Email Marketing And List Building Bonuses

#1 - WP Email Timer Plus (Resell Rights)

WP Email Timer Plus is a proven expert plugin that enables you to create effective countdown timers even inside of your emails.

This is going to push more traffic to your website, increase rank, build authority, boost credibility, increase conversions and of course that puts more money in your pocket. This is the tool that’s going to captivate your online target market and make sure you have the power to succeed.

Timers bring a sense of urgency and gain more impulsive buys. It’s a very powerful method in the marketing world. To thrive with your business, no matter the type of business or niche that you’re in, you need to have increased visitors to your website and on top, ensure that they get the message that they might be missing out if they don’t take immediate action.

Emails are one of the simplest most effective routes to reach out and touch your audience in an effective manner.

WP Email Timer Plus is your solution to tapping into your target audience and building the trust and increased visibility you need to succeed online.

#2 - Email Marketing Step By Step Guide

Email Marketing Step By Step Guide is your top tool to understand just how VIP critical it is to understand and implement a fantabulous marketing plan for your business.

If you don’t know the hot marketing streams and marry that information with top niches, you don’t have a hope in hell in succeeding online with your business no matter who you are or what product or service you are selling.

This guide shows you step by step how to set up a successful email campaign that’s going to build your customer base strong through proven marketing strategies that work.

There is no guesswork here because it’s all explained in a logical matter-of-fact manner.

Email Marketing Step By Step Guide is your solution to effective email marketing campaigns.

#3 - Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy

Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy is the expert training guide that shows you how to use strategies and proven techniques to successfully market your business via email.

Some say email makes the online world go round! Emailing is something the majority of people do on a daily basis. A quick form of communication that enables people to gather and collect information much faster than a face to face meeting.

Inside you will learn how to use emailing to strengthen your online presence, build your brand and credibility, drive quality niche traffic to your website, increase conversions and authority and of course boost your sales quickly. Marketing is the golden key to any online business success.

If you are sitting in the dark where your target audience can’t find you it’ll be tough to sustain your online presence. Everything you need to get started with your email marketing is here. It won’t take you long to learn the proven techniques that work for your business goals with this information.

Email Marketing 2.0 Made Easy is the solution to setting up your online marketing platform quickly and securely.

#4 - Email List Secrets (Resell Rights)

Email List Secrets is a top quality guide that shows people how to use emails and lists successfully to strengthen their client base.

Fact – If you want to make money online you’re going to have to learn how to use effective emails and proven list techniques to gain the trust of your target audience and convince them to stay loyal to you. The internet is cut throat when it comes to business.

There are so many people online that it’s tough to make your business successful unless you know how to continuously find traffic and draw them to your website. This guide delivers the deep dark secrets of the trade that successful online business owners use.

With this knowledge you will gain the power to make the connections essential to establishing a solid income stream for good.

Email List Secrets is your solution to creating success online quickly and effectively.

#5 - Email Marketing Excellence

Email Marketing Excellence is the key you need to open your lock to creating your online presence, build credibility, drive quality traffic to your website, boost rank, increase conversions, and ultimately create the masterful constant money stream you have always wanted.

Money makes the world go round and if you don’t have the ability to drive your sales up and draw in new quality clients you are literally up the creek without a paddle. You do know that right? You CAN do it but you need help.

And your best option is this proven and effective marketing video that will systematically take you through the process of finding your blueprint to success and that’s golden in the big picture.

With this unique and efficient take-action blueprint you will be able to win your target audience over and that’s everything in the wild and whacked out world of online Internet success.

#6 - 10K Blueprint (Resell Rights)

There are those who strike it rich in the lottery and those who strike it rich in business. Some might attribute it to luck in both cases. But the difference between winning a lottery and being successful in business is that one is complete luck while the other takes actual work.

To get anywhere in business, there’s an element of risk involved. That could be the risk of investing money and time and not knowing the end result. But by simply not taking action, you don’t put yourself in a position to succeed.

If you want to succeed, you need to put in the effort. With this guide, you will have it a lot easier as you get a concise step by step approach on how to make money online using the same tactics and strategies that are used by top flight marketers.

You’ll discover how to fix your mindset and attitude to increase your motivation, the various methods available that you can move forward with including affiliate marketing, list building and email marketing, developing a proper plan, building sales funnels, generating traffic and much more.

10K Blueprint is the exact blueprint that you need to get a hold of right now to start building towards your success.

#7 - Responsive Email Marketing (Resell Rights)

Responsive Email Marketing – The Top Methods And Tips For Boosting Your Response Rates is all about teaching you how to reach out and touch your audience online without getting thrown in jail or worse yet blocked.

You will learn straight from the master marketing gurus that make zillions of bucks, how to grab the undivided attention of your audience and drive them to reach out and touch you back with their contact information and interest.

As in all aspects of business, your professionalism is your brand. If you treat your customers right, they will reward you with loyalty. Really doesn’t get much better than that.

Responsive Email Marketing – The Top Methods And Tips For Boosting Your Response Rates is exactly what you need if you would like to boost your response rate and increase conversions. Magical! 

#8 - Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation (Resell Rights)

Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation – Build A Profitable List With These Modern E-Mail Marketing And Segmentation Techniques is the go-to source for powerful email marketing.

One of the most powerful forms of marketing is list marketing and for good reason. Every major business and company engages in email marketing. It’s the opportunity to reach an entire customer-case with a single message.

It’s why Twitter is so immensely popular in the world. As a matter of fact, every single marketer says that the biggest mistake they made in their business was not building their list from the very first day.

The amount of reach available and the ability to promote new products and services to your customers is unfathomable. With mobile, you can be away on holiday and still reach your entire customer-base by shooting off an email.

Not everyone has social media but everyone has an email. There’s the convenience of having a list. With this guide, you will discover how to get your email list going, how to succeed, how to write great emails, how to automate your emails, and much more.

This is the golden book of email marketing and if you’re ready to rock it with your list then grab this now. 

#9 - Email Marketing Expert (Resell Rights)

Doing business is more than a full-time job. Your days are spent selling and procuring products, ensuring customer satisfaction and when you are home, you have to work on new products, ideas to improve your service, track finances and do the research to grow your business.

This leaves little or no time to learn new things. 

This course has everything you need to know to boost your online reputation and Get hundreds of people signing up to your lists every week.

You will learn:

The biggest mistakes newbie marketers make that ruins their campaigns.

How to grab attention and make people have a burning desire to be on your list.

Creating stunning squeeze pages that inspires your visitors to press the “Subscribe Now” button.

Creating lead magnets that drives people crazy and gets them to sign up at once.

The most impressive method to send a thank you message.

Creating amazing follow-up messages that are equally exciting every time.

Automating your autoresponder to increase audience loyalty and adding them to conversions.

The elements that you must have in your emails and what never to include.

Strategies to grow your emails list beyond 1000s, every one of them being your ardent follower.

And tips and simple hacks to do it all within minutes.       

#10 - Email List Building Blueprint

Email List Building Blueprint is the download that delivers top quality information to help you drive the qualified traffic to your website to buy.

Inside you will learn the effective tips and strategies that are going to help you to create your online presence and create the money stream that’s going to give you security.

Emailing is super easy to do and when you take the expert knowledge of how to build effective lists from this, you’re going to take control of the success of your online niche business. The tips and tricks you will learn are invaluable in the big picture of online business success.

Bottom line – Successful business owners use quality lists to push up their numbers, boost rank and increase conversions. An invaluable wealth of information for serious online business creators.

Take control of your website and online presence today. Email List Building Blueprint has the solution to building your online presence quickly.

#11 - Cautionary Email Marketing

Cautionary E-Mail Marketing is a practical and informative guide that gives you the goods, the ins and outs on cautionary email marketing.

It makes sense because if you want to be effective online in any business you need to know how to email with smarts. NOT just shooting out junk to random strangers day after day.

That can actually get you into oodles of trouble if you aren’t careful. And that’s what this guide is all about. Making sure you know what you are doing when you email and that you aren’t wasting your time sending rubbish.

With email marketing, you need to be careful that you’re emailing someone with their permission when it comes to solicitation and advertising. That’s where this guide becomes a benefit.

Cautionary E-Mail Marketing is invaluable in any big picture online.

#12 - Easy Email Marketing (Resell Rights)

Easy Email Marketing – Optimizing For Better Results – 5 Day Crash Course is your fast action guide to understanding how to use emails to build your marketing networking systems.

With this in place you can systematically move up the ranks straight to the top! This guide teaches you how to specifically use email marketing to reach out and touch your target audience to maximize exposure and gain.

How often have you wondered how to get your sales message out to as many people as possible FAST? Now you have the tools to take action and get results with this expert tactical guide.

Easy Email Marketing – Optimizing For Better Results – 5 Day Crash Course has what you need to succeed.

#13 - Email Marketing Made Easy (Resell Rights)

Email Marketing Made Easy – Tips For Emails That Really Work is the expert guide you need to crash through the online email marketing traps that make you work hard with little to no profit!

Running in circles just isn’t what the doctor ordered with this guide. Inside you will learn how to take advantage of this lucrative online marketing strategy to drive qualified niche market prospects to your website. From there you can pitch these eager beavers and nail the sale.

Having professional strategies in your brain that are explained and supported is priceless in the online world today. A cut-throat platform where every single advantage you have is golden.

It’s time for you to stop going through the motions and take affirmative action to make use of your tactical email lists and start rolling in the money.

Email Marketing Made Easy – Tips For Emails That Really Work is your next smart buy if you are serious about succeeding!

#14 - Using Your Email List For Maximum Effect (Resell Rights)

Using Your Email List For Maximum Effect educates on how successful businesses in our world today communicate with their target audiences.

If you want to be successful in your online business you need to know how to track down and connect with your online niche audience. How to capture their undivided attention and drive them to your website to buy.

Inside this download you will learn that a premium effective route to reaching out to touch your potential clients is by simply formulating a master email list. When you learn the tips and tricks and proven strategies to create your e-mail list, you’ll have the blueprint for online money-making success.

With knowledge comes power and you deserve to have the power when you are looking to have a thriving online empire. The power is in your audience and this guide shows you how to take full advantage of this.

Using Your Email List For Maximum Effect provides the solutions you are looking for if you’re serious about maximizing your profit gain.

#15 - Double Your Email Campaign Conversions (Resell Rights)

One of the most amazing things about online marketing is that once you’ve built up a following and created a loyal list of followers and subscribers, you become a trusted voice in your niche.

And with a single email, you can make a lot of money. Some marketers have built such massive lists over the years and can bank up to 6 figures or more with a single email send-out to their list anytime they launch a new product.

But there are some challenges that can pop up for those who are still either in the learning stages or are trying to get a higher conversion rate. At the end of the day, it’s all about making sales. And to make sales, you need conversions at a decent rate.

This audio download provides you with the necessary knowledge which, when applied, can get you those higher conversion rates that you so desperately want.

It will give you a different take on how to get better and more targeted followers and so much more. In business, you thrive when you have a loyal and trusted customer-base but you don’t want mostly freebie seekers.

You want those freebie seekers to ultimately become real paid customers. That should be every marketer’s goal.

#16 - Massive Email Lists With Co Registration (Resell Rights)

List building is an essential component of an online marketing allowing you to send a valuable information to all people who are interested in your site, company or brand.

Bulk email lists are essential for any business as they provide flexibility and easy communication whenever you need it. Every business needs to constantly be a list building.

This audio course will teach you how to build a massive email list using co-registrations.

#17 - Make Your Subject Lines Standout (Resell Rights)

Learn the Techniques to Make Your Email Subject Line Stand Out Multi Media!

The money is in the list. And if you are building your email list today, the next question is that, are your email series get opens?

Your subject line will certainly stand out, and your email will be opened if you make your email unique, useful to the reader, and focused on what the reader either needs to know or wants to know.

Maximize your email marketing efforts by simply having the highest results that you haven’t experience before.

#18 - CPA Email Marketing (Resell Rights)

Learn From This Audio, Give It Away To Build Your Email List & Sell The Whole Product With MRR

One of the ways you can organize and automate your CPA network offers is through automatic email campaigns. If you already have a list of subscribers to some websites or blogs you own, you already have a means to do an email campaign with CPA offers.

This approach also lends itself well to doing a “hands off” system approach that can work behind the scenes to generate cash, even when you are asleep.

When someone signs up to your website or blog, you are going to add them to your email list and send them a notice that you recognize their signup.

The fact that they signed up means they are now in your sales funnel and they’ve given you permission to send them information via email.

If you know which niche each site or blog is marketing, it’s easy to create separate email lists for different demographics. 

#19 - 10 Tips For Effective Email Content (Resell Rights)

The issue that a lot of marketers and list owners run into is that they just don’t quite know how to produce content for their email list that entices their subscribers to open, read, and take action.

This is because a lot of these marketers don’t take the time to learn the art of copy writing and even how to properly interact with their subscribers and their audience.

They see their list as a profit machine and don’t treat the subscribers as humans, rather just numbers.

In this report, not only will you learn 10 top tips for writing effective email content, but you’ll also learn a few other additional tricks of the trade that can improve the quality of your list.

#20 - Email Marketing Made Easy Training Guide

This exclusive training will take you by the hand and show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool, what you really need to know in order to dominate Email Marketing the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever.

This is exactly what you are going to learn:

➔ In Chapter I, you will learn what Email Marketing is all about.

➔ In Chapter II, you will learn why you should definitely use Email Marketing for your business.

➔ In Chapter III, you will learn about the Top 10 Email Marketing Automation Tools you can use to start enjoying this amazing advertising strategy.

➔ In Chapter IV, you will learn how to get the most out of Email Marketing.

➔ In Chapter V, you will learn the 10 do’s you have to apply for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns.

➔ In Chapter VI, you will learn The 10 don’ts you have to avoid for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns.

➔ In Chapter VII, you will get the chance to look at several shocking Email Marketing Case Studies.

➔ In Chapter VIII, you will learn how to use Email Marketing as an Internet Marketer in order to make money online.

#21 - List Authority (Resell Rights)

List Authority – How To Build An Email List of 1000 Subscribers In 30 Days And Profit From Your First Newsletter delivers expert insider information that shows you how to build massive qualified lists quickly and profit faster!

In just 30 days you can see the money coming in to create a golden highly profitable e-mail list with permanence. A list that will continue to flourish for years to come. Sounds like a steal to me!

So many people start their hopeful adventure online building lists but they haven’t got the goods to make it lucrative. This means they may be taped into the right niche markets but they don’t possess that key information that will turn those names and e-mail addresses into a never-ending stream of money.

List Authority – How To Build An Email List of 1000 Subscribers In 30 Days And Profit From Your First Letter has the “fire” button.

#22 - Build A Responsive Mailing List (Resell Rights)

How To Build A Responsive Mailing List is a quality read concerning the dos and don’ts of building a mailing list that can keep you generating a ton of revenue for the long term if not for life.

When done right, a mailing list is your treasure chest that takes care of you. The only problem faced by many inexperienced marketers is that their thought process is one of greed and short-term thinking.

It’s not the size of the list but the quality of the list. Because it always comes down to conversions. If you’re ready to learn then this is the guide to get you started.

How To Build A Responsive Emailing List is the best move you can make to really drill into the intricacies of list building and generating the successful response you desire.

#23 - List Launcher (Resell Rights)

List Launcher – 77 Tactics And Tweaks For Building A Big List Of Subscribers In Your Niche is your golden ticket to online success via simple effective subscribers in massive hoards!

This strategic gem shows you how to wheel and deal with the crazy online competition by breaking out of the pack with useful lists from which to build.

It won’t take you long to get your prize subscriber list that just keeps growing and growing and growing! From there you will learn step by step how to use your list of subscribers to climb straight to the top of your revenue mountain. Pretty amazing for you!

List Launcher – 77 Tactics And Tweaks For Building A Big List Of Subscribers In Your Niche is your solution for online success today!

#24 - Email Marketing Guide (Resell Rights)

If anyone, be it marketer or business owner is telling you that email marketing is a thing of the past, cut communication with them immediately because that’s the biggest lot of nonsense ever spoken.

Not only is email marketing extremely effective even now, it’s actually the most powerful method of marketing as we speak.

Everyone has an email account. Email has stood the test of time and it’s not going anywhere. People were under the assumption that social media and all the other marketing platforms would cause email’s demise but it never came close. 

If you don’t understand the true power of email marketing now how to make it work then this guide is for you. The sooner you get it, the better.

Email marketing will be here for a long long time and it will continue being a powerhouse juggernaut method of marketing that nobody should ever look over. 

#25 - Customer List Builder Software (Resell Rights)

Customer List Builder is the software you need in your back pocket that’s going to give you the confidence to make money and build your online reputation strong and true.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips and the automated part is bonus. If you don’t have the best of the best when it comes to a client list, you are climbing uphill with a banana peel under your feet in the wild and tough crazy world of selling. There’s no doubt about it.

This software gives you the ability to generate your top niche lists in an automated fashion so you need not worry every again about generating that top traffic you need to sustain your sales.

List building is critical to success and anyone that tells you otherwise is sucking hind teat big time. Everything you need is in this guide and from there you have the power to climb high toward success.

Customer List Builder is the only software you need to nail the list and never look back. Time for you to nail it don’t you think?

#26 - List Building Profit Kit (Resell Rights)

List Building Profit Kit – How To Build A Profitable And Responsive Email List shows you the master’s method of making a killing in your business by turning your customers into money through the power of a list.

This guide takes you by the hand and shows you the real process used by experts in the industry on how to build a real business that can be scaled to unspeakable levels.

You will learn how to research and pinpoint trending markets and evergreen niches that guarantee business, how to find markets that need your product, how to use great content to push your business to new levels, how to build awesome squeeze pages and grow your subscriptions and ultimately boost conversions, and much more.

It doesn’t take a genius to be successful in any aspect of online marketing but it takes a person willing to read and learn to make the climb towards online success.

Your ascent to the top begins today. Empty your glass and soak in the information that you’re about to learn from this guide.

#27 - List Building Secrets

List Building Secrets – Over 60 Minutes Of Video Covering List Building Secrets is the super fabulous video that makes it easy for you to learn how and where to collect your USEFUL lists so you can build your online authority and rock it with your chosen niche sales!

You need solid FANTASTIC traffic if you want to win online and this quick to apply video gives it all up to you. Step by step you will sift through the process and push you up to the top of the Money-Making Mountain so you can sit up there for awhile and enjoy the view.

List Building Secrets – Over 60 Minutes Of Video Covering List Building Secrets is the online video master tool you need in your pocket so you can effectively tap into the niche streams of people you need to be successful. 

#28 - The Top 10 Critical List Building Mistakes (Resell Rights)

The Top 10 Critical List Building Mistakes is the practical ebook that gives you the tools to ensure you don’t mess up with your list building marketing campaign.

List building is one of the most effective routes to reach your quality target audience base quickly. If you want to make money you need to get your information to the online visitors that are going to buy. Avoiding common mistakes will help you reach your online business goals faster.

Inside you will learn the importance of list building and the expert strategies, tips and tricks to make sure you build your online lists quickly and properly. Sifting through the information online takes up too much of your valuable time.

That’s why this download is important if you are serious about building a solid online platform quickly. This guide will help you make the right list building moves so you don’t ever have to go back to the drawing board.

The Top 10 Critical List Building Mistakes are uncovered so you don’t rinse and repeat with harmful business building errors.

#29 - 100 Fast List Building Methods And Techniques (Resell Rights)

Building a list is important for every business because the list is an asset that the business owns to give it special access to a customer’s personal space. Besides, it is a cheap and authentic technique of building leads, delivering valuable content, and building trust and rapport with the customers.

Many traditional list building methods are no longer usefull and businesses across the globe are now in danger of missing out on huge revenue potential.

There is a huge need for alternative methods to allow you to build increased mailing lists and subscribers by using many different techniques rather than just one or two.

With this ebook you will learn:

How to Use Google to List Build

Opt-in Profits

The Power of Social Media

How to Use Form Marketing

Brand Building

Offline List Building and much more…

#30 - A Guide To List Building Software (Resell Rights)

A Guide To List Building is a really cool top notch niche software application that’s going to make your list building dreams come true.

One of the most pain in the butt factors in building a successful and very lucrative online business is the fact that if you don’t have top notch lists with QUALITY people, you just won’t make ends meet online with ANY business.

What this software application does is make it super-duper easy for you to tap into the cream of the crop and that’s just the beginning! Nobody wants to work forever and this ingenious tool gives you the ability to take what you know and make it BOOM.

Which means you will have the choice to live your retirement instead of working for the rest of your days.

A Guide To List Building is a simple smart software solution to tap into your online crowd and use them to make you the money you want, need, and ultimately deserve. 

#31 - List Building Pitfalls Revealed (Resell Rights)

List Building Pitfalls Revealed is your quality expert marketing guide that gives you the top notch knowledge to take advantage of this information to create a lucrative income stream. This enables you to drive qualified traffic to your doorstep for fast sales.

Email lists are only as successful as the user implementing them. If you use the basic concepts of this guide you will know exactly how to plug in this take-action information to get successful results. There are so many scams out there it’s crazy.

Time for you to take this quality insider information and apply to your list building strategy. Create a plan that guides and directs you to online marketing success and an endless supply of buying needs. You want the gold visitors and not the lead ones. Makes sense to me.

List Building Pitfalls Revealed is your solution to making the most of your lists and transforming your efforts into lucrative productivity. 

#32 - Forum List Building (Resell Rights)

Forum List Building is the take action guide that’s going to give you everything you need to drive straight to the top of your hot niche and beyond.

It’s all right here for the taking when you are ready to understand exactly how to create and build from your effective niche lists and never look back.

You see if you are targeting buyers you are essentially wasting your time. This is the e-book that gives you the power to shine. The book that has the proven concepts to build your fantabulous lists to shine.

Without top notch lists you won’t be seen online and there’s no way to succeed without consistent visibility. As always it’s up to you to decide.

#33 - List Building Overview (Resell Rights)

Many marketers with massive lists can make over 6 figures with a single email to their list. That goes to show the power of having a responsive list that’s been built on trust.

This video shows you how to go about building a high quality and responsive list the right way. You’ll understand the fundamentals of list building and how to place yourself as an authority whom people will trust and be comfortable with.

At the end of the day, everything is based on trust. That’s how businesses built their brands successfully. It’s about trust and quality and people want nothing less.

Therefore you should provide them with nothing less. List Building Overview is a top quality audio download that you need to get a hold of if you want to take your list building efforts to a whole new level. 

#34 - Email List Genie (Resell Rights)

Email List Genie – Stop Wishing For More Subscriptions & Get Them Now With These Surprising Sources is a take action internet marketing masterpiece second to none.

Inside you will discover fresh QUALITY sources that are FREE! You will learn the top online subscribers that will take your business to the next level.

The golden ticket is raking in those valuable subscribers and this book makes that easier than taking candy from a sleeping baby. Not so easy when they’re awake!

When you’ve got the take action information this guide delivers all you’ve got to do is apply and soar. Increasing your online presence, building brand, and of course boosting revenue like crazy. This step by step guide will get you there if you’re ready.

Email List Genie – Stop Wishing For More Subscriptions & Get Them Now With These Surprising Sources is your best move today for a fantabulous tomorrow.

#35 - List Building Made Easy

List Building Made Easy – Build a Qualified Customer Base With Our Latest Techniques is a savvy and effective live and luscious get results type of video that’s going to create your customer base platform good as gold!

A solid and authoritative platform with resilience and substance is EXACTLY what you need to fly the coop of junk user clients and climb into success with buyers.

They have a much comfier bed! Lists are your key to flagging down your target audience. But only if you have QUALITY. This means you need this tool to guide and direct you to ensure your effort will be rewarded handsomely.

A wonderful way to fly high above the clouds and shine with sales until the cows come home. Lovely fun!

#36 - Effective Emails


While the technology itself is bordering on ancient, email is as popular and effective as ever. Writing and email that engages readers and prompts them to take action is not an easy feat, however. In this guide we’ll go over everything you need to know to write highly effective emails.

Below are some of the information that you are about to learn:

The unwritten rules you need to follow and the potential pitfalls you need to watch out for when writing emails.

How to write high effective subject lines that get your email opened instead of lost in people’s already crowded inboxes

How you should construct the body of your emails so people actually read them from start to finish.

Why you need a powerful call to action, and how to create that spurs readers to take action now.

What the most common mistakes of email marketing are, and how you can avoid them and so much more inside…

#37 - Easy List Hacks

Learn How to Squeeze More Money Out Of Your Email Lists, Optimize and Increase Efficiency & Profits!

Maybe you already have a mailing list but still you are struggling how you can extract money out from your list.

Inside this report, you are about some advance techniques and principles on how you do what you want from your email subscribers.

But one can only fail so many times before realizing the missing ingredients to finally succeeding and making money with email marketing.

Below is the list of information that you are about to learn:

Hack #1: Fortune Favors The Brave

Hack #2: Niche Selection and Promotion

Hack #3: Text or Html Emails?

Hack #4: Tracking & Split Testing Email Blasts

Hack #5: Subject Lines That Kills!

Hack #6: Easy Autoresponder Series For Any Niche

Hack #7: Reducing Email Marketing Costs

#38 - Squeeze Page To Bank Account (Resell Rights)

The Why, What, How And When Of Email Marketing That Consistently Gets Results!

You are going to learn a lot of fantastic concepts inside this report that, if used, will 100% make you a better email marketer. You’re going to read a lot of things inside this report that go against the grain. Methods that you may have been warned not to do by others in your market.

Even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable is good. It’s your key to separation from the competition. And yes. There’s competition in email marketing. You’re competing for the attention of your subscriber, inside their own Inbox. 

Some like to call it “The Battle For The Inbox.” You can call it what you like. There are no gimmicks or cheap tricks inside this report.

The advice given will have long lasting benefits for as long as you put them to work. Truth is, you will definitely be a better email marketer after reading this guide, providing you use the bloody advice.

#39 - Lead Magnets

How To Build Massive Email Lists The Easy Way In ANY Niche You Want Using Inexpensive Private Label Rights Content!

Once upon a time, back in the early 2000’s, direct response marketers discovered a system direct linking from Google Adwords straight to their affiliate offers.

It was called the ‘Google Cash System’ and it made a lot of people a lot of money very quickly. And it was good.

The mighty Google quickly grew tired of direct response marketers. Google punched them in the cash sack and revoked their AdWords card leaving direct response marketers floundering to find a new way to run paid traffic to their offers. Dark times had arrived.

Eventually savvy entrepreneurs caught on to a different (not new) way to still use paid traffic that was developed pre-2000 by one of the godfathers of internet marketing.

It didn’t deliver those sweet commissions instantaneously like direct response did, but it did deliver and looked a whole lot more like a real grown up business. And it was good.

#40 - WP Email Countdown (Resell Rights)

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding And Generate RESULTS For You!

WP Email Countdown is a fantastic plugin that allows you to effortlessly add action-taking and profit-inducing countdown timers inside your emails. What’s more, as I said before, not only you can add them to your emails but also to your websites and blogs, as a widget.

Check out the interesting features and benefits that WP Email Countdown can bring to the table for you:

It’s easy to install and to run.

Several useful customization options.

In-depth statistics are included.

Proven to work like a charm.

Grab your subscribers attention.

Make people take action and do whatever you tell them to do.

#41 - Explosive List Building Essentials (Resell Rights)

Explosive List Building Essentials is the premium expert guide that will show you exactly what you need to do in order to create explosive responsive lists and take your online business to the next level and beyond.

You seriously need this information to apply if you want to go big fast and make oodles of money monthly that you want, need, and of course deserve.

It just makes sense to me and pretty much any other business builder that’s serious. Many people still to this day don’t understand the power of email capture and lead generation.

The benefits are enormous in the long run when you can build your client-base, gain their trust and loyalty and promote your products to them again and again. By not doing so, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

You should view your company as a brand. With time, your brand will sell itself as your customers view you as a trustworthy seller. But to build your brand, you need to get on your customers’ good side. Offer freebies like ebooks or short reports as an example.

You’ll gain a lot more insight with this book. So you know what you need to do now!

#42 - List Building Excellence

List Building Excellence is a take action guide that shows you how to cleverly find the top notch clients in your target market to build excellent lists that will serve as solid templates.

And it’s these list templates that are going to fuel the fire for massive authority recognition and rank gain.

Simply because when customers are driven to your website you are naturally going to increase conversions and build a solid income stream, while strengthening your lists. A win-win on every level.

List Building Excellence is your answer to creating lists with staying power so you will succeed long-term. And that’s the golden ticket for online survival.

#43 - Avalanche List Building

Avalanche List Building – How To Build Your List Super Fast is your golden ticket to creating your top quality niche list and basking in the glory of quality target audience magnetism.

It won’t take long for you to take action to move up the ranks with this quality download. It shows you how to create your niche audience list effectively so rinsing and repeating isn’t an issue.

Conquered and divide is what this is all about and when you can easily maximize your list usage, that’s fantabulous for your online marketing campaign and visual presence. Bigger is better here.

Avalanche List Building – How To Build Your List Super Fast is your tactical tool that will make you build your wealth. If you like easy money you better get it pronto.

#44 - How To Get 1,000 Subscribers in 30 Days (Resell Rights)

How To Get 1,000 Subscribers In 30 Days – Proven List Building Methods to help you gain control of niche top subscribers with easy-peazy strategies! FAST money is what it’s all about and this guide shows you step by step how to take full advantage of proven list building strategies that will stand the test of time.

All you have to do is read through this guide to educate your mind and then follow the explicit instructions to apply. It won’t take long for you to build your online list building stats straight through the roof and when this happens you are already rolling in the money in buckets!

Money is great right?

It seems you can never have enough money no matter who you are and this guide just shows you one more successful avenue to pad your wallet. How To Get 1,000 Subscribers In 30 Days – Proven List Building Methods is the perfect guide for you to succeed. 

#45 - 2 Step Opt-in Generator (Resell Rights)

2 Step Opt-In Generator is the software that shows you how to easily increase your Opt-In conversions quickly.

In just a couple of minutes you can create 2 Step Opt-In pages with Lightbox. You will learn the money is in the list! If you want to create your online success you need to understand exactly what it takes to develop and create credible lists.

They will help you connect with your target audience and build your brand. Rank will increase, your credibility will rise, authority will improve, conversions will increase and of course you are going to make more profit.

How about tapping into a few different online income streams? It’s always better to have your eggs in more than one basket.

2 Step Opt-In Generator is the key to creating your online business success and website recognition fast.

#46 - List Building On Crack

List Building On Crack is the innovative and creative approach to building your quality lists in order to push your sales up up and away!

You see if you don’t have constant and exceptional amounts of online exposure you just aren’t going to have the ability to create the authority presence you need to make the money you want, need, and deserve online.

Money does matter if you really want to live your happily ever after story in reality! With this tactical easy to understand video you will gain the practical knowledge you need to make certain you build authority and create the solid rooted platform you need to make your mark in online business.

List Building On Crack is what you should grab PRONTO to climb up high and WIN! Don’t wait for the right time. Just get to it.

#47 - List Building on a Budget (Resell Rights)

 In this guide, you’re going to learn how to get your list building efforts under way while on a budget. You’ll discover various free to low cost autoresponders and how to make the most of free features.

You’ll learn how to entice users to sign up to your list, how to create landing pages and squeeze pages, how to attract people to sign up, developing a solid relationship with users who signed up, creating an email series, and much more.

Expert marketers who’ve been in the game know how to develop rapport and trust with their subscribers and so will you.

You’ll be shown how to get your subscribers to trust you, how to promote a product launch and more. It’s all about keeping things simple and keeping costs low.

Many marketers go over the top and spend a ton of money on unnecessary designs and tools. Users just want information and if they love the info you give them, they’ll jump on board.

It’s all about giving them what they want and not having to blow up your wallet. 

#48 - Host Your Own Autoresponder On WordPress

An Autoresponder Is An Essential Service For Internet Business. Cost Can Be An Issue – So See How You Can Get One For Free!

The money is in the list. And if you want to build a profitable empire online, you should do what successful internet marketers are doing.

The thing is that subscribing to email marketing software or services is expensive and if you not doing it right, huge money will be at risk.

The good news is that inside this video tutorial, you are about to learn how to setup your own autoresponder right inside your WP website.

Lead Capture And Follow Up Can Be The Determining Factor Between Making Big Money And Making No Money On The Internet.

#49 - The 9 Profit Pillars

Revealed: The 9 Income Streams – A Great Video Course Showing You 9 Biggest Profit Generating Methods to Make $100-$300+ Per Day Online.

Do you find it hard to make money online and getting stuck on where to go to earn money? Frustrated of the countless methods that don’t make any money?

The 9 Profit Pillars is a great video course developed by Paul Nicholas showing you 9 biggest profit generating methods to make $100-$300+ per day online and it actually work.

This fistful money production methods had been used by him to earned a full time income and now you can copy and implement the methods so you’ll get the same or more outcomes.

The 9 Profit Pillars covers 9 online income streams with 9 videos including:

List Building.

Email Marketing.

Creating and Releasing Information Products / WSOs.

Current Live Products / WSOs.

Affiliate Promotions, Offline Websites.

Membership Sites.

Premium Courses and 1 to 1 Coaching.

#50 - X-Treme List Build Plugin

X-Treme List Build is the evolution of list building and is chock full of awesome features to take your list building efforts to the next level.

Your landing page needs to look nothing short of amazing if you want people to subscribe to you or go through your sales funnel to make a purchase.

This plugin has a ton of features to make your life easy so you can get it installed and running and set your list on fire with leads. This plugin allows you to customize all parts of the content sections and also gives you the option to add video backgrounds.

It integrates perfectly with autoresponders and email services like Aweber and Mailchip, and is a smooth and easy process for your visitors to get around. List building takes effort for new marketers because of the tech stuff involved.

Anything that makes setting up the list building system easier is welcome on that note which is what makes X-Treme List Build an extremely beneficial and time-saving plugin so that you can set it up quickly and be off to the races.

#1 - Email Marketing Made Easy 2.0 Video Upgrade

Email marketing is a tried, tested, and exceptionally rewarding form of marketing which has proven to be rock solid even despite the changing technology around us. No matter how many new types of sites, apps and software come about, there is still a place for email marketing and it hasn’t slowed down even a trickle.

Email Marketing Made Easy 2.0 breaks it all down and shows you how to really build your list and maintain it and make it work so that you will be properly rewarded.

This video series offers 20 high quality videos in HD and goes deep into a variety of topics including how to get set up, how to create your email marketing campaigns, tips and strategies and a whole lot more.

The list is the most powerful thing that a marketer has. And with this course, you will build it like a pro and never look back. Your list building venture begins here. 

#2 - Email Marketing Mastery

Email Marketing Mastery – How To Make More Sales With Email Marketing is a wonderful and oodles active online tool.

This incredible video is designed to help you to use effective online emails to capture the heart and soul of your target audience and have them eating out of your hand forevermore.

You are in control of you. And this tool is going to help you boost your sales with amazing online marketing through your top notch emails.

An excellent video that will give you the confidence and the power to shine with your e-marketing content magic.

Email Marketing Mastery – How To Make More Sales With Email Marketing is the tool you want in your back pocket in order to shine. 

#3 - Extreme Email Marketing (Resell Rights)

Extreme Email Marketing – Marketing Lead Generation Secrets Revealed is the book you need to grab that’s going to make email marketing a dream come true. Simply put, when you understand the how and why of things the rest is easy-peazy!

This book takes the time to walk you through all the important tactics of emailing that you must first learn before you have the brain to make them effective. From there you will learn how to say things more effectively and how to make your thinking become easily translated for your target audience.

What this book does is take something hugely complex and dumb it down just enough so you get the take action features and leave the junk behind. 

#4 - Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing in the world. Any and every marketer swears by it because it’s so convenient, simple and effective in getting the word out for new products and promotions to your targeted list of customers.

Even in the age of social media where people are racking up tons of followers and subscribers through various social media platforms, email marketing is still the most proven form of marketing because of the fact that everyone on a list is a targeted consumer who willingly gave their emails in exchange for a product or for lessons.

In this 10 part video alternative to the Modern Email Marketing & Segmentation Ebook, you’ll learn how to market to the right audience, the best marketing platform to utilize, how to entice your audience, how to sort and send emails on automation, how to optimize your list, how to create a great squeeze page, different email marketing strategies available and more.

In a world where various marketing techniques are replaced by new methods along with new platforms taking over old platforms, email has stood the test of time.

#5 - Internet Marketing Promo Emails (Resell Rights)

Internet Marketing Promo Emails is an excellent guide to direct you correctly in the hugely competitive online world of business. When it comes to selling you need to understand the importance of key marketing tactics.

Newsflash – The people with the best marketing strategies are the ones that rise to the top the fastest. If you want to move slowly up the ranks this isn’t the guide for you. It’s all about tapping into that super hot marketing niche and shooting straight up to the top fast.

This means you will learn how to boost rank, build your brand, strengthen your online reputation, and drive quality traffic to your door for high conversions and buying power. How does that sound to you? Well it’s not going to happen magically.

You need this guide to get you there. Internet Marketing Promo Emails is the only guide you need if you truly want to succeed. 

#6 - Email Monetizer (Resell Rights)

With so many platforms available nowadays for marketers to promote and advertise their content and products through, one would think that email marketing would’ve been a thing of the past by now.

But interestingly enough, email marketing is as strong as it’s ever been. As a matter of fact, it’s still the most powerful marketing method even today and nothing else comes close when it comes to directly marketing to the customer.

 In this guide, you are going to learn about the true power of list building and email marketing. You’ll learn about giving incentives, turning pages into cash funnels, how to expertly create upsells and downsells, how to cross-sell for even more money and various money making strategies.

This is definitely a must-read guide if you haven’t kickstarted your list building efforts. 

#7 - Dedicated Email Drops 101 (Resell Rights)

Dedicated Email Drops 101 – Unleash The Power Of Email Marketing Without A List is the report you need to succeed in online marketing through effective emails. If you don’t have a quality e-mail list going on you have zero chance of making your online time and energy in business worth your while.

Doesn’t matter what your niche theme is, you need them knowledge from this guide to become successful. E-lists are simple but complex. There are so many factors that make these lists effective and useful that it’s critical you use the proven template to get you started. All of which is delivered via this sensational guide created only for winners. Are you a winner or a loser?

Dedicated Email Drops 101 – Unleash The Power Of Email Marketing Without A List is the perfect guide to take you to the top.

It has all the deep dark secrets you need to build your solid platform and rinse and repeat with top quality e-mail lists that are going to drive quality traffic to you for high conversions. 

#8 - Responsive Email Marketing Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

Responsive Email Marketing – The Top Methods And Tips For Boosting Your Response Rates is the video you need to succeed online and more.

It really doesn’t do you any good at all to create emails that get zero action or ones that fall upon deaf ears. That really sucks big-time and if you want to avoid this you need to take action with this video to ensure that just doesn’t happen.

If you want to survive online with your business you need to have the golden ticket to drive your niche target audience to your door and this is the tool that takes you there. Make it easy for yourself and just grab it today.

Responsive Email Marketing – The Top Methods And Tips For Boosting Your Response Rates is your solution to getting your audience to recognize you and open their wallets. 

#9 - Cautionary Email Marketing Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

Cautionary Email Marketing is the video tool that will rock your online business presence positively.

It’s tough to win online and unless you have all the tools at your fingertips you have next to zero chances of winning. The truth? This is the gold when it comes to email marketing.

And this video will show you how to take your audience up a few notches and drive your sales up with ease, and all you’ve got to do is pay attention and apply.

Everything you need is right here and it’s created by the industry experts already rolling in the money so you really can’t go wrong.

Who better to learn from than the people already doing it? Email marketing doesn’t have to be tough but you do need to understand what needs to be done to grab attention and drive buyers to your online presence.

Cautionary Email Marketing is the only video you need to succeed in reaching out and touching your buyers. 

#10 - Email List Building Blueprint Gold (Resell Rights)

Email List Building Blueprint Gold takes you step by step through the process of building your quality lists quickly.

A successful online business has top quality lists in order to keep the income flowing. This is the guide that explains what email list building is and it shows you how to build it.

Practically everyone has an email today, which is why it’s VIP to tap into this avenue of reaching out and selectively touching your niche target audience. You can only win by learning proven effective strategies to help locate and tap into the online visitors that are going to buy your product or service.

It’s all here. Everything you need to get started off on a solid foot to building a solid platform for your online business niche. Experts agree that list building is one of the most effective methods of online marketing.

This means when you learn how to use this concept and implement it into your online marketing blueprint you are setting your business up for success.

Email List Building Blueprint Gold has answers you need to succeed online. Now’s the time to get your business running.

#11 - Email Marketing Profits (Resell Rights)

Email Marketing Profits is the tool you need to learn how to make money with email marketing. It’s really not that difficult when you have the take action proven information you need in your brain.

This video provides everything you need and more to make that happen. There are so many different online email marketing strategies it’s enough to make your head pop.

This issue is that not all of them are effective and functional. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or affiliate marketer because there’s a simple solution to making a nice profit with email marketing.

All you’ve got to do is open your mind and apply. In no time you will be laughing your way to the bank and back and then off to your private island for some much needed relaxation time.

The sky is the limit with the tactical strategic information in this video and the time has come for you to tap in and win today.

Email Marketing Profits is your solution to fast money forever and now you should take it to the top. Are you ready to win or do you want to continue coming up short?

#12 - Email Copy That Sells

Email Copy That Sells is the answer to your “dead end” prayers. Are you sick and tired of sending out massive emails that do zippo for your numbers? Knowing that your attempt to reach out and touch the audience doesn’t even get opened SUCKS!

That ends with this video because you will see STEP BY STEP what you need to do in order to write professional take action email copy without paying top dollar for qualified writers.

This simple but effective straight forward video will save you thousands of dollars and put you in direct control of your massive online marketing campaign in-house with emails.

There is nothing better than seeing your numbers rise with awesome e-mails and look to building your platform stronger faster.

This is your best place to start! Email Copy That Sells is exactly what you get with this video download.

#13 - Email Marketing Blast Off (Resell Rights)

Email Marketing Blast Off delivers the take action information you need to set your online marketing campaign up for success.

One of the main advantages of email marketing is that you have the power to reach a large target worldwide audience in real time. There’s minimal effort involved with huge potential gain. You will learn how to plug in and just rinse and repeat.

Easy for beginners to understand and implement. Learning the tactics and proven principles behind email marketing is only going to help strengthen your campaign and drive your rank up and online business to the top fast.

This download gives you the power to understand just how powerful emailing is when you are looking to keep in contact with your niche audience and drive new traffic to your website.

Email Marketing Blast Off is proven to drive top niche online businesses to the top fast.

#14 - 49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails (Resell Rights)

49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails – 49 DFY Emails Written By An Email Marketing Master is the guide of the times if you are looking for fast success online that sticks. Sounds pretty promising if you ask me!

When you understand how to create masterful emails for marketing purposes you have the key to tapping into the money by building your audience and trust so the people come running.

You deserve to win and this awesome instructional guide will take you there. Why wouldn’t you want to use the words of on e-mail marketing master to your full advantage? You are crazy if you don’t.

This is the quick and direct route to learning what you need to create a successful marking campaign online that will create the income you want, need, and deserve.

49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails – 49 DFY Emails Written By An Email Marketing Master is the bomb.

#15 - 10K Blueprint Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

This 10 volume video course is an optimal download if you want to learn the various ways of making money online. It’s common knowledge that the action takers are more likely enjoy the fruits of their labour while those who procrastinate will get nowhere fast.

In the online marketing industry, there is a learning curve involved. It’s the learning curve where people tend to hit a brick wall and give up. But when you have the resources and step by step training available to you, it can make all the difference.

To go with the 10K Blueprint Ebook, you get 10 great videos that will make the learning experience an easier one. Each video covers a significant topic and by the end of it, you’ll be ready to go full throttle.

Some of what you’ll learn are how to adopt a marketer’s mindset, the power of passive income models, various marketing methods including email marketing and list building, developing sales funnels, promoting offers and much more.

What makes online marketing so great is having a passive income stream or several which can make life easier. The potential is limitless when you build a real brand.

#16 - Email Marketing Master

Email Marketing Master is the online video download you need in order to master the art of email connection and create your master lists to drive your online presence and businesses straight to the top.

The online business world is freakin’ cut throat and it’s next to impossible to succeed long term if you don’t have a knowledge and clear cut understanding to make your master connection email list and disperse it accordingly.

In order to connect with your audience you need the persuasive writing and it needs to land in from your wanting niche audience. When you can do this the sky is the limit in building your business and rolling in the money nonstop forever. Sounds like a truly awesome deal to me.

Email Marketing Master is the proven step in the right direction for your business

#17 - Profitable List Building

Report Exposes Exactly How You Can Make Your List Building Campaigns 183% More Profits!

If you plan to do some Internet marketing to promote your business endeavor, you should seriously consider email marketing as at least one tier of your Internet marketing campaign.

Many business owners shy away from email marketing because they believe all email marketing campaigns are purely spam.

However, this is not true and not partaking in this type of marketing can cause your business to lose out on a great deal of business.

By not appealing to potential customers via email, your business may lose a great deal of business to competitors who are using email marketing campaigns to reach customers around the world. However, the first step of an email marketing campaign should be creating an email distribution list.

This report will discuss some popular options for doing this and should help to the reader to learn more about what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to email marketing.

#18 - Email Marketing Made Easy Video Upgrade

Take action NOW and gain the most out of Email Marketing for your business with our easy and to-the-point Video Training that is a LIVE showcase of best techniques!

These simple and over the shoulder videos will enable you to increase your learning, and get the most out of your Email Marketing efforts.

It’s a proven fact that VIDEOS are the best way to PUMP UP your learning so you don’t go in wrong direction and can apply latest EMAIL MARKETING techniques in right way to enjoy more traffic, more sales and ultimately, more revenue for your business.

Here are some benefits you can achieve by using EMAIL MARKETING techniques in proper manner to:

Target your customers precisely with less efforts.

Get higher revenue from your existing lists.

Increase ROI for your marketing efforts.

Evaluate your campaigns in a focused manner.

Reduce overhead expenses of your business.

Facilitate brand recognition with minimal cost. 

#19 - Email Marketing Basics (Resell Rights)

In this comprehensive 10 part video course, you will learn everything there is to know on top of setting up your email autoresponder in order to collect names and emails.

You’ll discover how to build your list the right way like an elite level marketer, how to sell to your list, how to identify problems and create solutions, how to win the trust of your customers and be an authority in your niche, how to set up your emails and web forms and much more.

This course is chock-full of both the technical aspects of putting everything together along with the marketing aspects in growing your list successfully.

You want to grow a list full of targeted customers who actually want to be on your list and who love what you’re selling and who trust you fully. That doesn’t happen in a span of a day. But with this course, you’re going to reach that point much quicker. 

#20 - List Building Profit Kit Video Upgrade

If you want to build a powerful and responsive list that will make you the trusted source in your niche and have people eating from the palm of your hand and wanting more and more then List Building Profit Kit is for you. This video upgrade puts all the lessons from the ebook version into a selection of 8 videos so that you can consume the content easier.

Video has proven to be a more popular choice among people so you definitely want to grab this to accompany the ebook version.

You’ll learn about the proven formula used by world class marketers in building amazing lists, how to skyrocket your subscriptions, building a great relationship with your list members, getting more exposure for your products and content, and much more.

You’ll also learn about practical ways to revive lists that aren’t responsive, the most important ingredient that successful business owners live by in building their lists, and the benefits of selling your own products. When done right, a list is one of if not the most powerful thing for an online business owner.

A single email sent out promoting something reaches your customers instantly. And if you are reputable, you can expect a great response.

#21 - WP Niche Squeeze Software

WP Niche Squeeze – Give Them A Reason To Join Your List is a fantabulous user-friendly software tool that’s going to get you top quality lists with a simple automated plugin.

This tool makes it super easy to tap into the profitable niches by getting ahold of those golden buyer locations and building lucrative and alive lists! These lists aren’t created blindfold style.

In just 5 freakin minutes you can be up and running magically. There’s no doubt WordPress is the place to be. Add this elite and effective squeeze tool to get the top notch connections you need to profit, and you will succeed pronto.

WP Niche Squeeze – Give Them A Reason To Join Your List IN THE NOW!

#22 - List Authority GOLD (Resell Rights)

List Authority is your video tool that gives you the means of capturing and creating your top notch lists so you have the ammo to build your business platform big and strong with authority.

If you don’t have the traffic coming to your website you can’t possibly expect to sell anything. And if you aren’t consistently building brand, increasing conversions, boosting trust and online credibility and building your solid authority you will never ever in a zillion years create the sales you need to shine! This spectacular tool gives you that power and so much more!

List Authority is a step in the right direction for you and your building business.

#23 - Six Figure List Template

6 Figure List Template is the tactical guide you can’t afford to miss when it comes to list building and profit making. Money makes our wild and whacky world go round. And if you don’t have very much of it life gets ultra-stressful.

With this guide you will learn the key to creating a solid business base that will fuel positive income flow till the cows come home.

It’s all about generating continuous top niche traffic. Something solid lists are created to do.

With this template you are going to learn how to copy and paste, rinse and repeat, with your top notch niche funnels, so you can create active lists that are rock solid useful.

With the tips and tricks in this guide you will quickly learn the ropes and how to climb them to reach your networking money goals.

6 Figure List Template is an excellent take-action guide if you are serious about creating usable lists that are functional and versatile. Time for you to climb to the top!

#24 - Opt-in Profits Formula

Optin Profits Formula is your solution for building massive quality lists with optins from scratch.

The time has come for you to build your online presence and build it big from scratch and this video will show you exactly how to do it.

This is an introductory video that gives you the power to step into the light and capture the undivided attention of your niche target audience with incredibly persuasive optins. You will have valuable subscribers coming out your ears and that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

You do like making lots of money don’t you? With this powerful information in your hands you will be able to drive your business forward fast and that’s what it’s all about. The bigger the better when it comes to making money online.

#25 - Opt-in Countdown WP Plugin (Resell Rights)

WP Opt-In Countdown Plugin is the take action tool you need to create that awesome draw in the face of top niche traffic. We all know that some people need a little bit of a nudge to buy things. That’s just a given.

This simple to install easy access software application for your fantabulous WP website is going to set you up with everything you need to DRIVE all that specialty quality traffic to your site with professional and alive countdown to directly collect the data you need to create quality lead lists FAST.

With these lists you have the means of tapping straight into your top niche social media marketing medley and that’s going to set you up to connect and thrive for a LONG time to come. The great news for you is this software app is so easy to get started with and powerful beyond words.

If you want to step it up a few notches and really start building your online presence this is the perfect tool to start. 

#26 - Atomic List Building (Resell Rights)

Atomic List Building is the specialty key that’s going to give you the fuel you need to rock it in the audience department.

Them most successful online businesses are the ones that are in control of their deep niche market, the ones that have fabulous niches that give you the ability to reach out and touch your audience whenever you like. The power is fabulous.

Your money is in the list and that’s why this software is golden. If you are trying to boost brand, increase visibility, drive your rank and conversions up, you MUST have spectacular niche lists and that’s what this innovative and alive software serves up for the taking.

Everything you need is right at your fingertips, and automatic nonetheless. WOW!

#27 - List Up WordPress Plugin (Resell Rights)

List Up is a powerful and easy to use WordPress plugin that effectively creates responsive list-generating squeeze pages that convert. You have the option to create landing pages of any size and for any niche.

You can edit your landing pages and connect them to your site and create customized URLs if you choose for improved SEO. You can even add countdowns to entice quicker user action and much more.

Building highly converting landing pages can be a difficult task if you’re not a top notch marketer with years of experience. It can be difficult also if you’re not technical in online marketing. This plugin is not just a real time-saver but it builds the type of landing page that gets results.

With it, you can sell anything. Be it a product or service. As with all types of content, you have merely seconds to make an impression on the user. If the user hasn’t gotten the message that the landing page is trying to convey within a few seconds, the user clicks out.

That’s why a powerful landing page needs to be able to deliver the message quickly while also being attractive and easy on the eyes.

List Up is the real deal and with so many features available, this is one plugin you definitely don’t want to skip over. If you’re serious about building your business and increasing your customer-base then this is the plugin for you. 

#28 - Extreme List Building System (Resell Rights)

List building is effective in building your business and Extreme List Building shows you how to execute. This take action guide gives you a simple cut and paste system to help you generate leads that will push your niche business forward at light speed.

This system shows you step-by-step how to snag at least 100 new subscribers every day forever at no cost!

Finally, a user friendly guide that makes sense. A simple tactic you can teach to your employees to maximize your list building conversion. It’s no secret you MUST work the numbers to succeed online. This tool speeds up that process and naturally increases your success ratio.

Making lots of money fast is what it’s all about in the cut-throat competitive world of internet marketing. And you need every advantage with the competition literally just a click away.

This training guide will show you the light in list building so you can successfully use this tool to build.

#29 - List Builders Super Pack (Resell Rights)

List Builders Super Pack is a fabulous online client-based technology that’s built for beginners and is gynormously effective.

With this tool you will have the skills to create HUGE optin lists that are going to rocket you to the top of Money Mountain.

Knowledge from the cream of the crop in online internet marketing masters is incorporated strategically into this software.

All you’ve got to do is follow the lead and rinse and repeat until you are literally tired of making money. You need this list building super pack if you are serious about making it big-time online with massive profit. Knowledge is profit if you have the tools to apply. This baby delivers so you can profit.

List Builders Super Pack is something you should be itching to get your hands on.

#30 - WP List Build Plugin

WP List Build is the software application plugin you want in order to automatically tap into the top niche markets FAST and EFFECTIVELY.

When you have the connection to the people who buy products, you have the golden ticket to your massive financial sales. Go big or go home right? This tool makes it super easy for you to succeed whether you are just a virgin beginner or a veteran sales maniac webmaster guru.

There is ALWAYS room for improvement and new tools are being created EVERY day to assist you. List building is a standard and proven direct route to your buying audience.

This makes this tool a hugely beneficial download to help build your online business successfully and most importantly build it with SPEED!

WP List Build is the means to create your solid platform from which to build.

#31 - Email Marketing Secrets

Email Marketing Secrets is the only book you need to learn all the essential tactical strategies to create effective e-mail campaigns that are going to build your online presence, strengthen your brand, and most importantly boost your trust factor so people want what you are offering.

There are so many people that fail with online businesses because they think you can just slap a note together and blindly shoot it out to zillions of people and expect to make money. NO WAY! There are critical components to emails that are simple and will make a night/day difference with your success.

Learn how to reach out and positively touch your niche target audience with your email campaigns by doing it right the first time. That’s what it’s all about.

Email Marketing Secrets has the power to take you straight to the top. All that’s left is for you to find out for yourself and get successful with it.

#32 - Create Engaging Emails

Create Engaging Emails is the tactical guide that will give you the power to drive quality visitors to your website to buy.

It doesn’t matter how many people you have visiting your pages. If they aren’t converting they are useless. This is the ebook that shows you how to step by step create useful and effective emails that are going to engage the audience and leave them wanting more.

When you learn these strategies you will have the know-how to reach out to your target audience whenever you see fit. Talk about empowering. Experts agree emails are one of the most effective routes to deliver information. It doesn’t take long to set up and essentially it’s a rinse and repeat process.

Many successful business owners set this part of their marketing campaign up on automated. Everything you need to know about designing effective emails is here for the taking.

Create Engaging Emails is your solution to drive the buyers to your webpage. It will be a breeze to set up your long term income source when you understand this principle.

#33 - Easy List Building System

Easy ListBuilding System – Build Your First Email List In 5 Easy Steps is the guide you need to show you how to eliminate hours of wasted time trying to create your email lists.

This book has the tactics to make your email marketing campaign a freakin breeze. In just 5 simple steps you will have the knowledge to build your listbuilding system so you can rinse and repeat and multiply as much as you like.

It takes no time at all for you to get moving with this guide and this means you are oodles closer to the finish line of creating a solid marketing platform in which you can make loads of fast cash. You love money right?

Easy ListBuilding System – Build Your First Email List In 5 Easy Steps is a winner.

#34 - Explosive List Building Essentials Video Upgrade (Resell Rights)

Explosive List Building Essentials is your take action video software tool that’s like no other.

It will show you how to take full control of your masterful email list and build up your online credibility pronto. It really is in the list when you are looking to drive quality top niche traffic to your website to increase conversions, boost brand, positively nudge your credibility, and of course push your sales straight through the roof.

Nothing wrong with bringing in the money! This video will take you step by step through the process and show you how to build up your subscribers with ease and this will help you create your credible and more importantly your solid audience for life. It’s the people coming to your website that will keep you up and running with a smile.

Explosive List Building Essentials is the tool you need to become a master in the list.

#35 - Email Sales Blueprint (Resell Rights)

Email Sales Blueprint shows you how to build a heck of a killer email list which is ultra-responsive. On top, you learn how to create awesome emails that will convert and get you sales.

What most newcomers to the marketing game don’t realize is just how important building a list is to your business. Many times, marketers opt to skip the whole list-creation process initially and then learn their lessons later.

With a list, you have a targeted group of consumers who are interested in what you’re selling. When you have a list of buyers in your hands, you can get the word out immediately to a proven targeted audience regarding your new product launch.

That immediately gets your product off to a great start right off the mark as your trusted audience want to see what you’ve got in store for them this time. As long as you treat your list with respect, they will do the same for you.

The trick is to not abuse their loyalty which means you need to learn how to take care of your customers, stay on their good side, create good quality products and services, and don’t take them for granted.

Email Sales Blueprint is pivotal if you want to know how to create lists like a pro, how to write solid and highly converting emails, and keeping your list growing so you can make more and more revenue. 

#36 - Better Email Marketing (Resell Rights)

Better Email Marketing is a video course that will help your email marketing campaign become profitable. 

You may already hear this phrase from many successful internet entrepreneurs, “The money is in the list”. Because of this, many startup internet marketers also do the same.

Inside, you are about to learn how to craft a persuasive subject lines that will make your email subscribers, open your emails, make connections, build trust and eventually they will make a purchase from your offer. 

#37 - Auto-Responder Buyers Guide (Resell Rights)

Don’t Settle On The Wrong Auto-Responder For Your Email Marketing Needs!

Choosing the right autorepsonder for your email marketing campaigns and strategies can be quite the daunting and exhausting task. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way AT ALL.

While there is no shortage of email marketing providers in the market, there are only a handful that will actually serve you the best in your business. Understanding the difference between the platforms can be the difference between major profits or major pain in your business.

It can be very hard switching platforms once you get started so it is very important that you start off with the proper platform.

#38 - Lead Generation Mastery (Resell Rights)

Having Trouble Finding Subscribers? row Your Mailing List With Lead Generation Mastery!

First of all, what is a lead? You might have heard about this before from internet marketers, but do you understand what it is? And how it can benefit to you? A lead is a person who signs up to your site or newsletters who is interested in your offer. 

As you get more leads, this will grow into a list of email addresses, which you can then send the newsletter or sales letters to promote your upcoming events or products to your subscribers.

A lead is very important to an online marketer who wants to promote a new product. It helps to pre-sell the product to the subscribers. It is a way to connect with a targeted audience, who would want to know more about your products. 

By sending them the pre-sell content, they would stay informed on your products and offers that might interest them, which eventually leads to a purchase.

Besides, a lead is a very useful and powerful ‘tool’ an online marketer must have when it comes to affiliate marketing. A high number of leads would result in a higher chance of conversion, from prospects to buyers. Therefore, it is a vital part of internet marketing. Learn more inside!

#39 - DFY Email Coaching Profits

Done For You – Email Coaching Profits 2.0 is an excellent take action guide that’s going to help you move forward quickly and effectively with your online marketing campaign.

When it comes to top notch communicating online it’s e-mail that’s the way to go. Online coaching is a fantabulous niche no matter which way you slice it.

And when it comes to making profits you can’t help but win with all things e-mail. This is your route to reaching out and touching your targets in the comfort of your own home! Bravo!

Done For You – Email Coaching Profits 2.0 is your step in winning when you’re ready.

#40 - Email List Builder Software (Resell Rights)

If you want to build a killer list while taking out much of the guess work then this software is definitely your top choice. What many new marketers and website-owners dislike more than anything are trying to figure out the various technical aspects which is part and parcel in running businesses.

Rather than pay through the nose for a freelancer or an agency to get some basic work done, you sometimes have to figure things out for yourself.

That’s why the user-friendly tools and software out there are so popular as they make the technical process almost seamless because of their simplicity and ability to help the non-techies to get their businesses running.

And the non-techies need not worry about all the crazy coding and design stuff involved. They can just focus on building their business.

With this software, you can develop a whole lot of different squeeze pages and promote your stuff or offers as you wish. The set up is as simple as filling out the basic form and voila…you got yourself an awesome squeeze page that’s ready to go.

Why struggle with learning how to create a squeeze page when you can have it done in a matter of a few clicks? That’s what makes this software a beauty.

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