Facebook™ Marketing Bonuses

#1 - Modern Facebook Marketing (Resell Rights)

Facebook most importantly understands user-behaviour and can advertise to you based on your likes and interests.

In this guide you will understand from A to Z the power of Facebook marketing, how to advertise and promote on Facebook and a lot more. This guide focuses on giving you the very best promotional methods in that are used by advanced marketers.

You’ll discover the true power of Facebook including page/group marketing, influencer outreach, paid marketing campaigns and how to boost your ads, paid traffic marketing campaigns, lead generation campaigns, pixel retargeting campaigns, advertisement optimization and basically everything that involves Facebook so that you’ll be a Jedi by the end of it.

If you really haven’t managed to hit your stride yet in your campaigns and still are feeling like you’re chasing your own tail then you need to download this guide right away.

You can get the full Modern Facebook Marketing video series which accompanies this guide. 

#2 - Modern Facebook Marketing Video Upgrade

This is incredibly beneficial for marketers who promote products and services through social media as they have the opportunity to target their content and optimize ads to a specific market of customers. That’s what has made Facebook Ads such a powerful advertising tool for many business owners and marketers.

In this 12 volume video series which is an upgrade from the Modern Facebook Marketing Ebook, you are going to learn how to do Facebook marketing like a master marketer.

The potential is so incredibly massive that it would be insane for you to not consider incorporating Facebook into your marketing efforts.

If you’re still not sure about it, this course will help you get up to speed very quickly. You will learn about common Facebook marketing mistakes, the most effective ways to market on Facebook, how to utilize group marketing, the power of influencers, building incredible marketing campaigns, Facebook pixel retargeting campaigns and much more.

If you’re serious about your business then Facebook is one avenue you definitely want to explore and you will understand exactly how to make it work for you with this course.

#3 - Tips For Marketing On Facebook (Resell Rights)

Tips For Marketing Your Business On Facebook is the tool you need to help you increase conversions, drive more quality traffic to your business and product, and make certain you gain the exposure you need to win in business.

Facebook is one of those online social media platforms you just can’t ignore. It’s gynormously powerful and the proof is in the pudding with all the successful mega businesses that use it today to gain authority and win.

Every legitimate or aspiring business/company needs to have a Facebook page nowadays because of the amazing reach and audience engagement that comes with it.

A social media following is monstrous for your brand and as you grow your following, so will your brand grow naturally.

Tips For Marketing Your Business On Facebook is the next download you need to make today.

#4 - Facebook Groups Unleashed

Facebook Groups is all about building a powerful community which elevates your company considerably to get it blowing past your competitors.

In this video course which complements the Facebook Groups Unleashed ebook, you’re going to discover the true power and benefits of Facebook Groups.

Some people try their hand and then give up after a few days when feeling their getting nowhere. This course will guide you throughout to ensure you get your Facebook Group off and running the right way.

You’ll learn how to grow and manage your Facebook Group, avoiding common mistakes made by other Group owners, the massive amount of benefits in running a Facebook Group, increasing engagement, setting up for your business and much more.

If you haven’t made use of this incredible rewarding tool then you’re missing out huge in growing your business and brand.

People who love a business and its message and who can get in direct contact with business owners are far more likely to spread the word about that business and share it with others.

#5 - WP Facebook Quiz Creator (Resell Rights)

WP Facebook Quiz Creator is the expert WP plugin that creates effective and entertaining online Facebook quizzes that are going to capture the attention of your niche target audience with just a few simple clicks of the mouse.

This neat little plugin will enable you to challenge your users in a friendly manner so they keep on coming back for more. With this you build solid trust and online recognition and that’s only the beginning.

Facebook is one of the most powerful online social media marketing platforms? You most likely already know that which means you have an incredible avenue at your feet.

This also means that if you are launching a business and have a strong standing with Facebook, well you are in good standing. Everything you need to get an advantage is in this download and it’s one of the best plugins out there.

WP Facebook Quiz Creator is the easy route to entertaining your niche target audience and building your platform strong fast.

#6 - Facebook Outreach

Facebook Outreach – How To Find Your Target Audience With Facebook Ads is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to create the most effective ads to extend your reach and get full value for your investment.

Facebook is one of the world’s largest social media platforms, boasting over a billion users daily. And these are people who are active and using the site for hours. In the advertising world, if you don’t know how to target your audience and get their attention then you’re dead in the water.

People tend to subscribe to so many pages that it can be a challenge to reach them. Facebook Ads lets you get your ad right in front of them, basically right on their doorstep. You’ll learn about targeting and retargeting so you can advertise to them repeatedly.

Most importantly you’ll be getting a complete lesson on growing your business using the power of Facebook Ads. And if you’re in the business of growing your audience and making money then Facebook Outreach is definitely the guide for you.

#7 - Facebook Friends Inviter WP Plugin

Facebook Friends Inviter WP Plugin is a wonderful and alive hot to trot software app that’s going to interconnect you automatically to the cream of the crop in social media that you need to build authority and a solid platform online.

It’s not about what you know but who you know online and this application automatically gets you in with all the big wigs you need to succeed.

The idea is to drive as much qualified traffic as possible to your website and this is the means to execute just that. You have control of customizing your links shooting out to the big bad and often wonderful world to see.

And Facebook is one of the premier locations from which you need to climb from if you are seriously building your online platform deep and wide as it needs to be to succeed long term.

Facebook Friends Inviter WP Plugin is your solution to easy access fast and effectively in building your authority.

#8 - Targeted Traffic From Facebook (Resell Rights)

Get Loads Of Targeted Traffic From Facebook is a powerful audio download that wakes you up to the massive potential of Facebook Ads where a whole universe of traffic awaits.

Facebook Ads are a great source for getting targeted traffic. You can decide who sees your ads based on gender, country, age, nationality, etc.

You’ll learn about various strategies on how to build your ads to maximize visibility and conversions. At the end of the day, it’s about targeting towards only those who are most willing to buy.

There are marketers who are running their entire businesses through Facebook Ads to great results. Once you learn and master your craft at developing ads for your target audience, you’ll be converting and nailing the sales.

#9 - Facebook Ads Domination

Facebook Ads Domination – The Ultimate Guide To Using Facebook Ads To Get More Leads And Sales is a powerful step by step guide that shows you how you can take your business to the next level and crush your competitors using the power of Facebook Ads.

You’ll learn how to set up high converting advertisements, how to use Facebook Pixels to understand your traffic and grow your business, the power of retargeting ads, how to optimize your ads, how to improve your conversions by split-testing your ads, how to create awesome funnels, using dynamic ads and so much more.

On top, you’ll also learn about why Facebook Ads is all the rave for advertisers all over the world and how to create amazing designs.

This guide is the best of the very best when it comes to Facebook Ads. You can also download the Facebook Ads Domination video series with it. 

#10 - Facebook App Software (Resell Rights)

Facebook App Software is a neat and discreet online software program that will tap into the money found in Facebook with VERY little effort.

All you have to do is add this app to your existing Facebook page and tap into some easy money that just keeps coming. It take just a few minutes to set up and is built for a beginner so it’s completely user-friendly.

This leads you to reliable sourced income that will open doors of revenue opportunity you never knew existed. Easy and simple routes to padding your income and building a solid platform of money opportunity forever. Who doesn’t want all that?

#11 - Facebook Super Pack (Resell Rights)

FaceBook Super Pack is the proven video download that shows you how to use Facebook to create your visibility and help you to tap into your top niche market and drive them consistently to your website.

Pretty much everyone knows what FaceBook is all about and with millions of daily users, this is an excellent opportunity to find your niche audience and build the trust you need to succeed.

Inside you will learn the top notch proven tips and tricks to take advantage of the power of this incredible platform. The knowledge gained gives you the confidence and practical application to create a solid marketing strategy that’s going to drive more visitors to your pages.

Rank will increase and your on-page times will improve. That just translates into increased profits and a stronger authority in your chosen top niche faster.

With authority comes power and the more power you have the more solid your platform and the stronger your online business rank becomes.

FaceBook Super Pack is your solution to tapping into massive numbers of qualified visitors so you can build trust and become an authority figure in your chosen top niche.

#12 - Facebook CPA (Resell Rights)

If you’re not already familiar with CPA also known as Cost Per Action, it’s simply an online business model where you generate a commission whenever a user clicks on your link and goes through with an action including filling out a form or joining a membership.

It’s a very powerful method when implemented the right way and there are countless opportunities using social media sites. The biggest one of all being Facebook because of its monstrous size along with nearly a quarter of the world population being on Facebook.

In this 5 series video you’ll become acquainted with CPA marketing through Facebook which in turn will boost your revenue up considerably once you know the ropes fully.

Some of what you’ll be learning includes how CPA works, which CPA offers are the best to use, exploring and researching your market, and utilizing Facebook Ads.

The process is relatively simple but this video makes it even simpler as it gives you insight that can cut down any issues you might run into if you don’t have full knowledge of this powerful income model.

#13 - Facebook Essential Training

Facebook Essential Training – How To Grow Your Business Through Facebook is the video masterpiece that’s going to show you step by step how to tap into the markets across the web and drive all the tip-top quality buyers you need right to your doorstep forevermore!

What a fabulous feeling that will be. But you need helpful and informational tools to help you with this quest and that’s exactly what this video provides. You will take action and climb slowly but surely to the top and with this video you will be rewarded in profit.

A beautiful thing! Step by step you will learn the moves you need to make in order to create authority and build the reputation you need online through Facebook to make your business climb high! Do you even realize how many people are using Facebook? We’re talking in the billion range. Why let that all go to waste?

Facebook Essential Training – How To Grow Your Business Through Facebook is your smart move if you are looking to bring your online presence from the darkness and into the light through Facebook!

#14 - Facebook Ad Secrets (Resell Rights)

Facebook Ad Secrets is an excellent take-action video that will give you the top secret info you need to shine online.

It’s all about finding your way to your target audience when you are building a successful business online. Which means you need tools to help you do this PRONTO.

This video is a positive step in the right direction for tapping into your solid income stream just waiting for your action.

Facebook is an EXCELLENT top notch social media marketing stream that’s going to give you the ability to support your business by offering quality products for eager beaver buyers.

Do you want to do it right and fast or slow and wrong? This video is a must-have for any online business owner looking to boost rank and drive qualified buyers to their door forever.

Facebook Ad Secrets is a simple solution tool you don’t want to pass up.

#15 - Facebook Stampede (Resell Rights)

Facebook Stampede is all about getting as much traffic as possible for your business using the power of Facebook. We are fully in the times of social media where everything is liked and shared and going viral faster than Speedy Gonzales.

Facebook has become such a staple in many people’s lives these days that it’s now used not just as a place to socialize but also as a news source.

The marketers who know how to utilize Facebook to the fullest are doing extraordinarily well when it comes to generating traffic and leads. But for the inexperienced, if that’s where you might classify yourself, this 20 part video course is exactly what you’re looking for.

In it, you will receive top notch training covering numerous sections across Facebook including how to create a plan of action, how to establish your brand, how to gain free traffic, how to create awesome content and get it likes and shared, and much more.

Everyday there are tens of thousands of new Facebook subscribers joining this monstrous social media platform. It’s a kingdom for traffic and soon you will discover how to push your visibility considerably.

#16 - FB Messenger Marketing

Facebook’s Messenger Chatbot is one of the key factors to convert online users into real customers. The only real way to do that is to be there to ease their fears or answer whatever questions they have and pitch them into coming on board. What was a challenge before such technology was created has become a great asset to many businesses.

The automated chatbot allows you to communicate with customers even when you’re not around. Facebook is a place where many people go to in order to better understand a company.

They will use the Messenger system to get in immediate touch. And if you can provide them the answers through the automated chatbot, you increase the likelihood of winning the customer over.

In this guide, you’re going to discover the many strategies in using a chatbot to communicate with your customers and make them into buyers. You’ll learn how to design your chatbot, identifying your target market, educating your customers and much more.

#17 - My Facebook Formula

My Facebook Formula gives you the nuts and bolts of the online internet social media marketing sites that light up the online marketing world. Facebook is a gynormous platform of opportunity that can change your life for the better.

A tool that reaches out and touches billions of people daily. It’s the platform people go to in order to find out information and network with other skilled business people. People look for opportunity online and Facebook is where they get it.

This guide shows you how to tap into the relevant tools on Facebook and turn them positive. The strategies and proven techniques you will learn are invaluable in building brand recognition and the awareness to others of what services or product you are offering and how they can get it.

You only know what you know and information is knowledge. It’s ultra-important that you learn how to use Facebook to your utmost advantage. This guide, My Facebook Formula, shows you the way. 

#18 - Facebook Fan Page Profits

Facebook Fan Page Profits guide will show you step-by-step how to profit off of fan pages! With the knowledge you need to tap into this gynormous social media tool you WILL watch your business soar.

Facebook fan pages exposes you to a world of opportunity to reach out and touch interested parties from all walks of life. You aren’t limited anymore to who you know. Right in front of you there’s a vehicle that takes you to the other side of the world instantaneously! It’s time to take advantage of it!

With millions of eager beavers at your fingertips you can easily expand your business boundaries and create a base much larger than you could even 20 years ago.

The majority of people are now on Facebook. Which is great news for your business. And the increased publicity and exposure you will get learning how to take advantage of this platform is crazy!

#19 - FB Authority Secrets (Resell Rights)

FB Authority Secrets is the take action effective guide you need in your corner to help you establish your rockin’ social media profile and never look back. It’s not just about what you know but who you know online if you are serious about succeeding.

This guide will lift you up and give you the pertinent knowledge you need to establish yourself, your brand and everything else in the social media realm. You’ll learn about effective user engagement, keeping yourself in the minds of your audience and how to create snazzy Facebook pages.

These effective and up-to-date alive secrets and strategies are your key to buying an online presence worth considering and it skyrockets when you build up your Facebook following.

Understanding the competition online is ridiculously crazy! If you want to win you MUST have this knowledge in your brain from start to finish daily.

This is your golden ticket to make it happen if you are serious about making oodles of money fast. FB Authority Secrets is your solution. 

#20 - Group Domination

Facebook Groups are a great way to really communicate with those in your niche. Many big site-owners and bloggers build Facebook Groups to communicate and provide peer to peer help and generally create a massive community. 

In this guide, you will learn how the pros go about building and thriving with Facebook Groups to increase their brand and grow their income further. When there are billions of people using a single social media platform like Facebook, it’s almost a travesty to not utilize such a platform to the fullest.

The massive benefits of Facebook Groups is that everyone is focused in a single niche and with the same goals in mind. People learn better in groups and can learn from each other while also feeling comfortable in an environment where everyone has similar ambitions and where there’s a lot more engagement.

Other benefits including building lists and membership sites, getting customer reviews and field testing products. You’ll learn about how to create your own groups, how to make it work successfully, various strategies, making money and much more. 

#21 - 22 Ways To Get Noticed, Get Liked and Create Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is a powerhouse marketing platform for people to gain a following along with connecting with fans, friends, and clients. Many companies and businesses are now understanding the effectiveness of Facebook and how to utilize it to get their brand across.

User engagement is key and sharing is monstrous. Just imagine how much more business you gain when people are talking about you and posting about you and getting their posts shared with others regarding you.

You surely are familiar with the power of word of mouth right? Facebook is exactly that and then some. User engagement helps you in ways you can’t imagine and when you have a solid reputation, good things do happen.

Here is your ticket and when you decide you want to win you know exactly what you need to do.

22 Ways To Get Noticed, Get Liked and Create Engagement on Facebook is a step in the right direction for you if you want to build it big. 

#22 - Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook Marketing Tips – Perfect For Beginners – 5 Day Crash Course is an excellent choice for learning the ins and outs of Facebook and how to monopolize this super social media platform.

It’s people that make the world go round and this expert take action guide will give you everything you need to know in order to monetize your Facebook profile for a lucrative business.

It’s all about getting noticed and this book delivers. Inside you will learn useful tactics and strategies to gain control of your marketing and use it to propel your business forward at light-speed.

Your competitors will literally be eating your dust!

#23 - Facebook Social Ads Exposed

Social ads on Facebook are excellent tools in success! Facebook Social Ads Exposed is key to building your online marketing success effectively and with very little money.

Tapping into the fans on this gynormous social media platform is going to help you to positively reach out and touch your audience. Profitability and sales will go straight through the roof with the right knowledge and practical applications and tools of Facebook.

The opportunities are endless and alive on Facebook and it’s important to understand how they work and what you need to know and do to take advantage of them. Everyone knows this platform and uses it for business or pleasure or both. How incredible is that?

Facebook Social Ads Exposed is one of those books you just can’t pass up.

#24 - How Facebook Advertising Benefits Your Business

How Facebook Advertising Benefits Your Business is an industry tool that will help you conquer and divide the online world quickly and with massive demand. The idea is to get your business out to potential buyers that want to eat you up.

And by advertising on this platform you can easily find and direct target marketing audiences to your message. This book shows you where to find them and how to solidify them as buyers.

With a solid understanding of the base marketing strategies to succeed and the in-depth knowledge of the ultimate Facebook powers, you will boost your brand recognition, world exposure, trust factor, dominant player status in the industry, and ultimately your return on your effort.

This book shows you how to make more money faster. It’s time for you to get your copy of How Facebook Advertising Benefits Your Business so you can apply and smile.

#25 - Facebook Redirect PRO WP Plugin (Resell Rights)

Facebook Redirect Pro is the fantabulous software application you need to make your online presence known.

If you are not front and center stage on the scene in your top niche there is NO way in heck anyone is going to ever find you online. That’s just cold hard fact!

What this app does is systematically give you the opportunity to drive QUALITY traffic to your door and from there you will rise straight to the top! FB is one of the TOP social media platforms today and if you are looking to get visible and find your buyers to redirect to your website, this is the place to be tapped into.

This software app is easy to install and even easier to implement. If you are serious about getting noticed online you NEED this app!

Facebook Redirect Pro is your solution to gaining quality traffic to make lots of money TODAY!

#26 - Facebook Marketing Services eClass

Facebook Marketing Services eClass – Discover How Easy It is To Make Money Setting Up Fanpages is an awesome and powerful take action video that gives you the goods on setting yourself up for AMAZING online marketing success through the fantabulously powerful platform of Facebook.

EVERYTHING you need to take action to learn the ropes of this invaluable platform is right here served up for the taking.

The tips and tricks uncovered will propel you ASAP toward your business profit, and authority goals of building and cashing in are here for the taking.

Facebook Marketing Services Eclass – Discover How Easy It is To Make Money Setting Up Fanpages is your WISE OWL Tool for making your online business marketing social media authority dreams come true.

#27 - Facebook Traffic Revised (Resell Rights)

Facebook Traffic Revised is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to gaining and converting traffic

This video takes you deep into this social media mastery power-house to uncover the hidden gem tips, tricks, and practical procedures that are going to drive you straight to the top of your authority gain so you boost rank, increase online recognition, shoot forward your visibility, increase traffic, shift your conversions into positive territory, and drive your sales through the roof and then some! Wild and wonderful is what it’s all about and you’ve got it all at your fingertips ripe and ready for usage.

Facebook Traffic Revised is the tool you don’t want to regret not purchasing.

#28 - Facebook Pic Retarget Plugin

Pic Retarget Plugin – Facebook is the latest and greatest online tool to help you tap into already successful high-traffic images and use them to draw buyers straight to you.

RETARGETING is just like reusing clothing. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and you know it works! This app makes it super simple for you to gain control of your online business marketing destiny whether you are a beginner in the sandbox or have already graduated to the big climbers.

Simple and effective gets results and that’s why this tool is so freakin awesome! Facebook is the cream of the crop when it comes to online social media stellar platforms and this is your opportunity to tap into another angle that’s going to give you the edge and ultimately set you up for continued revenue income stream building success.

#29 - Facebook Fast Ads

Facebook Fast Ads is the quickest route for you to tap directly into your online income stream and build a solid platform that’s so solid and high you won’t be able to wipe that pretty smile off your face!

Everything you need to have at your fingertips is right here to drive you straight to the top and then some. Facebook is the social media platform like no other. The one that clients flock to because they want to get noticed AND they want to spend money and get connected.

THIS Is where you will tap into your niche audience and through quick and impactful FB fast ads you will win FAST!

Follow this simple but effective common sense video that’s going to take you to the top of your money mountain and then some. Win today and grab it.

Facebook Fast Ads is your solution to fast consistent cash that’s going to boost rank and drive your sales up.

#30 - Facebook Cash Bandit (Resell Rights)

Facebook Cash Bandit is the expert video download that shows you how to steal cheap clicks and quality sales by simply using the super power of FaceBook!

There’s zero doubt that social media is one of the strongest tools that online business marketers have to get visible and promote their brands in a positive light.

This tool shows you how to translate the huge numbers of niche target audience people to your pages to help build your business fast and put more cash in your pocket.

When you have the knowledge to find your potential buyers and you gain their trust you are going to naturally gain more qualified traffic to your pages which means you gradually take the necessary steps forward to reach your success goals.

Everything you need to create cash fast using the ever powerful FaceBook is inside this video download.

Online competition is tough and that makes it so much more important that you take advantage of every download tool you can get your hands on.

Facebook Cash Bandit is the key to building your online visibility and pushing your profit margin straight up fast.

#31 - Facebook Ads Authority (Resell Rights)

Facebook Ads Authority is the one and only top notch guide that’s going to teach you how important social media authority is.

The most powerful tool online today in the social media world is Facebook and when you understand how to tap in and build your authority presence strong, you’ll take control of your online destiny and you will soar to the top.

What you’ll also discover inside this incredible information-packed guide is how to set up your Facebook ads, how to target your audience and create copy that converts, and how to set your budget.

Facebook Ads Authority is your perfect move in the now to get acclimated to a changing world of technology and networking.

#32 - Facebook Ads Authority Video Upgrade

Facebook Ads Authority is a hot video tutorial series that uncovers the proven techniques and tips to help you get the results you want sooner rather than later.

Using Facebook to build your online recognition is extremely powerful. This social media platform has the power to push you to the top of your online business niche and keep you there.

You will learn how to use FB ads to help you drive your rank up, push your online page time up, strengthen brand recognition, improve visitor trust and ultimately make more sales on a consistent basis.

This will strengthen your platform and help you build solid online income streams that are going to provide excellent profit gain. We are all online to make money if we can and this is the expert download that will help you push into the light of making lots of money online via social media.

This interconnection you will learn about is only going to help give you the confidence and practical know-how to succeed online quickly.

Facebook Ads Authority is the perfect solution to building authority for increased sales and online recognition.

#33 - Facebook Apps Secrets

Facebook Apps Secrets is an awesome tell-tale guide that uncovers deep dark FB secrets about the directional keys to the big money – the apps.

Loads of developers tap into Facebook apps to create their constant income stream and this guide will help you learn everything you need to know to rock it in the app world.

You’ll learn how to slip yourself into the news feed and in front of so many other loyal paying clients that want these apps and will pay for progress. Apps are the way of the online world and when you’ve got the top secret app information in your pocket you are driving the boat.

Everything your little heart desires is right here inside and so much more. The rock solid info that’s going to take you to the top pronto.

#34 - Facebook Riches

Facebook Riches – Using Facebook To Turn Your Market Into A Money Machine is a no-brainer guide to help you understand the incredible quick market powers of Facebook and how to make them work for you. In other words, how to make money with Facebook!

There are zillions of people frequenting Facebook every day. This is a businessman’s dream because all you need to do is tap into the select niche players and you’ve got an income stream for life. Assuming you are providing the product or service they want.

This book guides you through the process and gives you the take action information you need to convert your knowledge into monetary compensation.

It really doesn’t get much better! Facebook Riches – Using Facebook To Turn Your Marketing Into A Money Machine is the guide for winners!

#35 - Facebook Pixel Insert WP Plugin

Facebook Pixel Insert WP Plugin is the take action instant plugin that will help drive quality traffic to your website to take advantage of your quality promotions via retargeting.

Many online users are using Facebook the wrong way and this is the plugin that’s going to take advantage of that. With this user-friendly plugin you will have the power to drive quality visitors from this super power social media platform by adding a tracking pixel across your posts to set up retargeting.

This is going to boost your visibility and credibility, increase authority, strengthen your brand, drive your on-page visitor time up, push your conversions up and ultimately increase your total profits. This is the tool that instantly sets you up to build your rock solid platform quickly and with professional authority.

If you are serious about getting noticed online you need to find the traffic that’s going to help build your business quickly. This is the plugin download that’s going to set you up for long term money-making success.

Facebook Pixel Insert WP Plugin is the key to establishing your visibility to build online trust and quality recognition fast.

#36 - Facebook Ad Genius

Facebook Ad Genius – Learn The Little Secrets Of Facebook Advertising To Drive Masses Of Traffic To Your Website is a genuinely helpful guide that uncovers the steps you need to take in order to shoot major QUALITY traffic through to your website via Facebook ads.

Facebook is one of the most powerful social media platforms today. And by learning how to take full advantage of advertising on it you will uncover the key to driving oodles of buyers to your website.

The more interested visitors to your website the more likely you are to bust your sales wide open.

Facebook Ad Genius – Learn The Little Secrets Of Facebook Advertising To Drive Masses Of Traffic To Your Website is your first step toward online success!

#37 - Facebook Fan Page Tips

Facebook Fan Page Tips is an awesome accurate expert guide that gives you simple but effective instructions to rock your Fan Page and capture the heart of your niche target audience.

You see…if you can’t successfully get in the face of your audience you will sink to the bottom of the deep blue sea pronto.

Facebook is arguably the top social media platform on the planet and that means if you are serious about success you’d be nuts not to take full advantage of a powerful fan page. This is the guide to show you how.

#38 - Liking Facebook Ads

Facebook isn’t just a place for people to hook up online with their friends and families. Facebook is so much more in so many ways. It’s a massive news source nowadays not to mention one of the largest platforms in the world for content and image sharing.

This guide takes you by the hand and shows you how to do it all the right way. The way it’s meant to be done so you can get your business growing, your brand elevated and your sales skyrocketing.

Facebook Advertising hasn’t been around that long relatively compared to other advertising sources out there.

But it’s become a juggernaut of a vehicle for companies and brands to get their products and services seen and with a great return. It’s all about gaining exposure and you’re going to learn exactly how to do that with Facebook.

#39 - Utilizing Facebook For Your Online Business

Utilizing Facebook For Your Online Business is one of the easiest routes in order to increase visibility online and gain authority.

Fact – If you want to win online then you’ve got to get noticed. Tapping into the social media stream is a direct route in doing that. Facebook is arguably the hottest online social media platform today with millions of users accessing it daily.

And you need the means to connect with a diverse range of traffic if you want to build a successful online business. With this guide you will learn how to create your account and maximize your exposure.

You’ll also discover how to use tags and blogs and feature pages. People want to know and you will understand the simplest strategies to give your audience what they want.

Utilizing Facebook For Your Online Business is a fun and effective way to build your online business strong. Easy as 1-2-3.

#40 - Facebook Hot Content Seeker WP Plugin

Facebook Hot Content Seeker WordPress Plugin is the software tool you need in order to tap into the hottest social media platform through top quality content that is kw/seo savvy and set to build credibility and trust with your niche target audience.

The internet is highly competitive and you need every expert advantage you can get in order to push your authority past the competition fast. This is a simple plugin that gets results fast. When you have ample top quality content you have the power to drive massive visitors to your website.

This is going to increase your rank, boost visibility, push your authority higher, increase your on-page visitor presence, create credibility and boost your premium conversions.

With more quality visitors to your website you are ultimately going to make more sales and strong long-term clients.

Best of all this software download only takes a few minutes to set up. That means you can plug into it and start getting expert results sooner. Facebook Hot Content Seeker WordPress plugin is the software tool that works.

#41 - Facebook Ads Mastered (Resell Rights)

Facebook Ads Mastered – Cracking The Facebook Ad Code once and for all is a fabulous straight to the point guide that shows you how to take advantage of Facebook ads and watch your online presence explode.

As the #1 social media platform Facebook holds all the cards to building your brand and online presence so you can use this to tap into hot niche markets and use them however your little heart desires.

If you are running a business and not taking full advantage of this gynormous platform you are freaking insane!

Buyers are all over the place and right at your fingertips with FB and all you have to do is listen to what this professional guide has to say and plug it in. It really doesn’t get any easier than that!

Facebook Ads Mastered – Cracking The Facebook Ad Code is your best move today if you are serious about getting noticed and making money.

#42 - Facebook Fan Page Tips and Tricks (Resell Rights)

Facebook Fanpage Tips And Tricks – Build The Fan Page You Always Wanted is a take action guide that leads you directly to the VIP factors surrounding this awesome online marketing platform.

You will learn how to strategically tap into the effective tactics that will help you boost your online presence and build your brand proud and strong.

If you’re going to do it do it right, do it with me!

You might as well do it right if you’re going to do it and this professional top secret guide will lead the way. Step by step you will quickly discover what works and what doesn’t for your personal scenario and all you’ve got to do then is apply. It really doesn’t get any easier!

Facebook Fanpage Tips And Tricks – Build The Fan Page You Always Wanted is your perfect guide to FB success. 

#43 - Facebook Marketing Frenzy

Facebook Marketing Frenzy – Become The Next Social Media Guru By Mastering Facebook Marketing is the guide you need to detail Facebook and use it to your monetary advantage today, tomorrow, and forever.

If you want to become a social media mastermind you need to understand how the top social media platforms function. And that’s where this guide comes into play.

You will learn the ins and outs of Facebook and how to master the specific concepts which you can turn lucrative fast. Nothing really matters if you can’t use your knowledge to make money.

This book opens the door to making fast money and that will make you one happy camper when all is said and done. FB is the largest social media platform out there today and the more you know the better!

Facebook Marketing Frenzy – Become The Next Social Media Guru By Mastering Facebook Marketing is your wise-owl move today if you are serious about success online!

#44 - FB Fan Page Launch Pad System (Resell Rights)

FB Fan Page Launch Pad System – The Complete Secret System To Drive Traffic To Any FB Fan Page You Want is the magic you need to build the fantabulous online presence essential to building up your image and converting it into FAST money NOW.

There’s no doubt that social media platforms are where all the money is. When you know how to tap into the existence of your top niche markets wherever they may be, you have just opened the door to magical profits that WILL NEVER STOP.

Facebook and other social media platforms never stop and that means the money rolling in won’t ever stop either. You have the means to create your rock solid high ranking platform and this is the golden ticket to online sales success. FB Fan Pages is your trigger.

FB Fan Page Launch Pad System – The Complete Secret System To Drive Traffic To Any FB Fan Page You Want teaches you EVERYTHING you need to succeed.

#45 - FaceZon Store Builder

This is specially designed for you to list down Amazon affiliate store products on your Facebook fan page, This app will create a new tab “Amazon Store” on the fan page.

This is very good tool to combine with shopabot and make a presence on facebook to get more business and traffic on your store.

Once you do it, your amazon listings will be loaded to your Facebook store and your Facebook visitors will be able to see/buy your items by clicking on the same button from your Facebook fan page.

Here Are The Amazing Features We Have Customized Into FaceZon:

  1. The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions.

  2. Application is 100% responsive and works on every mobile device.

  3. Applications support multi languages.

  4. Custom headers can be added with the store.

  5. Can grab a huge no of products from your amazon store.

  6. Display list of categories on your Application, used for filter products.

  7. Search your ebay store items on the base of keywords.

  8. Filter with respect to item types.

  9. Facebook comments, share, pinit, like are part of it.

  10. It is not necessary to be logged on to Facebook in order to access the Admin Control Panel.

  11. Full support for the following browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox.

#46 - Viral Source Review Pack

If you are doing business online, you would know how important list building is…for the simple fact that by having an email list to market to as an affiliate is one of the fastest ways of making online profits.

Viral Traffic is a software builds your list without using the traditional squeeze pages. This tool uses the power of social media and Facebook notification as the push factor to send messages to the subscribers.

It is a fact that the open rate of Facebook notification is way higher than emails… so your message gets seen by more subscribers than if you were to use email.

The first thing that impresses me when few have tested driving this tool is that it was so easy to use. Though the process looks complicated, the dashboard of the tool makes it easy for you to prepare your campaign.

#47 - Facebook My Business eBook

 In this guide, you will discover what FB Marketplace is all about and why you need to make it a huge part of your business going forward.

You’ll learn how to get set up on this platform, how to get your store up and running, how to generate sales, how to advertise like a pro, how to utilize ads, how to gain leads, what to do and what not to do, various case studies to make the learning process seamless and much more.

There are major sites like Kijiji and Craigslist out there which allow people to market their products and services. FB Marketplace takes it to a new level.

With so many users online and so many people looking to buy, this is a phenomenal platform for you to take your business to far greater heights. No matter what you’re selling, the brand exposure available can get you mowing past your competitors faster than you think.

This guide is essential if you really want to get a real jump on your competition while growing your business. 

#48 - Facebook Marketing Knowledge Guide

Facebook Marketing is the knowledge guide that shows you how to take advantage of this huge social media platform to get noticed fast.

You will learn how to find your top niche audience and drive them to your website. This helps you build your brand, increase online recognition, gain authority, boost rank, increase conversions and ultimately increase your income stream.

If you are going to make any business or website successful online you’ve got to understand how to market it. This involves numerous techniques and strategies that are going to improve your visibility to make it easier for buyers to find you.

This is the guide that delivers the power and know-how to make your mark online quickly and with solid intention. This platform is so powerful and this ebook shows you how to use this established power to build your platform and reach your online internet goals faster.

Facebook Marketing has the answers that result in online business success.

#49 - Facebook Marketing Excellence

Facebook Marketing Excellence is the guide you want in your back pocket to get noticed and make money online. If you want to drive quality traffic to your online presence you need effective tools.

Facebook is a fantabulously positive social media tool that has zillions of visitors which makes it an amazing tool to build your brand and get yourself into an excellent position to sell.

This guide shows you how to have fun with FB and make use of its excellent networking powers that will help you push crowds of people to your doorstep that are excited and eager to see and hear what you have to say.

Facebook Marketing Excellence is a top notch book you can’t help but learn from. Time for you to open your noggin and start learning!

#50 - Facebook Retargeting Decoded (Resell Rights)

It’s been said that a very small percentage of customers ever convert into actual sales on the first go-round. Approximately 98% of people like to browse around at first, get an idea of a product, look elsewhere for price comparisons or decide to make a purchase at a later time but end up forgetting completely.

This method of marketing has become very powerful and effective on Facebook and is gaining even more popularity with business owners and marketers. Retargeting is a very simple process.

When you search for products from Google Search and browse around but don’t happen to purchase anything on the first go round, the next time you’re on Facebook, you could be seeing a lot of advertisements related to the products you were browsing earlier on Google.

In this 9 part video set, you will learn the power of retargeting in full and how it can benefit your business. You’ll be shown how to set it all up, see real life scenarios, and be ready to rock it big with your business.

Why invest so much money for new customers when you can be getting back all those “lost” customers through the power of retargeting. 

#1 - Facebook Mastery (Resell Rights)

The Secrets Of Facebook Advertising is an awesome quick view and hugely effective video that’s going to give you all the deep dark secrets the industry doesn’t want you to know on making the most of Facebook for advertising.

This video is the visual you need to slip into the wild and wonderfully lucrative world of social media marketing to the extreme. With the gynormous traffic that flows through the FB platform you can’t help but win.

In no time you will be interconnected with BUYING traffic that’s only going to drive your authority up, boost your visibility, increase conversions naturally, and of course drive your sales up to the top and then some!

Facebook Mastery – The Secrets Of Facebook Advertising is EXACTLY the tool you need to drive your business sales wide open and open the door to HUGE potential. 

#2 - Facebook Live Authority (Resell Rights)

Facebook Live Authority Checklist is the one video you need that’s going to help you tap directly into the face of Facebook with authority. And the power of this social media platform will literally blow you away.

You seem like a smart cookie and likely already know the money power of FB but what you likely don’t know is how to use this knowledge to make you money forever.

Am I right? When you learn how to live-stream through this powerful platform you will step up your game, creating the visibility you need to thrive and from there build your brand, increase conversions, and continue to drive your niche focus through the roof.

You have the power with this video knowledge to build big and strong and create endless traffic but you’ve got to take the first step to create this. Facebook Live Authority Checklist is ready when you are. 

#3 - FaceBook Marketing & Traffic Videos (Resell Rights)

Facebook Marketing And Traffic Videos is exactly what you need to raise your online presence online and drive quality traffic to your website and make certain you are set up for long-term success.

You see when you build a solid platform you are setting yourself up to win in the big picture. Quality presence is much better than the “here today and gone tomorrow” standard online mentality. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power.

Use this elite video to gain the power you need to make it happen with social media. You can make it happen with this invaluable and easy to apply informational tool.

Facebook Marketing And Traffic Videos is your solutions to making your online business win and igniting your online presence! 

#4 - Mastering CPA Using Facebook (Resell Rights)

Mastering CPA Using Facebook – How To Make Money With CPA Using Facebook is one of the proven professional and hugely FAST routes to making lots of money online quickly and with substance.

What that means is you will have direction and staying power that is going to help you continue to move forward building your elite brand and establishing your online presence like no other.

It really is a fabulous thing but only if you purchase this video to get you started. You see if you don’t have the professional authority information you need to win, how do you expect to build your business strong to prosper? It just won’t ever happen in a zillion years!

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms on the planet and from there you will only increase visibility and drive quality traffic to you when you tap in securely. This video gives you the means and so much more.

Mastering CPA Using Facebook – How To Make Money With CPA Using Facebook is your answer to building your money fund online fast and forever.

#5 - Facebook Banner Ad Mastery (Resell Rights)

Facebook Banner Ad Mastery just as the title says will turn you into a master in developing banner ads on the world’s largest social media platform in no time.

The great thing about banner ads is that they’re visual. People love nice pictures and it draws the interest of the viewer when they see something visually appealing on screen.

More importantly, Facebook ads can be optimized for your target audience based on country, gender, income, age, hobbies and more. So that way, you know that you are not wasting money by running ads that are geared towards the wrong type of audience.

This video course which comes in 5 parts will touch on how to ensure Facebook is fine with your ads, doing the proper type of research so that you’re hitting the right market, how to create amazing Facebook ads, creating great campaigns and more.

If you’re really wanting to hit one out of the ballpark with your investment and gaining more eyes to your business and products, Facebook Banner Ad Mastery is your best bet.

#6 - Magnetic Facebook Marketing (Resell Rights)

Magnetic Facebook Marketing is the specialty take action ebook that will help you to create a massive income through strategic social media marketing tactics.

If it’s been done once it can be done again. This is a rinse and repeat process that is really quite simple with the right information.

This book gives you the right information so that you can build your online credibility and visibility quickly and effectively on the social media scene. It’s all right here for the taking when you’re ready to win.

Magnetic Facebook Marketing is a step in the right direction of financial independence and the ability to get what you want when you want to forever!

#7 - Magnetic Facebook Marketing Video Upgrade (Resell rights)

Magnetic FaceBook Marketing Videos is the newbie video course that shows you the steps required to become a Facebook Marketing expert quickly and with proven authority and credibility.

Did you know that FB is the number one social media marketing platform? This means millions of qualified visitors frequent the pages daily. A huge source of your quick revenue right in front of you.

Inside you will learn how to take action with this monster platform to discover your top niche visitors and drive this buying traffic to your quality web pages. With a solid online marketing blueprint you have the power to drive your rank up and this gets you in front of more qualified buyers.

With increased authority and brand recognition you will increase conversions, lengthen on-page stay time, strengthen credibility and increase your instant profits.

All the expert information you need to build your online presence successfully and for long term is right here for you.

Magnetic FaceBook Marketing Videos is the easy proven route to build your solid income stream and platform quickly.

#8 - Grow Your Facebook Audience (Resell Rights)

Grow Your FaceBook Audience is one of those tools you must have in the cut-throat world of online selling today.

If you want to get noticed you’ve got to go with the bigwigs and that means you need to get yourself in the face of as many FaceBook fans as you possibly can.

The stronger your social media online marketing presence the better no matter which way you slice it. You’ll learn how to increase user engagement, get more likes to your pages, get your content shared, and even how to create quality ads.

Seriously, do you want to sink or swim in online popularity? If you want to swim you need to grab this sensible proven book and bask in the glory of it.

Grow Your FaceBook Audience is your quick and easy route to the top.

#9 - Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed (Resell Rights)

The Facebook Messenger chat bot is so sophisticated that it can pose as a human and ensure that customers are getting the information they want. And when customers are satisfied, they are far more likely to hit the buy button.

In this guide which complements the Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed videos, you’re going to learn why you absolutely must get on board the chat bot hype which is growing by leaps and bounds.

Every marketer running a business and every business that’s looking to ramp up customers and sales needs to get a hold of this bot right away.

Many are using it successfully with many more still unaware. Ultimately everyone who owns a business will be implementing the Facebook Messenger bot. That’s why it’s imperative that you get on it now.

If you’re still unsure, this ebook will give you the full rundown and how to get it set up. You’ll discover how the FB Messenger can grow your audience and boost your business, how to walk your customers through your sales funnel, how to automate the entire chat experience for your potential customers to ensure a seamless conversation and much more.

#10 - Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

Every marketer and business-owner wants a leg up in a competitive world where the only thing that matters is making money. No matter if you’re an entrepreneur or working in sales, you want to know what you can possibly do to grow your targeted traffic and get more traction and more revenue.

You want to expand your company or business. You want more eyeballs. You want more engagement. It’s no secret that sales is the lifeblood of every business. If customers aren’t buying then your business is worth little.

This extensive video course which complements the Facebook Messenger Bot Marketing Unleashed ebook covers in full detail how you can implement the Facebook Messenger bot to drive more traffic and ignite your sales for your business.

You’ll discover what Facebook Messenger is all about and how to make it work, how to expand your business with this powerful tool, essential things you need to know, how to build a powerhouse sales funnel that works like a charm, how to drive targeted traffic to your chat bot and much much more.

If you’ve never heard of or even thought about using an automated chat bot for your business then today is the day that changes. Facebook has over a billion users with tens of millions using Facebook as a way of life.

#11 - Facebook Ads eBook (Resell Rights)

Advertising is still one of the most powerfully effective ways in getting your message and brand out there. As a matter of fact, advertising is the sure way to get noticed in a world of competition.

With so many advertising platforms available, some can be very costly while others may be more affordable but with less chance of getting enough eyeballs on your product.

In this guide which complements the Facebook Ads videos, you will be shown a complete walk-through of the variety of advertising opportunities which are available to you through Facebook Ads. You’ll learn how to use the FB Ads platform, the pros and cons, how to leverage the technology and much more.

You’ll discover why to use Facebook Ads, what to know before going full-steam with your ad campaigns, how to create your page and account, how to use FB Ads Manager, creating your ads like a pro, monitoring your campaigns and much more.

If you don’t know how powerful FB Ads are, take it from some of the world’s most successful bloggers. They live by FB Ads and see a phenomenal return on their investment. 

#12 - Facebook Ads Video Upgrade

Many marketers who’ve figured out FB Ads are making massive bank. The platform has unlimited reach. With over several hundred million active users in North America alone, most every brand name has made full use of Facebook.

In this video series which complements the Facebook Ads ebook, you are going to be introduced to the monstrous advertising opportunity knowns as Facebook Ads. You may have heard of it but never understand how to make use of it for your business.

There is a learning curve involved and this video series will show you how to go about it expertly. You will learn everything the right way including how to leverage social snooping and personal profiling.

You’ll learn how to analyse your audience and understand their wants and needs. You’ll also discover what you need to know before setting up your FB Ads campaign, how the system operates, how to limit any mistakes, running and monitoring your campaigns and so much more.

#13 - Surefire Chat Secrets (Resell Rights)

Did you know that Messenger is competing with and likely going to surpass all other marketing channels and social media channels out there soon when it comes to converting leads into sales? Many people have reservations right before going through with the purchase of a product online.

In this 9 part video course, you’re going to learn exactly how to build a Facebook chatbot so that you can generate leads without all the coding headaches. You don’t need to be a tech wiz to get your chat system going.

You’ll discover everything from the brainstorming session and what you need to do, how to do it, whether you want to focus on support for your customers or focus more on converting customers into sales, etc.

Surefire Chat Secrets is one click away from getting you geared up to take your business to the next level.

#14 - Facebook Timeline Covers Templates (Resell Rights)

Facebook Timeline – Covers Templates Version 7 shows you how to visually step away from the crowd and light it up a few notches.

With this eye-catching cover system you will have the masterful power to grab the attention of your niche target chosen audience and from there you can unravel your master marketing plan to do its thing.

Simply selling isn’t good enough online these days. You need every tactical advantage you can get to rise out of the dust and into the clear and this download delivers. Having fancy dance template covers give you the advantage because you only have 3-5 seconds to win your audience over.

Not much time when you stop and think about it. And you simply can’t screw up. There’s too much riding on your first impression. The one that will keep your buyers coming back forever.

Facebook Timeline – Covers Templates Version 7 is the move serious online businesses must take.

#15 - Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook Monster Marketing Mistakes – Avoid These Crazy Mistakes is your tactical move to ensure you don’t make the same Facebook marketing errors most of the world makes do today.

By avoiding these blunders you will enable yourself to take full advantage of the gynormous marketing power this zillion population social media platform has. And from there you will soar.

There are just so many features on FB that it’s really tough to know what’s effective and what’s fun but really wasting your mind. Life is short and building your online presence successfully takes time.

And understanding this social media platform better is only going to help you create bigger. better, FASTER!

#16 - Facebook Ad Geek

Facebook Ad Geek is a behind the scenes expert guide that helps you uncover creative and effective industry secrets that will propel your Facebook ads straight to the top.

And if you are looking to gain recognition online you need to be clearly visible. Facebook is the most obvious and alive platform to help you with that.

Some might say Facebook makes the online world go round. A valid statement in a wild and whacky realm of social media everything. A tool any successful business just can’t afford to pass up.

This book outlines exactly what you need to do in order to take full advantage of Facebook Ad Geek so that you and your business succeed faster and bigger. Facebook Ad Geek really is a no-brainer for anyone serious about making huge money online!

#17 - Premium FB Timeline Covers V2 (Resell Rights)

Premium FB Timeline Covers Pack #2 is your top plr download if you are serious about getting yourself noticed.

Think about it for a minute. It’s the prettiest cover that gets noticed right? Even if the writing is not up to the highest standard people will buy the book because it captures their attention. The same applies with your FB.

You need a fantabulous cover in order to draw in your specific buyers that will make you the money you want, need, and deserve. Or at least boost your rank, increase your online recognition and trust factor and build your brand.

This easy peasy download makes it super simple to get yourself set up. Then all you need to do is rinse and repeat and you are off to the races with this pack.

#18 - Premium FB Timeline Covers V3 (Resell Rights)

Premium FB Timeline Covers Pack #3 is your best move when you are looking to captivate your audience and bring them in.

It’s all in the visual and what’s important to note is that the graphical impression you give is truly priceless in the big picture. Right in front of you is access to quality top notch Facebook timeline covers that would take you hours to do via Photoshop. Or you could spend oodles of money paying someone to create them for you.

This is the professional plr download, to the point and efficient, that will give you the means of rising straight to the top and higher with your authoritative visibility and so forth. It’s a choice that leaves little to be desired if you choose to ignore this tool and do it yourself. Yuk!

#19 - FB Timeline Covers V4 (Resell Rights)

Timeline Covers V4 is one very nice and attractive series of Facebook timeline templates that is going to get you moving with your ultimate business plan.

Everything your heart could ever want and desire is right at your fingertips and that should leave you smiling big time. You just can’t go wrong here since everyone and their dog buys with their eyes and if you don’t have the versatility and know-how to make it happen, you will sink to the very bottom of the deep blue sea to rot.

Timeline covers are extraordinarily powerful but only if you have quality cream of the crop ones to choose from and you know how to apply. All of which is right before you. Choice is everything and it’s time for you to make the choice to get the download and get started.

Timeline Covers V4 is your solution to masterful visual presence.

#20 - FB Covers Monster

FB Covers Monster is the smart move when it comes to gaining online authority via proven fantastic graphics. The visual is the golden ticket to success online. You need this download if you’d like to make your Facebook covers look like a million bucks.

What you may not understand is that teeny tiny tactical changes are going to make a world of difference for you. You will create insane results with this graphics wonderland and that’s all good with your online business rank, recognition factor, traffic increase, conversions, and of course your ultimate sales. Your visual presence is everything and that means the world.

Facebook is a powerhouse for traffic and customer engagement and you can take your business to new heights with the power of Facebook marketing when done right. It helps considerably when you got tremendous graphics on top since people love awesomeness and it helps you to stand out from the rest of the competition. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

FB Covers Monster is your best move for online visual domination.

#21 - FB Ad Secrets (Resell Rights)

FB Ad Secrets is your ticket to successful sales funnel strategies that will help you boost your confidence online while making oodles of money.

There are just so many zillions of people that use FB today that you’re literally a moron if you don’t tap into this. And when you are trying to make money online you need all the help you can get.

This professional take action guide gives you all the top secrets and effective strategies you need to get on your money ship and sale to the ends of the earth if you like.

The information contained inside this book is like no other and when you are finished reading you will be so incredibly excited about using it to further your business.

Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. FB Ad Secrets is the guide that will give you the power to succeed FAST.

#22 - Facebook Ads Domination Video Upgrade

This 10 volume comprehensive video series takes you by the hand and shows you the full power of Facebook Ads and how you can dominate your space and market with this incredible advertising tool.

You’ll discover several Facebook Ad strategies that will do wonders for your business, how to turn leads into actual paid customers, how to grow your business, the power of re-targeting, building your list, how to get started with Facebook Ads on less than 5 bucks daily, various ad formats that will ensure you get the most amount of action and much more.

If you thought Facebook Ads was a joke then you’re going to be surprised at just how powerful and effective this monstrous tool really is.

And you’ll see it first hand once you get yourself set up on this incredible platform.

#23 - Viking Facebook Ads (Resell Rights)

It’s all about providing value and very few product-creators deliver more value than the Viking brand. Here you get everything you need in one mega sized pack.

That includes a professionally written ebook and lead magnet along with a training guide, audios, videos, Facebook ads, graphics, Powerpoint slides, emails, and a rebranding tutorial video to help you put it all together under your name so you can take it to market.

Each product in the Viking line delivers a powerful and educational course on various aspects of online marketing. Here you will learn all about the power of Facebook Ads. Many people who have tried to implement social media platforms like Facebook to build their audience and subscribers haven’t quite figured out how to get true bang for their buck.

Many of the most successful marketers are using Facebook Ads successfully and with this course, you will too. Facebook is right up there with Adwords in being a hugely rewarding advertising platform when done right. With around 2 billion active users monthly, you have a tremendous user-base to cater to.

#24 - Facebook Ads Made Easy

Facebook Ads Made Easy Is EXACTLY the introductory useful and convenient video you need in order to get noticed and gain your instant audience on one of the most lucrative social media platforms around.

Facebook is THE place to be when you are just surfing the net or looking to gain exposure to your target niche audiences to build your online presence, increase conversions, and ultimately sell, sell, sell your way into retirement ASAP!

FB ad exposure is awesome when you are looking to build on the wild and crazy whacked world of online business and social media building.

The competition is nuts and you seriously need every advantage you can get your hands on to climb high up to making the money you deserve.

#25 - Chatbot Marketing Mastery

Discover the very best tools for creating your own custom chatbot without any programming knowledge!

You’ve probably seen chatbots in action. They are on all sorts of websites, from major retail chains to mobile phone service providers and many other types of sites and apps.

At first, you might think you’re talking to a real person. Usually, a popup appears with a picture of an agent, along with a name. The “agent” asks something like, “May I help you with anything?” Or, “Do you have any questions?” 

Chatbots use artificial intelligence that is often quite advanced to answer many questions a user might have, and in the event that the bot is unable to help the user, it will usually as the user to call, email, or fill out a support form, or perhaps to check a F.A.Q. page.

Chatbots are quite advanced, and many of them can almost manage to fool users into thinking they are speaking to a real person.

This is beneficial, because it allows companies to lower their overhead by using chatbots to replace customer service agents in many circumstances, and only when the chatbot is unsuccessful in helping the customer must a real agent step in. Chatbots have a few drawbacks, but they also have many benefits. 

In this bonus, you’re going to learn more about how chatbots can be used for marketing, and whether or not chatbots are a good fit for your business.

#26 - FB Survey WordPress Plugin

FB Survey is the fabulous WordPress plugin that you need to tap into the online market and make your audience scream for more.

What happens is an automated and alive survey is set up for you to tap into your Facebook fans and drive them full speed ahead to your website or service. A super smart move knowing that this social media platform is the TOPS online today.

Engaging with FB audiences is only going to get you noticed and this professional and alive survey software app is your direct means of winning the hearts of targeted traffic and this means they WILL come to you for more. A simple sassy tool that’s going to help you climb your ladder ASAP!

FB Survey is your best move to create online authority and build your fantastic presence because of it. Time to get started don’t you think?

#27 - Facebook iFrame PRO (Resell Rights)

When Facebook switched from FBML to IFRAMES for their Fanpages, the race was on to find a simple solution to creating the new IFRAME fanpages. Well, we’ve done just that!

The Facebook IFRAME Pro Plugin will give everyone, even a Newbie, the ability to create Facebook fanpages in just 5 minutes! In The Time It Takes To Write A Blog Post, Your Customers Will Be Able To Create A Facebook Fan Page.

How Much Would Your Customers Pay For This Solution? But as if that isn’t easy enough, we’ve added a detailed instructions and other features to make your life even EASIER! It Even Has Autoresponder Code Built In! Works With Just About ANY Autoresponder!

#28 - Lead Book Generator Plugin (Resell Rights)

With this powerful plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have your leads added to your mailing list automatically!

This is a premium WP plugin that will open the doors to a highly effective way of building your list and making money quickly with Facebook.

This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

Here is what it can do:

Connection to unlimited lists – perfect for offering multiple opt-in incentives from your Facebook page

Seamless Integration with endless forms and fields – as long as the information can be added to your autoresponder, LeadBook Generator can handle it!

Total control over the frequency of imports – choose hourly, daily, or twice daily depending on how often you generate leads.

‘One-click install’ right from your WordPress dashboard – no FTP to fuss with or databases to create.

Simple set up through WordPress so there’s no additional software to purchase or navigate.

No costly month-to-month charges so you can run all the campaigns you like without incurring additional fees!

Fully-illustrated, step-by-step user guide and video demo makes it easy to start generating leads from Facebook and adding them to your list!

Capture new subscribers right where they spend the most time, while ensuring you are getting QUALITY leads with REAL email addresses and much more!

#29 - Facebook Webinar PRO Plugin

With this powerful plugin you can create amazing webinar landing pages inside of Facebook!

There is no limit on how many Facebook webinar pages you can create, create one for all your clients on ONE plugin install.

Collect leads inside of WP and export them to CSV and have them automatically opted in to your favourite AR service.

#30 - Social Media Income (Facebook)

Social Media Income FaceBook is your proven tool that shows you how to use social media to find the buyers for your online business and create the trust and credibility relationships that are essential for long-term online business success.

This is the key to finding your rhythm online and making your mark. Newsflash – If you want to create a viable business online you are going to have to use social media as much as possible.

It’s the easiest route to establish your constant solid online income stream and gain the authority essential to rise to the top of any online business quickly.

It’s an understatement to say social media makes the world go round. And the easiest route for you to build your online business platform correctly is to learn how to find your niche target audience and impress them with your easy visibility.

FaceBook is one of the top online social media venues today and with the knowledge from this expert download you will have the confidence and take-action power to gain quick authority and boost your profits considerably.

Social Media Income FaceBook is the key to taking action to create your top niche platform fast and reap the financial rewards fast.

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