and let it grow into something awesome with time and consistency.

But there are methods which enable you the ability to get more traffic quicker along with building up your revenue stream and saving time on developing content.

The biggest motivation you get is seeing your work get rewarded with increased rankings and more subscribers and readers. In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know in order for you to become an authority in your niche.

You’ll learn how to gain subscribers, how to utilize social media, how to find create the type of content that people clamor for and much more.

This just might be the best guide you ever read if you’re hungry to start your own blogging empire. 

#17 - Review Blogging

If you’re in the marketing space, you may even be familiar with millionaire bloggers like John Chow, Pat Flynn, and Michelle Schroeder to name a few.

But success wasn’t reached merely overnight. It took years of work to reach the level that they ultimately reached.

But the one thing that you have that the pro bloggers didn’t is the advantage of knowing what works rather than going out on your own and making mistakes.

With this 6 part video course, you will learn some of the aspects of blogging implemented by the elite.

When you become a trusted voice among your community of followers, it’s a lot of profit on your end as you endorse products to your followers which they will trust will be of use to them. That gives you a commission on the sale. 

#18 - Blogging Paycheck (Resell Rights)

Blogging Paycheck is your proven expert step-by-step system for building your quality blog recognition and creating numerous passive online income streams.

Think about how amazing it will be to make money without doing any work. Inside you will have 10 totally complete video modules to learn from.

Each shows you the simple instant take-action steps you need to create your successful online blog for maximized profit gain.

This instant plugin shows you the effective tips and tricks and expert strategies that are essential to building your online credibility and creating a solid online presence from which to build your professional quality blog.

Content is queen online and if you are serious about creating a quality long-term income with your blogging skills, this is the tool that will help you achieve your dreams.

Even if you don’t know how to blog this download will show you what you need to do in order to get up and blogging fast and effectively for the long run.

#19 - Your Blogging Success Guide

Your Blogging Success Guide – Become A Blog Authority Today is the only guide you need to get noticed online and create the residual income you deserve while doing what you love.

It’s not rocket science here. Blogging isn’t tough. What’s difficult is understanding how to create a top niche and tap into your target marketing so you can drive people to your blog for profit.

Inside you will learn the key strategies to set your blog up on the right foot and the tools you need to move it forward quickly and lucratively. Everything you need to succeed is right at your finger tips. Your Blogging Guide – Become A Blog Authority Today is your solution.

#20 - SEO Stone Plugin

SEO Stone – Evaluate Your Blog Pages In Style makes it super easy for you to skip through your blog pages and optimize the SEO that of course continuously changes again and again and again forever!

It really is tough to keep up with the up-to-date info of those pesky Google Crawlers but it’s these guys that dictate and direct the traffic venturing to your website.

Having the right SEO will make or break your business.

This software app makes it oodles easy for you to skim through quickly and get the best bang for your buck!

#21 - Get Blogging Results (Resell Rights)

Get Blogging Results is the perfect guide that teaches you useful tactics and strategies to get your blogging hat on successfully.

This means you want to earn a nice income by letting your fingers fly online. Great news is this book has exactly the information you need to do it!

Financial freedom is possible through blogging with an expert guide to show you how. Inside you will learn proven industry strategies and tactics to help you zone in on your hot niche and drive those qualified buyers to your website with their wallets wide open and ready to buy.

Where the critical factor is QUALIFIES buyers because if you are driving random traffic to your door with blogging, your conversion rates will be anything but spectacular.

Anybody can blog but the only way you are going to make it handsomely lucrative is to learn the skills to implement. I don’t know about you but money smells sweet to me!

Get Blogging Results is your master guide to blogging success. 

#22 - Blog Profit Strategy

Blog Profit Strategy is your complete blog profit strategy guide to uncover how to roll in the money with your magical fingers. Blogging is fun and strategically effective when you know how to write.

These days it’s more than just putting your fingers to the keys and punching away. That’s a piece of cake. What’s not so simple is learning the kw/SEO that’s essential to driving qualified traffic to your blog for buying.

If you aren’t wary of and gifted in applying the technical aspects of writing in your blogs, you are essentially writing in the dark and that’s exactly where you will stay. It’s impossible for you to get noticed if you aren’t sparkling.

Come into the light with this guide so you can utilize your talents to fill your wallet. Grab your copy of Blog Profit Strategy today so you can shine so bright those pesky Google Crawlers can’t help but pick you up.

#23 - Blog Authority (Resell Rights)

Blog Authority – A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start A Blog For Profit And Build A Raving Community Of Blog Readers is THE guide that takes you step by step through the process of researching your niche target audience and creating your top rated blog.

Everything you need to know to get your blog noticed and successful is right at your fingertips. It certainly is possible to make it big with your blog.

You can create the profit you need to support yourself and your family. All our need is to understand the basics of setting up your blog and the concepts on how to drive quality traffic to your door.

It won’t take you long to create your loyal reader following and from there the money will start rolling in.

It’s all right at your fingertips. Blog Authority – A Simple Step-By-Step Guide On How To Start A Blog For Profit And Build A Raving Community Of Blog Readers is your solution to successful blogging online. 

#24 - 100 Advertising Tips

100 Advertising Tips is the one route to discover all the top secret successes to get your business noticed.

You see it’s no secret the people that sell are the ones that build a solid brand, have visibility, know how to drive needed traffic to their door, and make their buyers happy with a fabulous buying experience.

And it’s the strategic advertising plan that creates the winners. This guide has it all and if you are looking to win you need to find your advertising techniques and apply full steam ahead.

There are just so many effective routes to online advertising conversions it’s enough to make your head spin.

From tapping into effective social media platforms and credible linking, to sensational blogging and e-books, the sky is the limit to how far forward this guide will launch you.

100 Advertising Tips is the one and only tool you need to shine online in advertising.

#25 - Instant Blog Traffic (Resell Rights)

Instant Blog Traffic is the only guide you need to build your blog big and strong. It contains all the minor yet major tips and tricks all the top bloggers use everyday to fuel their success.

Blogging is incredibly competitive and if you don’t have the tactical knowledge to stand out from the crowd, there’s no way you will build big and successfully.

That’s just not possible. With this book you have the secrets to make you successful fast. Then it’s up to you to make it happen. Simple tactical solutions to driving quality traffic to your blog and engaging them so they continuously want more, more, more.

You will learn about the importance of quality blogging with trusted external links, the importance of regular and frequent blogging, and how valuable it is to have guest bloggers with a following linked to your blog.

There are so many simple yet effective routes to creating a blog so successful it’s hard to picture it. Instant Blog Traffic is the tool to help you do this. 

#26 - SEO Strategies Part 1 (Resell Rights)

The Internet Marketer’s Guide To SEO Part 1 is the expert introductory guide that educates on what SEO is and why it’s vital to the success of any online business.

Don’t worry about getting confused because it’s written in a simplistic format made for beginners. What’s important to note is you need this information if you are going to create a lucrative online business with a solid income stream that stands the test of time.

With this knowledge you will have the power to win and step by step you will see positive results. Numerous proven SEO strategies will be explained and keyword writing will be emphasized.

You see one of the simplest routes to tapping into your niche target audience is through calculated keyword writing. That’s just one bit of the useful information you will learn.

The Internet Marketer’s Guide To SEO Part 1 is the solution to understanding and taking advantage of SEO for positive financial gain.

#27 - SEO Strategies Part 2 (Resell Rights)

The Internet Marketer’s Guide To SEO Part 2 is the second ebook of the series that further explains the strategies you need to know in order to maximize your online business gain through SEO.

You will learn more about utilizing your online presence with effective keyword strategies using SEO techniques. Two key factors in setting up your effective long term marketing campaign.

If you don’t find your strong target audience you aren’t going to sell anything. This is the chosen tool that proves to move this process along quickly by giving you the fast facts and knowledge you need to understand and penetrate your niche audience.

SEO will be thoroughly explained so it makes sense. It won’t take you long to see the results of your efforts and from there it’s just a rinse and repeat process. You will gain the confidence and tactics to shine online long term.

The Internet Marketer’s Guide To SEO Part 2 delivers the information successful online businesses need.

#28 - Blog As Your Marketing Tool (Resell Rights)

Blogging is one of the biggest online marketing vehicles if not THE biggest in getting your content liked and shared and bringing in a massive amount of traffic to grow your brand.

There are many successful bloggers out there all killing it in their space. Not necessarily because they’re more talented than everyone but because they’re active and persistent.

Google loves new and unique content which means if you’re not blogging already then now is the time to start.

These plr articles are a great education for you if you want to learn how you can blog successfully to grow your business. You can also use these articles to educate your audience if you’re already running a website.

#29 - Simple Ways To Monetize Your Blog Instantly

A blog isn’t merely an online personal space for people to write their daily diary entries in. Perhaps it was the case in the late 90s when the internet was still a cool new thing.

Blogs are so much more than that now. They are businesses in themselves with many of them worth in the tens of millions of dollars.

This guide provides 10 great and powerful methods which you can implement in order to monetize your own blog.

If you’ve reached that stage where you’ve built your brand and have a lot of targeted visitors reading your content then this is definitely an ideal guide for you.

These 10 methods aren’t unknown to the top notch marketers and bloggers out there who’ve been round the block but you will definitely find a useful method which you may not have known about prior.

Methods like affiliate marketing and selling your own products right off your blog are very lucrative methods implemented by many millionaire bloggers. This guide covers everything you need to know.

#30 - Digital Software Niche Blog Template (Resell Rights)

One of the most lucrative online ventures for many marketers is the selling of digital products. This industry has proven to be not only extremely lucrative but is on the up and up.

The convenience of digital products is that anyone can download content with the click of a mouse. There’s no shipping or inventory to deal with.

What’s even better is that companies that sell software or digital products have affiliate networks in place which allow website owners to sell third party digital content to their own customers for a commission.

With this template, you receive a fully ready to rock blog where you can create content including product reviews and insert links to third party software or digital products.

As a matter of fact, some of the biggest sites are product-review sites and they are successful simply from product reviews which include affiliate links.

Easy to launch, easy to build, and profitable on top.

#31 - Easy SEO Ninja

Easy SEO Ninja is the need for speed when it comes to SEO and effective online presence.

If you want to boost your rank you’ve GOT TO have up-to-date effective and engaging SEO. Otherwise you are just another lost sight in the dark.

Nobody can find you online unless you have a solid SEO/Keyword campaign going on. And this tool gives that to you without spending thousands a month on an SEO Guru!

You will get all the SEO to inject thoughtfully into your site so you can flag down your target audience, boost brand and online visibility, and drive up your conversions and ultimately your profits. A wonderful win for you and your online business.

#32 - Surefire WordPress SEO Video Series (Resell Rights)

Surefire WP SEO is crazy VIP if you are looking to capture the undivided attention of your quality traffic to create a constant and true flow of visitors that are going to generate long-term income forevermore.

Sounds pretty satisfying if you ask me. WordPress is a user-friendly web-development platform that is hugely popular across all search engines. A dynamic plus for you.

And with the useful and alive SEO information in this video, that’s easy to apply and take action with, you will have the power to make it happen with your website rank.

And from there the traffic will increase naturally, your brand will strengthen, conversions will increase, and you will rise to the top in the money department. This is your ticket in.

You now have the power to control your audience and that is gold with any online business.

#33 - Offline Marketing Tips Niche Blog (Resell Rights)

Business owners and marketers may see the massive potential of the online marketing stratosphere when it comes to connecting with an audience, building a brand, and boosting their business.

But what is lost is the massive offline marketing potential which still exists but is underutilized highly.

Direct mail advertising, flyers, banners and bus shelter posters, phonebooks, networking, seminars, cold calling, print publications, trade shows etc are all powerful offline marketing methods which many people are unaware of.

With this fantastic web template, you’re in a position to become an authority in the offline marketing niche.

There is so much content out there and with your own knowledge of the offline world, you can be a major brand in this space.

#34 - The Geek’s Guide to SEO (Resell Rights)

Being successful online can be fairly challenging if you’re not familiar with all the on-site and off-site methods for attracting traffic to your website.

Of course the option can be to hire a professional team or freelancer who excels in SEO. But the best way is to familiarize yourself with SEO so you can have a grasp of what’s working and what isn’t.

SEO isn’t an overnight project. You need to work at it consistently over a long period of time to really get your site placing well in the search engines. When your site attains solid rankings for profitable and targeted keywords, you are then on the way up!

This audio introduces you to the modern day tactics and strategies that marketers and professionals utilize to get a leg up on their competitors in the race for number one.

There are a great many ways to attract free organic traffic. Once you know how, there’s no stopping you. Your success begins when you’re not having to pay for traffic but instead are getting it due to good SEO.

#35 - Master SEO (Resell Rights)

Master SEO is the video you need to create the top audience draw you require to make good money for your online efforts.

Nobody wants to work for nothing and unfortunately it really doesn’t matter how fabulous your product is because if you aren’t getting traffic to your door you just aren’t making money.

It sucks but couldn’t be more true. With this SEO dream you will see just how easy it is to apply SEO to all your online pages and writing so that you turn your audience in and drive them to your website in masses ready to buy.

When your conversions start to turn it up a notch or two you know you’ve scored big time. All you need is this tactical and informative video to show you how.

Master SEO is the one and only SEO video you need to get it going on.

#36 - Six Figure Blog Marketing (Resell Rights)

Six Figure Blog Marketing is the perfect audio download that shows you step by step how to write quality blogs and put them in front of your niche target audience for maximum gain.

There are so many pieces to the puzzle of succeeding in business online. This download uncovers the tips, tricks and proven strategies to help you build a killer blog on par with the super successful six figure marketers out there.

Most newbie business owners want to see results and this is the tool that delivers. In the world of marketing, blogging is the tried and tested avenue that simply works. When you create amazing content, the search engines are happy.

Great content gets ranked and over time, the more content you create, the better your rankings which means more traffic at your doorstep.

On top, there are multiple advertising streams available which the big players are implementing. This guide covers it all.

Six Figure Blog Marketing is the expert information source that gives you the power and confidence to take action with your online blogging business and create a solid platform and income stream for which to build success for the long term.

#37 - The Journey To Top Blogger (Resell Rights)

The Journey To Top Blogger is the expert ebook that gives you the information and industry tips to create your platform in blogging.

Step by step you will learn the process of what you need to do in order to capture the attention of your niche target audience.

Top bloggers have the authority online to draw attention with their quality blogs and this is what builds credibility and trust online. Everything you need is in this download.

When you have the knowledge of the techniques most essential to effective blogging, you will increase the demand for your blogs and that can be systematically translated into making more money.

If you know how to blog and better yet get your blog out on authority sites successfully, you will create a solid income stream.

Inside you will learn how to find and stay interconnected with the top online niches, the ones that are going to push you forward in business and rank.

#38 - The Journey To Top Blogger Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

The Journey To Top Blogger is the solution to tapping into your top niche market that’s going to drive the quality visitors to your pages and blog quickly and consistently.

If you want to succeed online you’ve got to have the qualified numbers and huge volume traffic being directed to your top quality pages.

This is the effective expert user-friendly tool to increase your visibility. That’s going to push your rank up, drive your brand recognition into the light, boost credibility, drive your on-page visitor time up, increase authority and push your conversions upward for top money gain.

 If you are serious about building your solid online platform and income streams you need the practical tools to help. It’s also important they are created for instant access even if you are a newbie in online internet business building and authority.

Everything you need to succeed is in this online video download and it takes just a few minutes to get you set up and running effectively.

The Journey To Top Blogger is your key to capturing and more importantly winning the direct attention of your niche target audience so you can build your online positive presence quickly and with trust, credibility and authority.

#39 - 100 SEO Tips

100 SEO Tips is the invaluable guide you need to get yourself noticed online. If you aren’t visible to your top niche paying traffic there is no way in hell you are going to make any money.

You just don’t have the tools or traffic to do it right. This e-book is your solution to boost your rank, drive qualified buyers to your door, increase your credibility, boost conversions, build your brand, and ultimately increase your profits so you can sing all the way to the bank, or your private island if you like.

The mind is a powerful thing and what you believe will become your reality if it’s true.

100 SEO Tips gives you the information you need to take action online and create your success.

#40 - SEO and PPC Ninja Calculator (Resell Rights)

SEO PPC PLR Ninja Calculator is the software you need to estimate the numbers that go hand in hand with running a successful business.

Earnings, costs, traffic, and rank, are all key factors you need to be up front aware of if you are looking to WIN with your online marketing blueprint and overall business strategy.

Making money takes discipline, planning, creativity, wise-owl thinking, a brilliant top rank niche, a superb marketing plan, and you’ve got to be high on top of your numbers.

This is the tool that gives you that with ease. Step by step you will learn how to walk your way through to excellence even if you are a crap-head at math. That’s got to be music to your ears.

SEO PPC PLR Ninja Calculator is your best move when you are tackling the numbers in business. 

#41 - SEO Spy (Resell Rights)

SEO Spy – Latest SEO Strategies That Will Land You On Page One is your take action guide to boost your visibility and soar straight to the top in the money department.

SEO is critical in making or breaking your business and what this guide does is offer up tactical information that will enable your page to climb the ranks and wind up on page one.

A dream come true for many. Top secrets of SEO are hidden within the pages of this book that are your key to FAST success. It’s just a matter of taking this information and plugging it in pronto.

SEO Spy – Latest SEO Strategies That Will Land You On Page One is the guide for you. 

#42 - Outsmart Your Competition with SEO

There’s no doubt the competition is crazy tough online and one of the only ways you’re going to succeed is to have the edge. One of these edges is learning SEO.

Search Engine Optimization means you are writing with strategic keywords to get the attention of the Google Crawlers and drive qualified traffic to your website.

Outsmart Your Competition With SEO shows you how to do this with strategic information and a take-action approach to launch you full force into action.

You will learn how to write to be seen and this gives you the opportunity to make money.

If you don’t know how to talk in the language of the people spending money on the internet you can’t possibly expect to score with your bank deposits.

This book educates you on how to write effectively so you can make all the money you deserve. Outsmart Your Competition With SEO because you deserve to smile in money.

#43 - Blog Profits Exposed

Blog Profits Exposed – Discover The Secrets Behind A Profitable Blog is your expert video that gives you all you need to DRIVE your profit forward big time and at a steady fast pace.

You see if you aren’t getting your tactical and alive blogs noticed on the internet, you just can’t ever expect to make them lucrative. And that’s where this splendid find comes in.

You are given the information needed to make your presence with established QUALITY base links that are going to push you up up and away.

Blogging is a fantastic way to build your authority and with a few key strategies to tap directly into the huge uplifting links of social media marketing you WILL sing Whistling Dixie all the way to the bank and then some.

Blog Profits Exposed – Discover The Secrets Behind A Profitable Blog is your quality authority blogging video that’s going to SHOW you how to take everything to the next level.

#44 - WordPress SEO 101 (Resell Rights)

WordPress SEO 101 – Get More Search Engine Traffic To Your WordPress Site is the perfect guide to help you drive your numbers up in the search engines, which means you’ve got the quality traffic to convert if you do it right.

Numbers are important with any online business but you’ve also got to think about the cream of the crop.

Do you want 100 random people visiting your site or 25 people that are serious about buying? I think you get the picture. This take action guide shows you how to drive your top niche audience to your wordpress site so they can give you their money.

This guide gets your foot in the door to creating your solid platform that’s only going to give you the know how and motivation to drive yourself straight to the top.

That’s where all the online big-wigs hang out. WordPress SEO 101 – Get More Search Engine Traffic To Your WordPress Site is the bomb when it come to creating your money making website. 

#45 - Blogging For Experts eClass (Resell Rights)

Blogging For Experts eClass – Learn How To Become An Expert In Any Niche Through Blogging is a wonderful and alive video tool that uncovers the excitement behind blogging and from there shows you how to tap into the money!

You only know what you know and if you don’t have the take-action information you need to tap into solid income social media streams with your quality blogs, there’s no way you can rake in the money you deserve. It’s just not possible.

This video knowledge is sweeter than popping a handful of raisins into your mouth and basking in the glory of sweetness. YUMMY! Online authority is the essence of creating a strong platform from which to build your fantabulously lucrative business platform.

Blogging For Experts eClass – Learn How To Become An Expert In Any Niche Through Blogging is your solution to getting noticed in blogging. 

#46 - SEO Tips For WordPress

SEO Tips For WordPress is the guide you need to take action with your SEO and maximize it in WordPress. SEO is only as effective as the knowledge behind it.

In other words, if you don’t know the quality high-ranking words people are typing in with their searches on any platform, then you will be sunk!

This guide gives you everything you need to succeed with your online marketing strategies to drive buying traffic to your site and product or service. From there you will start rolling in the money and establishing your online presence for solid networking and brand.

Everything you need to succeed is in this guide. SEO Tips For WordPress is a smart move for anyone trying to get noticed by the RIGHT people on WordPress!

#47 - Setting Up a WordPress Blog (Resell Rights)

A Beginners Guide To Setting Up A WordPress Blog – Easy Video Lessons is the take-action gem you need to get comfortable with WordPress so you can ROCK with authority and a solid online presence.

This easy to follow step by step video guide will take you by the hand and have you using WP like it’s a breeze. The power of this innovative and alive platform is EXCELLENT.

The key to you driving quality traffic to your product/service to buy! This of course builds your online presence, improves credibility, endorses brand, and transforms you magically from invisible to visible.

A magical moment for you and your business! Everything you need to know is right here at your fingertips. From there you will shoot up to the money stars and so much more.

A Beginners Guide To Setting Up A WordPress Blog – Easy Video Lessons is your simple and effective tool to launch your platform into the light.

#48 - The Traffic Handbook (Resell Rights)

In this guide which complements the Traffic Handbook video series, you’re going to learn how to really nail it right from the get go with your online business and get people coming to your site by the thousands.

You’ll learn about the importance of content marketing to generate a large audience, how to create great content that the search engines and people will love, building links to boost your site, understanding how to write for the search engines with the help of some great SEO plugins to make things easier, how to skyrocket your social media presence, how often you need to post to your blog or site, building your brand and boosting your online visibility, the best content that can grow your traffic and increase your sales, the right keywords to target and much more.

Building a successful website doesn’t simply happen in a few days. You need to have a real plan and a strategy, much like anyone starting a business.

This guide will be a real eye opener and will prepare you for success right from the gate so when you’re ready.

#49 - How To Communicate With Blog Users

How To Communicate With Blog Users Through Email is an awesome video that instructs you exactly how to tap into your solid blogging communities and draw them in with successful email campaigns.

This is a proven industry tool that has the ability to reach out and touch a deep and wide audience and from there you can build your online authority and trusted presence to secure visitors and continue this lucrative cycle.

If you don’t have the constant traffic looking for you there’s little chance you are ever going to succeed long-term with your online business dreams. So sad too bad!

It’s this video that’s going to give you an easy in to get started directing people to the cream of your crop so you can profit BIG TIME!

#50 - Instant Blog Profits (Resell Rights)

Instant Blog Profits takes you into a world where regular people have replaced their job incomes with successful blogs and then some. Many years back, nobody would’ve imagined what was possible online when it came to making money.

Over the years, as the internet reached the entire world and as the world seeks the internet for everything and anything nowadays, more and more people are making a living online from their sites and blogs by being the go-to people for information and solutions.

Although becoming a blogging sensation overnight is out of the question because it takes time and work to reach that level, with persistence you can make it big as you continue building your blog and increasing your audience.

There are no limits with blogging and some of the biggest bloggers out there have become millionaires. People who went in with nothing other than a laptop and a mouse have gone on to become huge in the blogging space.

If you’re looking to make some passive income or a lot more, then you need to grab this video right now.

You’ll know what’s possible once you realize that blogging is a way of life for many marketers and dreams can really come true if you’re committed. Instant Blog Profits is the key to the future you desire.

#51 - Blogging Boss (Resell Rights)

Blogging Boss – Proven Strategies To Generating Premium Traffic For Free is the perfect tool to help you boost rank with your quality blog and drive top niche traffic to your website to build your platform strong.

Blogging is one of the easiest routes for you to tap into the traffic so you can build your brand quickly and effectively.

In this ebook you will learn how to step by step take control of your online traffic and increase your numbers and conversions systematically.

Blogging is cost effective and when you use quality blogging correctly, the traffic will steadily increase to your website. There are millions of professional online bloggers that make good money.

People are information thirsty and that’s what makes blogging such an effective online marketing tool. One that will help you build your solid online presence and platform to create your lucrative income stream.

Blogging Boss – Proven Strategies To Generating Premium Traffic For Free is a key information source that will help you use blogging to your advantage quickly.

#52 - Traffic Secrets Unleashed (Resell Rights)

In this 12 part video series, you’re going to learn 5 powerfully effective ways in getting great traffic for your business. That’s not just traffic for the sake of it. But actual targeted traffic where people are very interested in what you’re selling.

You’ll discover how to get thousands of people to your site through Tweets and Facebook Shares. You’ll also learn how to drive traffic through content distribution platforms, how to utilize the power of ad networks like a pro which has several hundred million users across hundreds of sites and much more.

If you want to survive in the online world then you need traffic. A great website is as good as dead if nobody is there to notice it much like a castle in a desert.

There’s no use using your time and resources in building your online castle when you’re in a virtual wasteland and nobody is seeing what you have to offer. To make it to the top, you have to know how to make use of all the many traffic-generating resources.

This video series covers how to go big with your business and get your piece of that billion dollar pie. So when you’re ready, make it happen.

#53 - The Internet Marketer’s Toolkit (Resell Rights)

The Internet Marketer’s Toolkit – All The Skills You Need To Be A Highly Successful Internet Marketer is the optimal guide to take you from the basics to the advanced level so you can have the fundamentals, proper mindset and complete confidence to go large with your online marketing ventures.

This course lays out everything you’ll need to know if you want to not just survive but thrive in the world of online marketing.

You’ll learn the basics even without much experience, how to transition from the idea stage to the real world, how to market yourself and your business, learning all the necessary tools and more.

You’ll also understand the science and evolution of the web, various paid platforms available to you, search engine optimization, different marketing strategies, writing exceptional content, writing for customers, creating cool logos and designs, building your brand, developing a great website, how to photograph like a pro, recording videos, and much much more.

#54 - Traffic Generation Broadcaster

Traffic Generation Broadcaster – Digital Training Course is one of the most elite and quality step by step guides online today to show you how to succeed in generating traffic fast.

Traffic is everything! Without it no business survives. But generating traffic is a skill and if you don’t know what you’re doing or how to bring traffic to your business, you’re best to hire a company to do it for you. But fear not because everything can be learned with a little reading.

There are many avenues for gaining traffic although everyone craves organic traffic which comes naturally through the search engines. With this guide, you will become an expert fast and people will be coming to you to tap into your brain – and that’s fantabulous!

There are people who learned how to generate traffic merely through watching YouTube videos and doing basic Google research.

So don’t worry yourself because you can learn how to do it all yourself and become an expert all the same. This guide certainly will get you going.

Traffic Generation Broadcaster – Digital Training Course is your perfect solution.

#55 - Traffic Exchanges (Resell Rights)

Traffic Exchanges is a plr audio product which delves into the world of traffic exchange which is primarily a system or platform used to gain quick traffic rather than building a business from scratch and organically gaining traffic the hard way.

A lot of marketers look for opportunities to take shortcuts so they can build their audience quicker.

Obviously building a business which over time gains traffic through natural means is the way to go but there are some effective methods out there where you can network and exchange traffic with others who are in a similar market or industry.

If you’re in a hurry or you don’t have the patience to build your audience from the ground up, then you definitely should download this video.

You’ll gain a ton of insight on the power of traffic exchange platforms, where to find them and how they can benefit you in a hurry.

#56 - Flipping Paradise

FlippingParadise – Wouldn’t It Be Cool If You Could Build WordPress Blogs is the dynamite guide you need to build functional and alive WordPress blogs to build rank, boost online presence, and create the positive traffic flow you need to succeed.

WordPress blogs are popular and alive in the world of online today.

They are simple to create with this guide and when you learn how to tap into your niche market with it the sky really is the limit.

With this step by step approach you will reach the top in no time. FlippingParadise – Wouldn’t It Be Cool If You Could Build WordPress Blogs is your first class ticket to direct sales exposure elite!

#57 - 24 Top Secret Traffic Sources

If you’re running a website or any online business then you obviously know that nothing can happen without traffic. Not just traffic but targeted traffic.

The best type of traffic is organic which means as you build out your site and put up a ton of fresh unique content, you receive targeted traffic over time. But there are many other avenues available to gain an audience.

Some of the largest platforms include social media, paid ads, forums and a lot more. This video touches on those traffic sources which you may or may not have known about.

This pack consists of 24 quality videos that will reveal the more secretive sources out there for you to boost your business further up once you discover these sources.

Every little while there are new avenues and platforms that come about which allow website owners to explore and find an audience. But it takes a little bit of digging to find those sources.

#58 - Beginner’s Guide To Profitable Blogging

Blogging is one of those things that can make you some decent coin if you know how to do it. Beginner’s Guide To Profitable Blogging takes you behind the scenes of blogging to show you exactly what you need to do to make your writing time lucrative.

By learning online marketing strategies and how to take advantage of those delicious social media platforms out there you WILL learn how to make money fast!

There are all sorts of varying factors that determine whether or not your blogging can be successful in the income department. This guide covers them all and then some.

Armed with this information you will be able to tap into the top paying niches and drive quality traffic to your door. From there you will have the skills to generate conversions beyond your wildest imagination.

Beginner’s Guide To Profitable Blogging is waiting for you to unfold today.

#59 - Partner Blogging

Traffic Exchanges is a plr audio product which delves into the world of traffic exchange which is primarily a system or platform used to gain quick traffic rather than building a business from scratch and organically gaining traffic the hard way.

A lot of marketers look for opportunities to take shortcuts so they can build their audience quicker.

Obviously building a business which over time gains traffic through natural means is the way to go but there are some effective methods out there where you can network and exchange traffic with others who are in a similar market or industry.

If you’re in a hurry or you don’t have the patience to build your audience from the ground up, then you definitely should download this video.

You’ll gain a ton of insight on the power of traffic exchange platforms, where to find them and how they can benefit you in a hurry.

#60 - 100K Google Adsense Blueprint

100K Adsense Blueprint is your solution to understanding and taking action with Adsense to build your 6 figure income fast. This master guide outlines the basics to understanding and implementing the information that gets you results.

Master gurus in the industry use Adsense tactics to improve their online presence, build their brand, and drive traffic to their product or website.

This qualified traffic is your golden ticket to making the money you want, need, and deserve. Residual income is the goal and Adsense is your ticket in. You will learn how to create a strong platform from which you can effectively build your business.

With the tools you need to tap into the zillions of dollars within the social media circuit, where people are looking to spend their money and just have to see you so they can give it to you.

Adsense is all the rage and this 100K Adsense blueprint will take you straight to the top if you’re ready.

#1 - Blogging Traffic System

Blogging Traffic System is your perfect step forward if you are looking to build your high rank through premium blogging. You see when you have all the tactical information you need to drive straight to the top in your online business, you will succeed.

What matters is what you do with your clear-cut plan. This means taking action which will ensure that you will beat the competition to a pulp and move forward positively from there.

As a blogger, you work your own hours, you create your own brand and make your voice hear and you have the freedom to write about whatever you wish provided there’s an audience willing to listen. And if you play your cards right, the audience will be there for you.

Blogging is the thing and more and more people are finding tremendous success through this incredibly reward avenue.

All the tactical take action steps you need are right here for the taking when you are ready to make the move. No doubt, blogging is VIP if you are looking to get recognized online as I said – and this is the e-book that will make it work for you if you are willing.

Blogging Traffic System is your wise-owl move today and when you are ready to climb straight to the top this is the move you need to make pronto. Take action today if you are serious about building and succeeding in your blogging venture.

#2 - Resell Rights To Unbreakable Links

As Google changes, so does SEO practices. What worked yesterday may not work today when it comes to ranking websites. But there is one thing thing that will never die and that’s the power of backlinks.

Content and backlinks are the two most powerful components in ranking a website for the biggest keywords.

When you gain link juice from a big site, that signals to Google that your site must be pretty relevant and thus you get rewarded.

Backlinks power up your authority and help to get you more exposure and a larger targeted audience. Unbreakable Backlinks is one of the best guides to help familiarize you with the power and effectiveness of present-day backlinking and how to build powerful backlinks to ignite and grow your online business or website.

You’ll learn how to create a proper structure of links and powerful link campaigns. The days of throwing out a bunch of links from numerous low quality sources are a thing of the past. These days it’s all about quality.

Even a single link from a massively popular blog is worth more than a hundred low quality links from a bunch of junk sites.

On top, you will learn about how to make your content linkable, best practices to follow, do-follow and no-follow links, link location and link to content ratio, buying and exchanging links, content marketing, social media, infographics and much more.

#3 - How To Use Your Blog To Generate Leads

How To Use Your Blog To Generate Leads is a tactical user-friendly straight as an arrow guide that’s going to give you the clear and concise step by step strategy to build your on-page authority leads monstrously powerful with a simple top quality blog.

Easy peasy when you are finished with this expert e-book. Everything you need to get your website noticed is right here for the taking once you understand the purpose of the blog and its benefits which are covered in this guide.

This is the stuff the gurus use to drive their online exposure positively through the roof. 

#4 - Traffic & Conversion Secrets

If you really want to get an expert’s take on how to go about gaining conversions from your traffic then this is the download for you.

You will discover over a 4 part audio tutorial exactly how to up your commissions from your traffic and how to keep the wheels turning while growing your website. Success is as much about working smart as it is about working hard.

Hard work is often rewarded but if you’re going down the wrong path towards a dead end, then hard work won’t be of much use. This audio will get you on the right path and deliver the goods once you’re ready. Traffic & Conversion Secrets awaits.

#5 - WP Blog Book Plugin

Blog Book – Instant Blog To Ebook is a fantastic simplistic application that will show you how to take your quality blog and instantly transform it into a top notch niche ebook. A dream come true for many.

This app makes it simple easy for you to get results and when you are getting results that means you’re climbing to the top of Money Mountain faster than ever.

Money is great but online success is better. Just because that means you are rolling in the money without limitations. Which means you can make more and more and more money and nobody can stop you.

This tool gives you that power and control and from there you really have no choice but to win.

Blog Book – Instant Blog To Ebook is your solution to building a solid income stream that will last the rest of your days.

#6 - Newbie Traffic System (Resell Rights)

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing site and those who know how to implement video-sharing as part of their marketing campaigns are doing amazingly well in building their business and establishing their brand.

What makes YouTube so powerful is that the audience is already there…waiting…and they are looking everyday for brand new content in just about every topic imaginable. 

If you’re running a business and still haven’t utilized YouTube as part of your campaigns and SEO efforts then this is the video you need right now.

You will learn how to generate free traffic from various video sharing sites, social sites, tutorial sites, blogs, forums, and numerous other sites.

You’ll also learn how to reach a new audience through press releases, traffic exchanges, and other avenues. Newbie Traffic System is the optimal video course you’ve been waiting for. 

#7 - Set And Forget Blog Booster System (Resell Rights)

The Set-And-Forget Blog Booster System – How To Triple Your WP Blog Traffic & Income On Autopilot is the top secret take action guide you’ve been waiting for that’s going to take your WP blog to the next Galaxy.

Everything you need to drive your traffic up, conversions through the roof, and absolute credibility harder than rocks, is in this guide.

The system you will learn is automated, effective, and alive. And when you plug it in you will see how to triple your top niche traffic and drive in the money.

How can you possibly pass this up? You can’t and when you grab this guide and start learning you are going to get excited and ultimately successful in the money department.

#8 - 30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint

30 Day Blog Launch Blueprint – How To Launch Your Authority Blog In Just 30 Days Or Less is the one and only take action guide you will ever need to send your blogging mastery to the next level.

Blogging is an awesome route to consistent income and when you are looking for that avenue that’s going to direct your fingers to the money, this is it! It doesn’t have to take forever and with this step by step guide you have the power and know-how to get inspired and get successful fast.

You will learn what tactics work and how to apply so you can see that your efforts are rewarded and then some.

Money has an awesome way of inspiring people. Gotta love it.

#9 - Google Adsense For Blogs

One of the easiest ways to earn a decent income online with your blog is through Google’s Adsense program. It’s a super simple platform to set up and a very powerful one. You simply insert the code on your pages and targeted advertisements pop up.

Anytime a user clicks on an ad, you get paid. Blogs that generate a lot of traffic tend to do really well with Adsense. Especially blogs in popular niches where advertisers are paying some big bucks to get their ads shown.

There’s no real work needed on your end other than to continue creating great content on your blog and continue generating traffic.

The Adsense monetization method has been one of the most exceptional business platforms since the birth of online marketing. Many people use their blogs to sell courses or products.

Adsense is another income model that is widely implemented by bloggers and site owners. Who can say no to an extra stream of revenue?

This guide lays it all out on how to get yourself approved and set up through your own blog and make some really good money through the Adsense program. It’s also important to follow the guidelines and rules.

This book is definitely one you need so you can cover your bases and be alert to the current rules along with knowing how to monetize your site with Adsense to the utmost for the most amount of revenue.

#10 - Blog Post Optimizer (Resell Rights)

Blog Post Optimizer gives you quality information that’s going to show everything you need to know to get your blogs noticed.

Even if you have top quality information, if you don’t have the heavily guarded tools in your back pocket about how to optimize your blogs technically, then you really have nothing!

Never fear because this guide takes the knowledge from the blogging gurus and shows you how to apply it. SEO is what it’s all about and it’s really not that difficult to understand after reading this top notch book.

With this invaluable time-saving information you WILL be able to get your message across to your niche target audience and that means you succeed!

Blog Post Optimizer is the tool you need for any degree of blogging.

#11 - Keyword Tool Tip Software

Keyword Tooltip is the neat and discreet software tool that enables you to easily and with savvy style capture the undivided attention of your audience through images, hyperlinks, specialty icons, and more.

No doubt you need hoards of constant niche visitors if you are going to break the bank and that means you’ve got to have the tip-top keywords and ability to insert them into your content.

That’s your best route to get noticed. Not an easy feat if you aren’t an expert in SEO or social media marketing. Fear not because this is the take action tool you need to get it done and get it done right.

Keyword optimization with ease of automation so you don’t have to worry about missing the mark.

Keyword Tooltip is all you need when you want to get visible fast.

#12 - Gold Spinner Software

Gold Spinner Software creates top niche articles for you and your website instantaneously with ease. This means you don’t have to create them or waste money trying to buy them and recreate them yourself. That’s freakin crazy nuts!

This is an invaluable tool that has stood the test of time. A diamond in the rough for you when content is and always will remain QUEEN.

If you don’t have quality SEO content on your website, in your blogs and articles, and in any other content you wish to reach out and share with the awaiting world, then you are sunk to the bottom of the deep blue sea and there you will stay forever. It’s true!

If you want to win online with your networking business and build up that credibility factor you need to build authority, boost rank, and drive buyers to your doorstep, 

#13 - Resell Rights To Blog Theme Generator

Blog Theme Generator – Instantly Create Exclusive Niche Blog Themes is an excellent little piece of Heaven that’s going to give you piece of mind and help you save oodles of hours searching for that top niche blog theme. It’s really a hit and miss game if you are doing it blind.

What this software program does is give you a pick from the cream of the crop so you really can’t go wrong. There really is no use blogging if you aren’t targeting that top niche audience online.

Sort of like writing while you are sitting in the dark and nobody can ever in a zillion years find you. SOLUTION – To START with a top niche SEO savvy blog theme that’s got the intrinsic ability to get you noticed.

From there it’s your location and fantabulous blog content that will take you straight to the top. This software gives you the opportunity to get noticed FAST. Which is a dream come true in the online world.

#14 - F11 Blogging System (Resell Rights)

F11 Blogging System shows you how to take action with an effective and alive blog so you will never ever be invisible again online.

If you can’t be seen online you are nothing and it’s not just a matter of posting that gets you noticed. Not even close. You need to know how to blog in order to tap into your target audience, boost your numbers, and get your name on the plate.

This video delivers that knowledge to you center stage so you have the power to rise straight to the top and higher. You will know how to rinse and repeat with this proven system so you can multiply your blogging effect and income.

It really doesn’t get much better than that. If you want to win you’ve got to take action to do it and never look back. And if you don’t want money then you are grabbing the wrong video because this one is all about the money.

#15 - Resell Rights To Magic Guru Squeeze Software

Magic Guru Squeeze Software is a simple and gynormously effective online software programming tool that makes it super easy for you to create your squeeze pages professionally and with focus.

With just a few clicks you are able to build a visually savvy squeeze page that’s only going to help you build up your online presence and create a top niche reputation pool you can tap into for profits that are going to stick around for the long haul.

There’s ZIPPO need to pay an online SEO webmaster guru oodles of bucks to create these temporary pages for you when this simple software system does it all for a fraction of the cost! Not to mention the fact that YOU are in control of it all and can actually SEE the proven results pronto.

Magic Guru Squeeze Software is a no brainer move if you are looking to effectively make money online with very little effort and a whole whack of clever.

#16 - SEO And Tracking (Resell Rights)

SEO is a powerful yet confusing thing to many people who run websites. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization and involves a series of techniques which helps your website to rank in the search engines so that people will find it.

The purpose of this 6 part video course is not to teach you everything related to SEO but to help you understand certain processes which you will come across in the development of your website or blog. Some of what you’ll learn include shortening

your affiliate links, using related posts to guide your users in finding other relevant content, using big sites in your niche to help your rankings, making use of RSS, feed syndication, installing Google Analytics and more.

This is a powerful video which you want to definitely check out. As a blogger or a website owner, SEO is part of the deal in your road to success so the more information you can soak up, the better.

#17 - Advanced Traffic Blueprint (Resell Rights)

Good quality and consistent content ensures Google will rate your site well while proper SEO will ensure that Google will give your site more attention when ranking your site for its keywords.

But on top of content and SEO, you need to find as many traffic sources as possible to get traction for your site and grow it to its fullest potential.

Waiting for things to happen organically can be a headache so you don’t want to be waiting around for Google to work its magic for you. Every serious marketer needs to put in the hours.

In this 10 video course, you’ll learn how to gain traffic through powerful avenues like YouTube, Solo Ads, Forums, and Udemy.

You’ll also learn about how to utilize each platform to its fullest and gain a got lot of targeted traffic. Advanced Traffic Blueprint is an essential video course to get you going fast.

#18 - Blogging Mastermind

Blogging Mastermind is where it’s at when you are looking to maximize online exposure with very little effort!

This guide shows you how to add high quality content to draw in your new subscribers who are looking to spend money in whatever niche you are focused on.

WordPress is a free open source platform so you don’t have to worry about forking over the money to make money!

Blogging with qualified SEO and keyword writing is your magical key to captivating those pesky Google Crawlers and drawing qualified people to your website.

It doesn’t take that long and is highly effective. And the great news is you can do it yourself if you have the right information to get you started!

This guide has everything you need to understand how the rankings work online and what you need to have in your blogs to make them effective. From there you just need to start blogging!

#19 - Content Syndication PLR Videos (Resell Rights)

Content Syndication is the proven expert online video tool that gives you the information and power to tap into your top chosen niche for maximized profit gain through the power of content marketing and publishing.

There’s no question that quality content rules. This is the tool that shows you how to maximize your keyword SEO content to gain the attention of your target audience quickly.

One of the most direct routes to build authority online is through expert quality writing and this is the video download that shows you how tap into your niche audience and build the authority you need to succeed online.

Some of the good stuff you can expect to get a solid grasp on includes article marketing, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Press Releases and a whole lot more. There’s a ton of platforms for you to publish your content and get it going viral.

Content Syndication is the solution to creating instant quality online content for maximized visibility and profit gain.

#20 - Blogging For Profits

Blogging For Profits – How To Earn Profits With Your Very Own Niche Blog is a specialty video that shows you how to tap into blogs for profit with ease.

Blogging is fun and informational and a great way to capture the undivided attention of your audience when you do it right.

This video just takes what you are already doing and makes it fantabulously lucrative. Making money with your own blog is a dream come true for many that grab this short and effective video tutorial.

A WONDERFUL route to make your purse sing and relieve all that nasty bill pressure many of us spend a lifetime dealing with. This is the video you need to create your solid income stream that’s going to make you super happy FAST.

Blogging For Profits – How To Earn Profits With Your Very Own Niche Blog is the a SMART move for you TODAY.

#21 - Surefire Keyword Goldmine (Resell Rights)

Surefire Keyword Goldmine is the awesome and alive tactical hands-on video that will uncover those specialty connector keywords Google Crawlers are searching for.

You see when you have these word goldmines throughout your website you increase your online presence and start drawing in that specialty buying traffic. And it’s these keywords that are going to take you directly to the tiptop of your goldmine to make lots of money FAST!

These strategy niche words uncovered are invaluable in your blogging, articles, website content and any other social media marketing magical platform you reach out to try and touch.

You can’t guess with these words because they are active and precise and if you are skipping out on them you WILL slip back into the dark.

Surefire Keyword Goldmine is your online video that’s going to move you up to the next level of your online business success ASAP by getting noticed.

#22 - Niche Keyword Encyclopedia

Find your specific keywords and hot niches for over 650 custom niches with Niche Keyword Encyclopedia! Eliminate the time wasted in pitching to the wrong target market, making it easier for you to zone in on the best niche market and keywords for you.

With optimized keywords you get a free pass to your buying audience. If you want to successfully make money online you need to get visible and the Niche Keyword Encyclopedia will show you how to shine.

It doesn’t matter whether you are writing non-fiction e-books, SEO for your refrigerator sales website, or looking to reach out and touch the world by blogging, you MUST have the right keywords and niche to get started.

With a solid niche word platform in your industry or business you have the tools to make lots of money fast.

It’s time to get the attention of those Google crawlers with this Niche Keyword Encyclopedia. An essential tool in any online success!

#23 - Blog Operations (Resell Rights)

Blog Operations is an introductory guide that explains in detail what blogs are all about and how to maximize the effectiveness of blogs in your business.

You write blogs for a reason right? Blogging is a simple route to deliver quality information to your select target audience and gain trust and authority. Some people just blog because they want to educate people on a topic they have deep knowledge about.

But most people blog because they are trying to capture the attention of a niche audience to ultimately convince them to buy their product or service. Blogging is a way to educate and build the trust essential to establishing any sort of solid online relationship.

Inside you will learn how to write effective blogs with top quality content. You will also learn about the tips and tricks and proven strategies to write creative blogs and market them properly.

Tapping into solid social media streams is one route to maximize the effectiveness of your quality blogs and make it work for you.

#24 - Free Traffic Source

Free Traffic Source is the quick take-action today video that’s going to show you how to find that top niche traffic and dive into it.

This is going to boost your authority and credibility, build your brand stronger, and boost rank so you make more money faster with concrete and alive conversions. What a wonderful way to start your day!

This video is easy to follow and makes sure you have everything you need to be successful in whatever top niche you choose.

You will learn how to use your authority SEO blogging and social media platform connections to gain online credibility and trust and from there the sky is the limit in the money-making department. 

#25 - Easy Authority Blog (Resell Rights)

One of the many problems that bloggers face is their desire first and foremost to be millionaires rather than trying to build a community and letting things move organically.

Most of the big bloggers out there became successful by chance because they knew little about monetization. They simply wanted to help people more than anything and solve problems.

With the right attitude, you can do wonders as a blogger. Your goal should first be to become an authority and everything else will fall into place.

If you’re ready to move forward, this is the course you want.

#26 - Search Engine Optimization Strategies Part-1

Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Part 1 is your first step towards understanding what you need to do to get noticed online.

To build your trust and recognition factor to drive quality traffic to your website or product or service. What most people don’t understand is that SEO is crazy important in the big game of sales online.

By SEO optimizing your blogs, descriptions and content you will open the door to opportunity and huge sales.

This book takes you through the key concepts step by step to set you up for success. So you will understand EXACTLY what needs to be done so you can apply it and soar!

Search Engine Optimization – Part 1 is the critical guide you need to be successful online in any business. 

#27 - Search Engine Optimization Strategies Part-2

Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Part 2 – Gather Continuous Traffic To Your Niche Sites To Rake In An Endless Stream Of Passive Income is a spectacular take action guide that shows you in plain English how to use effective SEO to drive buying traffic to your website in flocks.

You will learn what Search Engine Optimization is and how to make your business shine with it. Increasing your brand, boosting credibility, driving conversion rates up, and ultimately directing top niche visitors to your site to make oodles of money are just a few things SEO tactics will do for you. Sounds pretty fabulous doesn’t it?

Search Engine Optimization Strategies – Part 2 – Gather Continuous Traffic To Your Niche Sites To Rake In An Endless Stream Of Passive Income your direct ticket to passing GO and collecting thousands of dollars.

#28 - Biz Blog Basics

Biz Blog Basics – Make Your Blog Your Online Hub is one of those ebooks you just don’t want to pass by.

Seriously, everything you want, need, and desire is right here for your brain when it comes to expert blogging and application directly to your niche target audience.

FACT – If you aren’t writing to your buying audience you might as well be knitting in the bathtub – useless! Inside you will uncover deep dark seductively secret facts that will make your blogging a dream come to life.

All you’ve got to do is make your move when you are ready.

Biz Blog Basics – Make Your Blog Your Online Hub is your take action guide to succeed. 

#29 - Blog Content Template Guide

The Blog Content Template Guide For 2016 is your top solution for boosting sales by making every one of your blogs super easy successful.

These simple fill in the blank blogs make it easy to deliver your message across numerous platforms without missing that serious connection with your target audience.

If you are looking to save money and make your audience ache to read your blog start to finish, this is the guide for you. With a proven template in your hands you will have no choice but to succeed with all your blogging.

It doesn’t get much better than that. No doubt blogging is the straight up direct route to the money online.

#30 - Easy Blog Boosters (Resell Rights)

Easy Blog Boosters – 5 Day Crash Course on learning the ins and outs of fantabulous blogging so you can make money quick and easily!

This information gives you the take action information you need to apply and win in the money department.

First up, the world of blogging is incredibly competitive. Which means you need to find your niche to win. And that’s exactly what this book teaches you.

To locate and harness the true potential value of top notch niches so you can turn a profit fast. From there the sky is the limit.

#31 - Authority Blog Success

Authority Blog Success – Creating Blog Profits With Simple Methods is your perfect guide to capture the rich attention of your top niche markets so you can make oodles of money with your blogging.

There is just so much hidden potential with blogging online that you will literally freak out. This guide will direct and inform you with up-to-date information that’s going to get you excited to make money fast.

Proven tactics and strategies will help you create your business plan that will send you straight to the top with your authority blogging.

It’s all about knowing how to apply your newfound knowledge and this elite guide shows you how!

Authority Blog Success – Creating Blog Profits With Simple Method is the exact guide you need for online blogging success. 

#32 - Social Media Massacre SEO (Resell Rights)

SMM Search Engine Optimization – How To Use Social Media Massacre To Take Your SEO To The Next Level & How To Rank Content Quickly And Efficiently Using Google is the awesome and alive tactical tool YOU need to create a successful online business FAST!

Social media marketing is the key to creating HUGE sales. And this video has the ability to shoot your rank straight up where the higher your numbers the better with anything online.

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power and this video gives you the power to succeed in your online master authority business so you make the money you want, need, and deserve, QUICKLY! Secrets are good and uncovering top SEO secrets is even better!

SMM Search Engine Optimization – How To Use Social Media Massacre To Take Your SEO To The Next Level & How To Rank Content Quickly And Efficiently Using Google is your WISE-OWL tool to succeed. 

#33 - Boost Your Website Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business as you may already know. And those who have a ton of traffic, especially targeted traffic, are most likely thriving in their business.

No matter how great your site looks or how much you’ve invested in getting everything looking just right, a site with zero traffic is worth nothing if it’s not being seen.

You’re going to discover the many different and effective traffic-generating methods available to you, from paid to free, so you can have a real business that’s working for you and making you a profit.

You’ll learn about SEO so you can optimize your site for targeted keywords and phrases to attract organic traffic.

You’ll also learn about creating quality content, how to make the most of social media, how to implement guest blogging, forum links, email marketing and much more.

When you’re done, you’ll be ready to go full-speed with your online business and ready to make waves. 

#34 - Local SEO Leverage

SEO involves an ever-changing clump of crazy algorithms made by Google on a day to day basis with the intention of bringing only the most quality and engaging websites to the forefront which users will benefit from.

SEO is all about patience and implementing proper white hat tactics to get top keyword rankings to pull in organic targeted traffic. If you have a website selling cupcakes, you want to pull in customers who are actually looking to buy cupcakes. 

In this guide, you’re going to learn everything that’s truly working as we speak in the SEO game. It’s not anywhere near as hard as you’d imagine. If you pay attention to the basics, it all makes sense.

There’s a lot of great stuff in this tremendously well-written guide including a few additional perks like lead magnets, squeeze pages, download pages, graphics, email series and more should you want to spread the knowledge and build up your list.

#35 - Clickbank Blogging (Resell Rights)

Product reviews are a significant cash cow for many bloggers. When bloggers build an audience over time, they build trust with their audience.

Their followers are more trusting of the products that are put out there which is why it’s important to ensure that you’re promoting only the highest quality products in the marketplace.

Clickbank is one place if not the best place to promote products to your list members. What makes Clickbank so great is that there are products in so many different niches. At the same time, it’s important to promote quality to your list instead of every run of the mill product you find.

In this guide, you’re going to learn the important elements of review blogging and promoting the best products from Clickbank.

You’ll learn how to create killer headlines for your blog posts, how to get your readers’ reaching for their wallets, how to use images to add real spark to your blog posts, how to build real backlinks within your site to get it rising in the rankings and much more.

Review blogging is no joke and when combined with the monstrous affiliate products on Clickbank, you’re in a position to make big bank like many super marketers out there. 

#36 - Traffic Is King

Traffic Is King identifies 6 free traffic strategies. Understand that nothing happens online without traffic! Even if you are fresh off the turnip truck, you know that!

What many people don’t understand is that it doesn’t have to cost bundles of money to drive traffic to your site. And you really don’t need to sacrifice your life saving on an SEO guru to systematically send qualified buyers your way.

And between you and I, more often than not they drive oodles of traffic to your site but it’s random people that aren’t interested in your product or service.

Top of the line marketers are using the strategies you’re going to learn successfully.

In this take-action guide you will also learn how to apply this new knowledge to get results FAST! Traffic Is King is where you wanna be when it comes to capitalizing on with online marketing tactics.

#37 - Traffic Machine

Traffic Machine – 5 Powerful Strategies To Increase Website Traffic is your number one guide to elevating your site’s web presence and getting a surge of constant and consistent traffic coming in.

Many website owners become frustrated with the lack of Google love and see little to no traffic after all the trouble taken in building their sites.

This guide lays out all the must-know information that will help you to get your site running like a freight train and bringing in massive hordes of targeted traffic.

You’ll discover the importance of creating awesome content, how to use Google Analytics to inspect and improve your content, making great use of social media to grow your audience and engagement, how to create great backlinks and so much more.

#38 - Generating Online Visitors

Organic traffic doesn’t just happen in a day after launching a new online business. It takes a few months for the search engines to crawl your site, understand your content, and begin moving your site up the rankings for any number of targeted keywords.

The goal for every online business owner is to think long term. Of course, there are also many powerful short term traffic generation methods available. And that’s where this guide comes into play.

You will learn both how to get visitors quickly and over the long haul. Organic visitors are always the best when it comes to running a real long-term business.

But at the same time, you want to gain traction from the get go and you will learn how in this powerful guide.

Every new company faces those challenges and it’s ideal to work on building the brand, understanding your market, optimizing content for keywords and much more. You’ll be getting the information you need to move on the up

#39 - Traffic Now PLR Ebook (Resell Rights)

There are many things required in order to get you noticed in a sea of competitors on the web. This guide lays it all out and helps you to understand what methods are working in modern day SEO and what methods aren’t.

You’ll learn about how to study your competitors who are taking the top ranking spots and how you can emulate them and surpass them.

If you’re ready to discover the real-life practical methods of gaining traffic to your site and making it into your personal ATM.

#40 - Blogging Quickstart

Blogging Quickstart is the perfect beginner ebook to help you understand the steps essential to setting yourself up quickly to start blogging.

Whether you are doing it for personal reasons or business, this is the guide that delivers the expert knowledge required to succeed in all levels of blogging.

Fact – Blogging is a super hot marketing tactic. It’s a method that can so easily reach out and qualify your business with your intended target audience.

Blogs when done effectively will help drive qualified traffic to your website, boost credibility, strengthen your brand, improve visibility, increase conversions and make you more money.

Quality blogging can be used to tap into the social media streams and that’s where you’ll find the numbers you need to make your online presence known. If you are sitting in the dark you can’t expect the buying top niche traffic to find you.

Blogging Quickstart has your answers. It’s a proven powerhouse method to taking your business to new heights. 

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